Safehouses are locations in the Mafia Series.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

Mafia II

Safehouses in Mafia II can be used to escape pursuing police officers, or to change clothes to lose a wanted status. They may also regain health by consuming food or beverages from their refrigerators. Most Chapters in Mafia II begin and end by Vito Scaletta either waking up or going to bed inside his current home, which changes throughout the game.

Safehouse Locations

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Mafia III

Safehouses in Mafia III consist of the residences of underbosses, allies and all controlled racket locations. Lincoln may use these locations to restock on Adrenaline Shots, obtain a Tac-Vest, change clothing or for assistance in battling Retaliation hit squads.

Safehouse Locations

Mafia II Safehouse Icons

  • Scaletta family apartment
  • Scaletta Apartment
  • Villa Scaletta
  • Hunters Point Safehouse (Cut content)
  • Joe's apartment
  • Marty's apartment
  • Garage Icon
  • Hillwood House