Party Pooper is a mission in The Betrayal of Jimmy.

This mission is given by Tam Brodie. BJ Icon B
"Jimmy? How you doing, boyo? I have a little something for you. Me cousin Sean is opening a restaurant. Problem is, the Chinese are running a street carnival on his opening day. Giving out free food and all that, it's going to be a disaster for Sean. Do me a favor and wreck their food supplies would you? I'll make it worth your while..."


You have a total of six locations you must visit where you need to destroy a wooden crate containing the supplies. The locations are guarded by as many as four Triads. One simple method is to steal a Shubert Armored Van and use it to drive around, smashing the crates as you go. This allows you to completely ignore the Triads as armored trucks are bulletproof. Otherwise go from location to location killing the Triads and shooting the crates until all six are destroyed, after which you will make your way to the safe zone to complete the mission.