Character Page Creation


For named characters

  • They need to appear or be mentioned in the game
  • They need to have spoken lines or for the ones just mentioned have a noteworthy backstory.

For unnamed characters

  • They need to appear in game.
  • They need to have spoken lines that amount to more than barking.

Major vs Minor Characters

Thread:23771 Must have speaking role.


a·li·as adverb

  • Used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name.
    • "Eric Blair, alias George Orwell"
    • synonyms: also known as, aka, also called, otherwise known as
    • "Lester Gillis, alias Baby Face Nelson"


  • A false or assumed identity.

Definition of an Associate

As this has come up often over the years, we have established the following to govern what characters are and are not classified as an associate of a particular criminal organization or family.

As far as the mafia is concerned, being an associate is more than just the simple definition of the word. Knowing someone, hanging around with them or working in their legitimate business does not qualify.

Simply put, they need to perform illegal activities for or with the family in order to be an associate. If they work for the family in a legitimate paying job like bartender, driver/chauffeur, security guard/bouncer etc. and there is no evidence they perform illegal activities on the side that benefits the organization or family, then they do not meet the definition of an associate. Witnessing criminal activity and turning a blind eye to it does not count.

The page should read as follows:

"An Associate is an unofficial low level member of a criminal organization or family who often works in their rackets or carries out small jobs, illegal in nature, for other members. They may also be corrupt politicians, union officials or businessmen who use their influence to perform favors for a criminal organization in return for monetary or other compensation. While associates are not official members, they may become one at some future point if they prove their worth."

Furthermore, they have to have performed those actions within the events of the game to be listed/categorized as one. If they were an associate prior to the events of the game but have since stopped performing illegal activities, they may only be listed as such under the 'former factions' section of their infobox and it may be mentioned in their history section, but no listing on this page, the organization/family page or any other is to be made, even to state their former affiliation. The status of formerly on a title or organization page is only to be used if a character changes affiliation within the events of the game.

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