Ruderalis is a basic strain of cannabis found in the Mafia III DLC, Faster, Baby!.


Ruderalis is the second strain of cannabis Lincoln and M.J. cultivate after setting up their Grow House at Laveau's Compound. Once Lincoln has earned $1000 from the Ditch Weed crop, M.J. will send him out to collect two Ruderalis plants.


One will be found in south Bayou Fantom along Anderson Bay, inside a shack along with a few Marcano men and $2000-$3000 in cash. The second plant will be at the De Costa Family Farm in Sinclair Parish sitting on a shelf inside the barn. Upon returning to M.J. with the plants, Herbalism level 2 will be unlocked.

Strain Details

  • THC: 10-30
  • CBD: 40
  • Growth Rate: Average - very fast.
  • Fragility: Strong - very strong.
  • Yield: Low - average.
  • Quality: 69 - 100%.
  • Available Flavors: Bland.

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  • Ruderalis is one of three recognized species of the Cannabis plant, the others being Indica and Sativa. The species originated in central Russia.


  • Basic Ruderalis
  • Advanced Ruderalis strain
  • Bayou Fantom location
  • Sinclair Parish location