A Racket Boss is the head of a criminal racket in Mafia III.


Each district of New Bordeaux except Bayou Fantom contains two rackets, each run by its own racket boss. When Lincoln Clay takes over a racket he may have the option of either killing the racket boss or recruiting them to work for him. Killing a racket boss will give Lincoln some cash on the spot, while recruiting them will raise that racket's total earn by a larger amount.

Racket Bosses

Barclay Mills

Pete Santini

Paul Simmons

  • Runs the garbage racket in Barclay Mills.

Delray Hollow

Merle Jackson

Charlie Kincaid

  • Runs the smack racket in Delray Hollow.


Jimmy Cavar

  • Runs the construction racket in Downtown.

Frankie Bernard

  • Runs the the blackmail racket in Downtown.

French Ward

Harry Robicheaux

Doc Gaston

  • Runs the drugs racket in the French Ward.

Frisco Fields

Chester Moreau

Bobby Bastian

  • Runs the PCP racket in Frisco Fields.

Pointe Verdun

Carl Bevers

Sonny Blue

  • Runs the protection racket in Pointe Verdun.

River Row

Andy Turetto

  • Runs the union extortion racket in River Row.

Roy Thibideaux

  • Runs the contraband racket in River Row.


Artie Higgins

Johnny Peralta

  • Runs the gambling racket in Southdowns.

Tickfaw Harbor

Junior Holland

Pops Holland

  • Runs the smuggling racket in Tickfaw Harbor.


  • The first racket boss that Lincoln confronts, Merle Jackson, cannot be recruited due to Lincoln not having any wiretaps by that time.
  • Another racket boss, Chester Moreau, also cannot be recruited.


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