Perla Robinson is a character in Mafia III.


Perla moved to New Bordeaux in 1944[1] and met Sammy Robinson soon after. The two were married, and in 1946, she gave birth to their son Ellis. When Saint Michelle's Orphanage closed its doors in 1958, they took in the orphaned Lincoln Clay and raised him as their own.

Perla used her influence as the wife of the Black Mob boss to open Perla's Nightclub, where she worked tirelessly in community outreach efforts in Delray Hollow from her office on the second floor. In 1961 she fell ill, and she passed away on December 29th of that year. She is buried along with her husband Sammy and son Ellis in the Robinson family tomb at the Delray Hollow Cemetery.



Perla is mentioned in several chapters throughout the game, including The Home Fires Burn, The Way of Flesh, and A Little Late for That.


  • Once Perla's Nightclub is taken back from the Dixie Mafia, a framed photo of her that's surrounded by candles will be added to the upstairs office.
  • A mural of Perla, Sammy, and Ellis will be added to the wall of Sammy's Bar when Lincoln renovates it.


  • Robinson family mural
  • Robinson Family tomb, Delray Hollow Cemetery


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