Rat Catcher is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Sal Gravina. BJ Icon G
"Jimmy? Sal. Apparently a couple of Bomber punks lied in court, sending Tony Scalone down for a ten stretch! This is fucking low, Jimmy. I can hardly believe it! Me and Elroy might have our differences, but this is plain wrong. I just know Elroy will be behind this, he must have paid those lying fucks big to put their tiny balls on the line. Kill them."


From the start, head north to the first witness who's hiding in the back of a short alleyway. Remember this is Hunters Point, the heart of Bomber territory, so expect everyone within the local area to join in once the shooting starts.

When you're finished at the first location, head due east to the second witness where the Bombers will open fire the moment you come into view. Find some good cover and take out all the Bombers and any police who show up, then head through the chain link gate into the alley where the witness is hiding in the back. Kill him and any remaining Bombers, then once you’ve had your fill of carnage, head around the corner to the safe zone to end the mission.