Mr. Chu is a minor character in Mafia II and the Boss of the Empire Bay Triads.


His only appearance is in Per Aspera Ad Astra where he is riding with Leo Galante and Vito Scaletta as they talk about how Vito had messed up in Chinatown, starting a war between the Mafia families and the Triads. Chu and the Triads were significantly weakened by Vito and Joe Barbaro, in revenge for their brutal murder of Henry Tomasino. Afterwards they lost more soldiers when they start attacking the Vinci Crime Family, even threatening Don Frank Vinci himself. Galante spoke on behalf of the Commission and Mr. Chu represented the Empire Bay Triads. It was decided that Vito would kill Don Carlo Falcone as a concession to the Triads and to possibly eliminate the heat from the Feds. Vito succeeded in killing Falcone and the gangs ended the war.

Mission Appearances


  • Mr. Chu doesn't speak in the cutscene.