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New Bordeaux Notes are an item found throughout New Bordeaux.

The notes are found throughout the city and can be read by approaching the note and using the interact button. Some of the notes are present throughout the game, while others are only available in specified missions. They serve no real purpose and aren't added to the inventory like other collectibles, but they give interesting insight and background on the gameplay.

Barclay Mills

Bayou Fantom

Delray Hollow

  • 1 found in the backstage dressing room at Perla's Nightclub.
  • 2 found inside the room where you free Theresa Mayeux at Perla's Nightclub.
  • 3 found inside the room where you free Lucy Doussan at Perla's Nightclub.
  • 4 found in house with Rooster Desaulniers.
  • 5 found at the Carousel Hotel inside room with Dirty Gert Delong.
  • 6 found inside the garage where Deacon Caruso hangs out.


  • 01 found at a construction site where you kill Geezer Cruzat.
  • 02-15 found at various dead drops.
  • 16 found in the building where you go to kill J.C. McCall.
  • 17 found in a trailer at the Cavar Construction Yard.

French Ward

  • 1 found in the French Ward Cemetery where you interrogate Eugerio Calabrese.
  • 2 found in the garage where you find Lester Terriot.
  • 3 found in the porno stage where you interrogate Billy Zaccaro.
  • 4 found in the room with Oscar Sabato.
  • 5 found in the Best Oil porno stage where you kill Ernie Lupo.

Frisco Fields

Pointe Verdun

River Row

  • 1 found in the underground canals with Fabio "Fab" Fulci.
  • 2 found in a trailer where you kill Stitch Gallo.
  • 3 found in the elevated building at the back of Rigolet's Canning Company.

Sinclair Parish


Tickfaw Harbor

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