The Ensanglante is a religious cult in the Mafia III DLC Sign of the Times.

NOTE: Not sure they qualify as a criminal organization.

when the sky falls, the mind ascends, the flesh consumes.


  • Ensanglante - Covered in blood.
  • Sanglant - Bloody, blood stained.
  • Pere - Father.
  • worship Pere Sanglant.
  • can be traced back to the original settlers of New Bordeaux, came looking for a new life but instead found only death.
    • all turned around when they incorporated the new ceremonies into their religious practice.
  • after the fire at the opera house (1908), they were pushed out to the bayou for a few decades (Father James). (who uses the word few to describe 6?)
    • currently based out of Sacriste Sanatorium. This move must have been somewhat recent, as it couldn't have been where they disappeared to 60 years earlier. (place is not that old, hearses with logo are recent models)
  • Nuit Blanche
    • Use the club to recruit new followers
    • use the chamber below to indoctrinate people into the cult. always guarded. last Oscar saw Anna, they were taking her down there.
    • Bonnie and her people (inner circle) keep the party going non-stop by offering free drugs and booze. picks the neediest ones then makes herself the thing they need most.
    • indoctrination area, three altars of three places of darkness.
  • They believe that humanity is ultimately doomed.
  • Light (life) draining from another mans eyes is beautiful thing, pure, intimate.
  • Bonnie's blood (bloodline) gave birth to "this city", owned it. Now only filth sitting where well-borns once reigned.
  • the filth will know their name, and their place.
  • Bonnie says the blessed belongs to her.
  • the well-borns will rise with the coming of The Blessed.
  • idol in school represents Anna, chosen one who carries the blessed.
    • Chalice in her stomach represents The Blessed.
  • burn candles to guide the spirit of the dead to Pere Sanglant.
    • Filth spirits, for him to consume.
  • Anna - You don't see with your eyes, but with the flesh! The flesh, it consumes, it doesn't give..."
  • NPC at opera house - The flesh consumes, and I consume the flesh. The flesh consumes, and I consume the flesh.
  • High Priest - we will call him The Blessed. and The Blessed will lead the Ensanglante to rule once more.
  • Ceremony at opera house is some kind of mating ritual, also where Anna "received" The Blessed.
  • Bonnie in film - As we descended from the heavens, the flesh consumed us and we fell into darkness. In the darkness we found renewal. In the darkness we found The Blessed. Let the flesh consume you so that you may fall into darkness and restore The Blessed to be among us once again.
    • Bonnie to Anna - This is your chance... to give greatness to the family who loves you. You have been chosen.
  • Opera house considered sacred ground (high priest)

Places of Darkness

  • Places of darkness, places venerated by the cult.
  • Pain, death, tragedy. Places consumed by sorrow.
  • Harless mansion carries the mark of the well-borns
  • Welty storage (Mardi Gras warehouse) carries the mark of the filth.
  • School carries the mark of The Blessed.


  • Braxton Harless prophesied that Pere Sanglant would be born into flesh from his bloodline.
    • Not sure what other role he played, was he their leader or just a prophet?
    • Lincoln mentions "he and his whole 'clan' had a place in Frisco"
    • Harless mansion is supposedly on an old plantation.
    • Received medal for slaughtering a bunch of runaway slaves.

  • In a little closure, Anna repeats "Covered in blood" over and over. It's also painted above the bar and name of 2nd mission. Does this have more significance than the translation of the name?
  • Horned Masks, made of wood, look like tree bark. Significance?
  • Face paint, red (blood?). different designs, high priest's looks like a cross. Dead guy at Sammy's has eyes and nose circled, two vert lines on forehead and one on chin. Other guy walking out of Sammy's has vert line down nose, then circles around mouth. Significance?
  • leave symbols for each other on the walls to be viewed with black lights.
  • Wells Park middle school, 1958 yearbook, so the fire (arson) happened in 58 or some time after.
  • Welty storage, name of original building next door where slave auctions were held?


  • first mentioned by Anna "careful of the fallin' sky
  • mentioned by Bonnie when addressing crowd at Nuit Blanche "the Sky's the limit"


  • Purification ritual: With the slicing of the well-born's palm, the filth devours our sins even as it's own stained flesh is consumed (by Pere Sanglant, I assume) note found in Welty Storage
  • And she asks, how may I serve you? And he answered, Take my seed and bring The Father into out presence. With his guidance we will cleanse the land and rule for eternity. She responded "All for The Blessed". (note found in the opera house)
  • June 8, 1916. Dearest Mother, I hope this letter finds you well. the children and I are healthy, but we've fallen on challenging times. Since the unexpected passing of our dear General Harless, our finances have been depleted. I'm sorry to tell you this way, but we'll be selling the estate in the coming months while the children and I look for a new place to call home. I do not know where we will end up, but I trust in Braxton's wise words that the future is ours no matter how dire today may appear. Your loving daughter. Winifred Harless. (found in Harless mansion)
  • The Well-Borns: "The ruling class of The Ensanglante" "Your salvation is found in serving me alone" If you are worthy to carry the mark of the Well-Born, only then shall I see you after the Threshing (the separation of good from the bad). (found in Harless mansion, part of book on Braxton's lap)
  • Ever since Bonnie was a little girl she's been dreaming of honoring the Harless name by birthing The Blessed. But despite her best efforts, she's realized the Father has chosen a different path for her. Anna is the last of the Harless bloodline, the only one who can carry the Blessed. Bonnie believes she's the answer. And so do I. All for the Blessed. (found at Sacriste Sanatorium)


  • Why is Harless Mansion considered a place of darkness? what happened there?
  • Significance of masks and face paint (blood?)
  • Significance of "covered in blood" other than the translation?
    • The blood covers. The blood protects.
  • Significance of markings (ones viewed with black light) or just a gameplay gimmick?
  • Name for Anna? Chosen one?
  • significance of rum and fruit/veg at welty storage?


The Ensanglante worship an entity called Pere Sanglant.

The Well-Borns

The Filth

The Blessed



  • The name is French for "covered in blood".
  • Many members drive the Potomac Uptown. In Retaliation missions, they will also drive the Samson Garbage Truck, using it to block Lincoln's path.
  • The Ensanglante introduce female enemy NPCs to the game. When using both brutal and stealth takedowns on them, only non-lethal ones will be performed.

Image Gallery

  • Cult members
  • Ceremonial knife

Note Gallery

  • Found at Wells Park Middle School
  • Found at Welty Storage
  • Found at Welty Storage
  • Found at the New Bordeaux Opera House
  • Found at the Harless Mansion
  • Found at the Harless Mansion
  • Found at the Sacriste Sanatorium
  • Found at the Sacriste Sanatorium
  • Found at the Sacriste Sanatorium
  • Found at the Sacriste Sanatorium

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