Nuit Blanche is a location in Mafia III.


Nuit Blanche is a nightclub in Downtown.


Notable Items

Some items may only be available while a specific mission or objective is active.




  • A note on one of the altars in the indoctrination area.


  • Picking up the throwing knives in the basement introduces the weapon and makes them available through the Arms Dealer.
  • The mission Covered in Blood that takes place here introduces female enemy NPCs to the game.
  • Nuit Blanche is French for sleepless night.


  • Main entrance
  • Upper hallway
  • Upper main room
  • Dance floor from above
  • Dance floor
  • Cage dancers
  • Side room drug den
  • Side room drug den
  • VIP entrance
  • Indoctrination area
  • One of the altars
  • Secret trapdoor
  • Nuit Blanche concept art
  • Nuit Blanche concept art
  • Note: The 1958 yearbook for Wells Park Middle School
  • Location before Sign of the Times

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