Bonnie Harless is the primary antagonist in the Mafia III DLC Sign of the Times.

"This city will burn, Mr. Clay..."
Bonnie Harless



Bonnie Harless is a descendant of Braxton Harless and current leader of The Ensanglante, a religious cult based out of Sacriste Sanatorium with ritual sites located around New Bordeaux.

Bonnie returned in New Bordeaux in 1960s, favourited by city troubles and Hippie movement. With the promise of a protection and drugs, including the so-called "Sky", many young people joined in the Ensanglante, making it rising again. However, Bonnie's real goal was found Anna McGee, the last Harless descendant, who belived is "The Blessed", the woman who would be born "The Seed", her god's spiritual son. Finally, Bonnie found Anna and persuaded her to join in the Ensanglante and also have ritual sex with her High Priest, with the intent to make Anna pregnant of The Seed.

Meet with Lincoln Clay

Like Anna grow traumatized by Ensanglante's practices, she fell in a shock state during a ritual on a black man destinated to be sacrificed at Sammy's Bar. Like Anna flees out the building, Lincoln Clay and Father James sav her from the cult members, and discover that the cult is based at the Nuit Blanche. When Lincoln arrive, he find some proofs on Ensanglante's worship places. However, Bonnie reveals herself and try to deal with Lincoln on Anna's location, first with persuasion, after get him drug with the Sky. Like Lincoln resist at the drug's hallucination, Bonnie leave him to face her followers.

After Lincoln's incursions in the Ensanglante's worship places, including the Opera House, where her High Priest is killed, Bonnie return in her hideout out the city, the Sacriste Sanatorium, waiting for Lincoln's arrives. When Lincoln arrives, a storm has taking place, together a Bonnie's ritual. Like Lincoln kill cult acolytes, Bonnie seeks refuge in the higher dome of the sanatorium. When a hard gust partially destroy the dome, making Lincoln stumble, Bonnie assault him, coming unarmed. Bonnie smile to Lincoln, saying who also if she die, the Ensanglante's legacy will live in Anna's baby. Unexpected by Bonnie, Lincoln says that Anna is death, cutting the throat herself after realizing her past actions in the cult. After that, Lincoln throw the knife used by Anna toward an angry Bonnie, who quickly grab it and attack Lincoln, only to clumsily wound herself in the belly. With her last breaths, Bonnie curse the city to the distruction, after which she die in a zealot's sadness.




  • The Mafia III Credits list her name as Bonnie Blue. At this time it's unknown if this is just a typo or there is some other explanation for this discrepancy.


  • Bonnie at Nuit Blanche

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