The Parry Bus is a vehicle in Mafia II.


The Parry Bus is a city transit bus owned by the Empire Bay Transport Lines and used to convey passengers around Empire Bay. There are two versions of the bus; in the 1940s the lower half is green and the upper is cream, and in the 1950s the lower half changes to brown. Aside from color the two are otherwise identical.



  • It's based on the GM "old-look" transit bus.
  • There is also a Police Bus version.
  • Despite it being a passenger bus, the only time it's seen carrying passengers is in cutscenes.
  • It can often be found parked at the Roadking Bus Depot or the bus stop in North Millville.
  • The bus cannot be destroyed by firing a weapon at its fuel tank cover, though it can be destroyed by a grenade.
  • Though somewhat common in the base game, buses are less common in the DLCs.
  • Unlike other vehicles, if you climb on top of the bus, the driver will keep driving.


  • Front View of 1940s Parry Bus
  • Rear View of 1940s Parry Bus
  • Front View of 1950s Parry Bus
  • Rear View of 1950s Parry Bus
  • Parry logo

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