Piece of Cake is a mission in Joe's Adventures.

This mission is given by Rocco. JA Icon R
"Alright Joe, you done good. Looks like Balls and Eddie got it right for a change. Got a van I need picked up in the Uptown parkin' lot. This thing's got some important cargo Falcone wants delivered to him now. I need someone solid on this who ain't gonna fuck up. Guess that's you. Get the van and bring it back, but make sure you don't draw any heat on us. When you're through, see me about havin' that talk with Gurino for ya'."


As you could probably guess, this isn't going to be a simple pick-up and delivery job, so have full health and ammo before you begin. Start the mission and drive to the Uptown parking garage, pull up to the door, and use the activate button to open it.

Playboy Logo Small Playboy magazine #17 is located here.

Drive to the top level and you'll see the van parked there. Get in and once it starts get immediately back out and take cover on the other side. A car with a few gangsters will park near the exit; take them out then drive down one level and there will be two more cars and several gangsters blocking the way there. When they're all dead crash through the cars blocking your way and go down to the ground level.

You can either stop and kill these last few or just drive past them. As you exit the garage two final carloads of gangsters will chase after you and the game won't give you a destination until you lose the tail so set a way-point where the Falcone Garage is located. If you're unsure just set one on the western side of Chinatown about in the middle. If you drive clean you should have no problem losing them along the way. When you get to the garage park under the rotating 'P' icon to end the mission.


  • The Playboy magazine located here can be collected at anytime during the game. To open the garage door you have to exit the vehicle and hit the activate button/key while standing in front of it.