River Island is a location in Mafia III.


River Island is a small land mass located between Tickfaw Harbor and Southdowns. The New Bordeaux Police Department has their Coastal Patrol Marina located there. The island can be accessed via Southdowns on the southeast or the French Ward to the northwest.


The island is peculiar in that the game treats it as part of both Tickfaw Harbor as well as Southdowns.

Tickfaw Harbor

  • The Junction Box on the island will be given as part of the Tickfaw Harbor takeover.
  • When calling associates from the island, Lincoln will state that he is in Tickfaw Harbor.
  • The Retaliation hit squad for Tickfaw Harbor will attack Lincoln on the island.


  • When highlighting the island on the game map, it will display as part of Southdowns.
  • When Southdowns is assigned to an underboss, the island will change color on the map to correspond.

Locations of Interest



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  • Coastal Patrol Marina