Places of Darkness are locations in Mafia III.


Places of Darkness are locations venerated by The Ensanglante, and used in their ceremonies and rituals. They are places with a history of pain, death and tragedy. They believe these places hold a significant power over their beliefs.


Harless Mansion

The Harless Mansion was the home of Braxton Harless, a former leader and prophet of the Ensanglante. The mansion carries the mark of the Well-Borns.

New Bordeaux Opera House

The New Bordeaux Opera House was the sire of a fire that took the lives of over 100 of New Bordeaux's wealthy citizens. The Opera House carries the mark of The Blessed surrounded by the mark of the Well-Borns and The Filth.

Wells Park Middle School

Wells Park Middle School was the site of a horrible fire that took the lives of several school children. The school carries the mark of The Blessed.

Welty Storage

Welty Storage was used to hold illegal slave auctions well after slavery was abolished in the state. The site carries the mark of The Filth.

Sammy's Bar

Sammy's Bar was the location of a fire used to cover up the deaths of Sammy and Ellis Robinson and Danny Burke. The site was used by the Ensanglante in the purification ritual for Anna McGee.


Places of Darkness appear throughout the Sign of the Times DLC.


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  • Harless Mansion
  • New Bordeaux Opera House
  • Sammy's Bar
  • Wells Park Middle School
  • Welty Storage