Retaliation is an unmarked mission in Mafia III.


Marcano Hit Squads

Retaliation 2

Marcano Hit Squad

Once Lincoln has taken over both rackets in a district, Sal Marcano will send hit squads after him in retaliation. The hit squad will be made up of one hitman and his crew of men and may arrive at any time he is in the district. If Lincoln fails to kill the hitman, the squads will continue to come after him until the hitman is taken care of.

Underboss Hit Squads

When Cassandra, Thomas Burke or Vito Scaletta turn on Lincoln, they will send their own hit squads to try and take him out. These hit squads will continue to come after him until the underboss is dealt with once and for all.

Dixie Mafia Hit Squad

While completing Bounty Hunting in Stones Unturned, a Dixie Mafia hit squad will attack Lincoln while he's returning with Kurt Mancini.

Ensanglante Hit Squad

While completing Sign of the Times, The Ensanglante will send hit squads after Lincoln.


Kill the Hitman

Retaliation may happen anytime Lincoln is in the district, both on foot or in a vehicle. The hit squad will arrive in two vehicles, followed shortly thereafter by the hitman in a third. They will quickly surround and charge from multiple directions. Unlike standard enemy, they will scale fences and jump through openings or over obstacles to get to Lincoln so it's advisable to find adequate cover with limited access immediately. If you're in a vehicle you may drop explosives to blow up their cars or you can drive to one of your rackets and the men there will fight the hit squad with Lincoln.


Once the hitman for that district is dead the squads will stop coming after Lincoln.


  • The Ensanglante hit squads may continue to spawn long after the DLC is complete. This is typically confined to those that were not triggered, or triggered but not defeated, during the DLC's missions.