Perks in Mafia III come in the form of associates of Lincoln's three underbosses.




As Lincoln recruits each new underboss, Cassandra, Thomas Burke, or Vito Scaletta, they will give him immediate access to their first associate and their basic service, the Arms Dealer, Vehicle Delivery, and Consigliere, respectively.

After this, additional associates and services will unlock at predetermined points based on the underboss's earn, ranging from $30,000 to $420,000. To increase their earn, Lincoln must assign them rackets and do their associated trafficking missions through their second in command. These trafficking missions are:

Each racket assigned will require one trafficking mission to bring it up to its full value, raising the underboss's earn and giving Lincoln access to additional associates, perks, and kickback.

Perks and Associates

Associates 2

Calling your associates


Arms Dealer perk.

Gunsmith perk.

Operator perk.

  • Jennifer Moran can kill the phone lines for a short time, preventing enemy from calling in reinforcements.


Vehicle Delivery perk.

  • Hank McGahee provides his vehicle delivery service to Lincoln anywhere in New Bordeaux and Bayou Fantom.

Police Dispatcher perk.

IRA Bomber perk.

  • Terry Daly will provide the Arms Dealer with explosive equipment.


Consigliere perk.

  • Betty Johnson will pick up Lincoln's cash, collect his kickback, and show him enemy positions.

Hit Squad perk.

  • Bobby Navarro and his team of shooters will show up to even the odds against the opposition.

Mob Doctor perk.

  • Dr. Gianni Bruno will provide Lincoln with health upgrades.

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