Salieri's Warehouse is a location in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


It is a large warehouse located in Hoboken. It served as a front for the Salieri crime family's smuggling racket. In 1933, Tommy and Paulie were ordered to meet up with Sam at the farm in the Countryside and pick up a whiskey shipment from Canada. However, they were ambushed by armed police cooperating with Morello. The shipment was lost, and Tommy, Paulie, and Sam were the only survivors of the ambush.

In 1933, the three men were sent to arrange a deal with William Gates to acquire a whiskey shipment from Kentucky. They were attacked by Morello's men, but managed to successfully transport the shipment back to the warehouse.

In 1938, Tommy and Paulie were tasked to steal several crates filled with "cigars" that belonged to Scorsese Imports. They managed to steal the crates, but later discovered that the crates were filled with diamonds. It was later revealed that the diamonds were meant to be sold for profit.