Pass the Potcheen is a mission in Jimmy's Vendetta.

This is a Brodie Gang mission. JV Icon B
"Irish gangsters have always congregated in a shithole pub called The Hill of Tara. Seems like a perfect opportunity to leave a message for Tam... why don't you stop by and pay his boys a visit? Destroy the bar and kill all the micks."


If you've played The Betrayal of Jimmy you'll be familiar with these "destroy the business" type missions. If not, the objective here is to enter the Hill of Tara pub and shoot up everything inside, including the patrons who put up a fight, thus destroying the place.

You'll want to make sure you're well stocked up on ammo for this mission, since it can take a fair amount of damage to complete the task. You'll also be taking out several Irish thugs and possibly a few cops in the process so swing by Harry's Gun Shop before you begin, it's just down the street.

Activate the mission and drive around the corner to the pub. They won't be hostile when you first enter so head back behind the bar, draw a weapon and take out the bartender first. Stay behind the bar and use it for cover. Aside from the ones already in the pub, the thugs will be coming in from the front as well as the back door, so the bar makes an excellent place to shoot both areas from. You can steal beer or coffee to replenish your health while you're back there as well.

After a few minutes they should stop coming and you can concentrate on busting the place up. The things you want to shoot are the jukebox, radio, pictures on the walls, glassware, bottles behind the bar, and anything else that looks breakable.

You'll be prompted to head to the safe zone when you've done enough damage. You can steal the money from the cash register before you leave if you wish, then head to the safe zone to end the mission.


  • Potcheen is an Irish beverage that typically consists of between 65% and 95% alcohol. Traditionally distilled from malted barley grain or potatoes, it is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages in the world, and for centuries was illegal in Ireland.