Race Car Exchange is a mission in Free Ride Extreme. Its starting point is located in Hoboken, just off the road leading to Oak Hill. The mission objective is as follows. There are 3 race cars. Each is parked on a truck. It's your task to put the first car on the second truck, the second car on the third truck and the third car on the first truck. You have 10 minutes to do so. This is plenty of time, as long as you drive fast and well. It also demands a certain amount of skillfull parking, since you have drive the race cars up two narrow wooden planks onto the truck. The first truck is parked right next to the starting point of the mission. The second is parked next to the Old Prison and the third truck is parked underneath the West Marshall Bridge. If you make it back to Hoboken in time, you'll receive the bonus car (Caesar 8C Mostro) that is parked there.