Missions in The Betrayal of Jimmy consist of 21 arcade style story missions, and 9 vehicle theft missions for the player to complete. Click the mission name below to read the description and walkthrough.


BJ Icon T Tutorial Mission

BJ Icon G Sal Gravina Missions

BJ Icon B Tam Brodie Missions

J Icon VT Vehicle Theft Missions

BJ Icon B Final Mission

Interactive Map

Roll over the icon to see the mission name or click to see the mission walkthrough.

A Rich RewardFreedom of SpeechFix the FixersBang Bang ChickenBad ValetGolden Fist TournamentTutorialParty PooperRogue TradersYour Ma!Asian Assassin AssassinationTime to ThinkProhibitionAsian CustomsTit for TatBlowing CoverDirty DanielActs of GodCrossing the StyxRat CatcherBrother and KeeperSmith Custom Police TheftHouston Wasp TheftHank B Truck TheftLassiter Series 75 Hollywood TheftShubert Frigate TheftSmith Thunderbolt TheftShubert Armored Van TheftISW 508 TheftCulver Empire TheftBetrayal Map
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