Missions in Joe's Adventures consist of 4 story missions and 21 arcade style missions for the player to complete. Click the mission name below to read the description and walkthrough.


Luca Gurino

JA Icon T Antonio Balsamo

JA Icon T2 Story Mission

JA Icon M Marty

JA Icon B Mike Bruski

JA Icon G Giuseppe

JA Icon E Eddie Scarpa

JA Icon E2 Story Missions

JA Icon C Charlie

JA Icon R Rocco

Interactive Map

Roll over the icon to see the mission name or click to see the mission walkthrough.

TutorialGoing out of BusinessLimo Movin'Smugglers' LuckConnectionWitness - Frozen MemoriesSkunk in the TrunkSaving MartyWheels of EvidenceCan't Stop Me NowGreaseballs' ArenaHighway RacingSend a MessageA Lesson in MannersGunrunningStolen GoodsSupermarketCathouseIn the ShadowsBet on ThatHit ContractPiece of CakeOld Man's PerilsCharlie's CarBomb Under the SeatJoes Adventures Map
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