New Shade of Green is a story mission in Faster, Baby!.


M.J. needs a hand with his grow operation.


M.J. asks Lincoln to give him a hand bringing some fertilizer into his greenhouse; as the two walk, M.J. discusses his grow operation with Lincoln. He explains that anyone can grow some skunk weed in their backyard, but it takes an artist to get in there, start mixing strains, and create some truly great weed.

New Shade of Green 2

Lincoln relaxing on the porch

After returning home, M.J. visited the VA hospital, where he was told he suffered from "intrusive thoughts" due to his experiences in the war. When the medication he was given did little to help him, he began growing weed. When he shared his first crop with some friends, word spread and his hobby soon grew into a lucrative business. With the local Sheriff's Department so focused on keeping the Parish an all-white community, they haven't noticed the "new shade of green".


Pick up the fertilizer bags.

  • Grab the bags off of the table.

Help M.J.

  • Follow M.J. through the greenhouse as he talks about his grow operation.


Completing this mission leads directly into Kickin' Up Dust.


Information coming soon.