Rocco's Crew were members of the Falcone Crime Family who were loyal to Rocco in Joe's Adventures.


In the summer of 1950, they conspired with Falcone Underboss Rocco in an attempt to take over the Falcone crime family. Their involvement began with a failed ambush meant to kill Joe Barbaro and get him out of the way prior to their assault on Falcone.

After that they aid Rocco in his attempt to kill Carlo Falcone and his men at the Garden of Eden, but they are defeated by Barbaro and Scarpa. The remaining men are taken out by Joe as he hunts down Rocco at a construction site in Midtown.


  • In the mission Cathouse, many members of Rocco's crew wear bullet-proof vests, similar to the members of the SWAT team introduced in the Supermarket mission.


  • One of Rocco's crew killed in Cathouse.