Prologue is the opening cutscene of Mafia II that gives you background information on the game and leads you into the first chapter.


The game opens on a rainy September evening in 1951. Vito Scaletta sits in a darkened run down apartment, smoking a cigarette and looking through old family photo albums while reminiscing about his life. He was born in San Martino, Sicily in 1925 to Antonio and Maria Scaletta and sister Francesca. He remembers very little of his life back then, only that they were pretty hard up. One day his father decided it was time to move away, so he took the family across the ocean to start a new life in America.

Arriving by ship in 1932, seven-year-old Vito had never seen anything as fantastic or beautiful as Empire Bay. His amazement quickly turned to disappointment as they arrived at their new home, a filthy rat infested apartment in the poor immigrant neighborhood of Sand Island. Their American dream seemed more like a nightmare. His father took a back-breaking job at the port for the man who arranged their family's immigration, but what little money Antonio made he mostly spent on booze. Eventually Vito was placed in an American school to learn English, and that's where he met Joe Barbaro.

Prologue Mafia II 2

Vito being arrested. Circa 1943

Over time the two became best friends. Since they were both poor and work was scarce, they turned to a life of petty crime to get by. While robbing a jewelry store in 1943, the pair were spotted and chased by police; Joe managed to get away but Vito was caught and arrested. America was at war and the Army was looking for men who spoke Italian for the coming invasion of Sicily. Given the choice of going to jail or going to war, Vito chose the latter. Who says you can't go home again?