Pere Sanglant is a character in the Mafia III DLC Sign of the Times.


Pere Sanglant is the entity worshiped by The Ensanglante. He appears as a winged creature with four arms and multiple horns protruding from his head.

The Blessed

The Blessed is the incarnation of Pere Sanglant into human form, destined to carry Pere Sanglant's "holy light" and lead the Ensanglante as they rule over the land. The Ensanglante believe that under the rule of The Blessed, the Well-Borns will ascend, rising to power and eradicating The Filth.

The Prophecy

Braxton Harless claimed that Pere Sanglant appeared to him while on a hunt to eradicate the "savage Filth" in the great plains. In this encounter, Harless said the entity reached forth with his great talons, embraced his soul and spoke. From Pere Sanglante's mouth poured the blood of all mankind, filling Harless' nostrils, ears and running down his throat. While he was engulfed in the warmth of the blood, Pere Sanglant bestowed his wisdom upon Harless. With a great consummation within the Harless bloodline, Pere Sanglant will be born into flesh. That incarnation will be known as The Blessed. With this birth, the Well-Borns will rise and The Filth will be washed away in the geysers of their own blood.



  • Pere Sanglant is French, meaning Father Blood.
  • Pere Sanglant is depicted with either two, three or four horns coming from his head. It is unclear if there is any significance to these variations.
    • Wooden masks worn by cult member show two horns on either side, with the left one broken off near its base.
    • Drawn images show three horns, with one in front and two on either side.
    • Wooden idols show four horns, with two in front and two in back of the head.


  • Pere Sanglant symbol