Raejeanne is a character in Mafia III.


Raejeanne is a resident of Delray Hollow. She has half the guys in the neighborhood chasing after her and asking her out, but she turns them all down, saying she only has eyes for Lincoln Clay. She visits Lincoln at the Warm Hearts Neighborhood Kitchen where he's serving gumbo, and she briefly flirts with him before telling him she'll be over at her aunt's place and he should stop by to see her.

Once Lincoln has taken Perla's Nightclub back from the Dixie Mafia, Raejeanne can be seen working the coat check room there. Lincoln had planned to ask her out, but after things went off the rails with the Marcanos, nothing further came of it. [1]



  • When Lincoln returns home, he and Ellis talk about Raejeanne on their drive back to Sammy's Bar. Ellis suggests Lincoln and her go on a double date with him to a new club in the French Ward, telling Lincoln that when he sees her, "your pecker's gonna pop right out".[2]


  • Raejeanne at Perla's


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  2. Extended conversation in The Home Fires Burn.