The Reporter is a character in Mafia III.


The reporter works for New Bordeaux News, where he reports on various events happening in New Bordeaux and around the world. His broadcasts can be heard on all New Bordeaux Radio Stations, and he also does field reporting for WNBX, channel 5.


Working as a field reporter for channel 5, he covered the death of Tony Derazio when gunmen stormed The Royal Hotel in Downtown. He later reported on the death of Senator Jacobs in a fiery explosion aboard a riverboat in Bayou Fantom, along with local businessman Lou Marcano and several wealthy donors who were there to attend a fundraiser for the senator.

He was also on the scene in Frisco Fields as one of the city's most prominent citizens, Remy Duvall, was savagely murdered after being bound to a cross and set on fire. When asked for comment at the scene, Police Chief Earl Wilson stated:

"It's those goddamn niggers! Every last one of them needs to be rounded up and shot!"

When the Reporter remarked how that was "quite a statement", Chief Wilson went on to say:

"You need to wipe the shit out of your eyes son, take a look around. There's a goddamn war goin' on!"

His report on this story was never aired.


His coverage of local news can be heard on all New Bordeaux radio stations. As the recent outbreak of violence sweeps through the city, the Reporter covers the stories as they unfold. He also reports on the ongoing trial of Hollis Dupree, accused of murdering two local colored men in Southdowns, as well as important national and world news events.




  • The Reporter covering a story on Sheriff Beaumont