Rogue Traders is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy, that you? It's Tam. Right, I got the names of the fucks that beat up on my cousin Sean. They're all Chinese traders. I suppose that we shit in their noodles when we wrecked the carnival, eh? Anyway, they have to die for what they did to Sean. Take them out for me Jimmy, they've got it coming."


Drive to the closest location, which is a Trago gas station in East Side. There will be three Triad guards you will need to take out. When they're dead head inside the gas station where the attendant will likely be cowering behind the counter. Once he's dead you can rob the cash register, then head out to the next location.

Next is a Dipton Apparel store in Chinatown where you will be met by numerous Triads and most likely several police. Find some decent cover and start taking them all out; blowing up parked cars by shooting their gas tanks is an expedient way to kill off many of them. Once you’re through outside head in the store and kill the clerk behind the counter. Grab a change of clothes to remove your wanted status, then make your way to the final location.

Lastly is a Gun shop in Little Italy. Take cover outside the door and kill the clerk inside. He's armed with a shotgun and he's a deadly shot so be quick about it. Feel free to rob the cash register then head to the safe zone in Chinatown to end the mission.