Ricky Fox is a character in Mafia II.


Better known by his on air persona Rockin' Ricky Fox, he is a radio announcer and disk jockey for Empire Central Radio in the 1950s segment of Mafia II. He is very jocular and lively in his approach to reporting the news, as opposed to the serious nature of his 1940s counterpart Richard Foxberry.

He will often satirize the oddness of credit cards, the eighty pound portable phone, the television remote control, a "com-pew-ter" small enough to fit in your garage and the health benefits of smoking.

News Report Sample

Rockin' Ricky Fox reporting on color television.


  • He has a girlfriend named Cindy, who he mentions on-air as being his "main squeeze".

† As 2k Czech did not give full credits to voice actors in Mafia II, we are not certain who voiced this part. If you have confirmation either way please contact one of our admins.