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Perla's Nightclub is a location in Mafia III.


Perla's Nightclub was once a theater built by Sammy Robinson, named after his wife Perla Robinson. It was taken over by the Dixie Mafia and used to run a prostitution ring, with Merle Jackson serving as its Racket Boss. Once the racket is taken over by Lincoln Clay, Cassandra turns it into a sophisticated nightclub.

Doucet's Place

After the death of Sammy Robinson, Giorgi Marcano turned control of Delray Hollow over to Ritchie Doucet and the Dixie Mafia. Doucet turned the theater into a brothel, putting Merle Jackson in charge of its day-to-day operations.

Jackson kept three girls locked away inside small rooms upstairs, strung out on a steady supply of heroin to keep them in line and make them more willing to perform the deviant sex acts demanded by the white clientele. These girls were freed by Lincoln and sent to Cassandra for help with getting their lives back on track.

  • Theresa Mayeux: Theresa was on the road to college when she got picked up by Merle's assholes.
  • Deborah Rouquette: Deborah worked pimp free for years, until Doctor Horse got her hooked on smack.
  • Lucy Doussan: Blessed with an intellect that could take her to city hall, but instincts that could use a little work.


Once Lincoln eliminates Jackson, he hands control of the club over to Cassandra and the Haitian Mob. They return the club to its former glory by turning it into a place for the community to gather and enjoy live music, dancing, and drinks.


Notable Items


  • After the death of Perla Robinson, it was renamed the Perla Robinson Memorial Theater.


  • Stage show at Perla's
  • Concept art of Doucet's

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