Mickey is a character in the Mafia III DLC Sign of the Times.


Mickey is a leader of a small group of Dixie Mafia men. When Lincoln Clay and his aunt Lily Robinson are renovating Sammy's Bar, he and his men show up and attempt to firebomb it with a Molotov Cocktail. Lincoln kills his men and warns him that if he sees one more Dixie Mafia thug coming after Sammy's, he will kill him.

Angry that Lincoln killed his boys and put hands on him, a white man, Mickey comes up with a plan to kill Lincoln. He kidnaps Lil Ernie, knowing that Lincoln will come looking for him. When he shows up, he plans to kill both of them and nail their bodies to Sammy's Bar. His plan doesn't go as expected, and he is killed by Lincoln when he shows up to rescue Ernie.



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  • Mickey arriving at Sammy's
  • Firebombing Sammy's
  • The Dope House where Mickey hangs out