North Lake is a district in New Bordeaux.


North Lake is the latest development in the expansion of New Bordeaux. It is located to the north of the city and is accessed by taking the Northlake Bridge out of Pointe Verdun. The district contains a major airport along its northern border, and the construction of the Paradiso Hotel & Casino is taking place to the west.

Most of the land in North lake is owned by Remy Duvall, who is allowing Sal Marcano to build his casino there. Upon his death, the land was left to Remy's nephew, Stephen DeGarmo.

Locations of Interest



  • North Lake can not be accessed from the water under normal game conditions.
  • Until the mission Yet Here We Are has started, the bridge leading to North Lake will be blocked off by construction, making it inaccessible.
  • According to the Mafia III promotional map, this area was originally called Lewis Springs.


  • Northlake Bridge
  • Paradiso Hotel & Casino
  • View from Paradiso Hotel & Casino
  • North Lake map