Remy Duvall is a character in Mafia III.


Remy Duvall is a New Bordeaux radio personality based in Frisco Fields and a philanthropist to many of the city's institutions. A descendant of a Confederate soldier that made his last stand outside the city, he is the leader of the Southern Union, a white supremacist group allied with the Marcano Crime Family. He is also a close acquaintance with Olivia Marcano, although he resents having to work with Italians.

Although he does not make a personal appearance until later, his radio show Native Son broadcasts his arch-conservative views at regular intervals on WBYU. The city's PCP racket is also located in a science hall at Brandt University named after him.

Remy is briefly seen near the beginning of the game at the Retroussé Yacht Club, where he is present at a meeting with Sal Marcano, Olivia Marcano and Vito Scaletta, although their meeting is quickly wrapped up in preparation for Sal's meeting with Lincoln Clay.

As Lincoln Clay tears down the rackets in Frisco Fields, it is revealed that Remy owns the company that manages the land Sal intends to build his casino on. After enough pressure from Lincoln's war on the Marcanos, Remy drunkenly swears vengeance on Lincoln during an impromptu broadcast and decides to leave the Marcanos to take matters into his own hands.

However, Lincoln tracks Remy to a Southern Union rally and kills him first. In a reversal of the Southern Union's symbolism, Lincoln ties Remy's corpse to a cross and sets it ablaze, which horrifies the citizens of New Bordeaux.

His wake is later held at the yacht club, organised by Olivia, after it is revealed that he left everything in his will to his nephew.

Remy's death leaves a void on the radio with a member of his broadcasting team emotionally vowing to hunt down those responsible. By contrast, his death is celebrated by Charles Laveau, the host of Native Son's rival show The Hollow Speaks.




  • In 1965 Remy participated in the murders of four civil rights workers, one of whom they decapitated. They never found her head.
  • At Remy's wake, after the attendees have been drugged, the pianist will be playing White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane.


  • Southern Union rally
  • Remy Duvall in his robes
  • Remy Duvall's death
  • Remy's charred remains
  • Remy's wake
  • Remy's wake
  • Billboard for Native Son radio show

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