Pepé Costa is a character in Mafia II and the personal bodyguard of Leo Galante.


Pepé Costa, aka Meat and Guy the Hood, was born in Sicily in 1905, and is a member of the Vinci Crime Family. He is also affiliated with Derek Pappalardo and Steve Coyne.

Pepé has been jailed numerous times for robbery with violence and coercion of material witnesses.

He is known to be unreasonable, and only able to perform one task at a time. He's also an alcoholic. In prison, he became Leo's bodyguard and one of his best fighters, along with Vito Scaletta when he joined Leo's Prison Gang.

Pepé was scheduled for a fight with Brian O'Neill, but the Micks beat up Pepé quite brutally, leaving Vito to kill off Brian. He was present when Vito and Joe were been made along with other key Vinci figures.

Mission Appearances


  • He was formerly the bodyguard of Frank Vinci.
  • His prison number is 13326.
  • He was in prison for 20 years (1927-1947). He was charged with armed robbery and manslaughter.
  • He resides in Oyster Bay.
  • He is about a foot taller than Vito and other NPCs in cutscenes.
  • He frequents Freddy's Bar and The Mona Lisa.


  • Frankie Potts file on Pepé

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