Open the Door, Richard is a song in Mafia II.

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Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don't you open that door

I met old Zeke standin' on the corner the other day.
That cat sure was booted with the liquor.
He was what?
He was abnoxicated.
He was what?
He was inebriated.
He was what?
Well, he was just plain drunk.
Well, alright then!

He was sure salty with the bartender.
The bartender's tryin to make him by another drink.
Zeke told the bartender,
There ain't no need of me buyin' no drinks when everyone else is buyin' them.
I'm goin' to drink to everybody's health, till I ruin my own.

Open the door, Richard!
Why he don't know who he's throwin' outta that joint?
Why I'll go back in that joint and take a short stick and bust it down to the ground!
Open the door, Richard!
But I hate to be caught out on the street like this cause it makes you look so common
And I know I ain't common 'cuz I got class I ain't never used yet
But I guess I better get on in the house cause I don't want my pastor to catch me out like this.
Hey Richard, open the door

Now look at that old woman across the street,
Done stuck her head outta the window callin her sister.
Look at her and her sister sayin, ain't that him, ain't that him?
Yes it's me, and I'm drunk again.
Open the door, Richard!

I know he's in there cause I got on the clothes.
They can't throw him out cause I owe just as much back rent as he does.
Imagine that old woman chargin' us three dollars a month and gettin' mad cause we 12 months in the arrears.
Come meetin' me last Thursday sayin',
Ain't you boys goin' to give me some back rent?
I told her she'd be lucky if she got some front rent.
Open the door, Richard!

Cause I'm standin' here scratchin' in my pants pocket
And standin' here gropin' in my coat pocket
And standin' here feelin' in my shirt pocket
And I can't find the key.
Open the door, Richard!

Open the door, Richard
Open the door and let me in
Open the door, Richard
Richard, why don't you open that door

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