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  • I've undid or changed most of your recent edits. They are mostly wrong or semantic and subjective in nature.

    This is a Mafia Wiki, not the complete history of "Hey Joe" (like anyone has ever heard of the fucking Leaves) if people want to know that they can go to the wiki of that song, it has no place here.

    Make worthwhile edits and we will be fine, keep making crap edits like that and I'll block you.

    ReapTheChaos (Admin)

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    • I'd like to know how you became an administrator on this wiki, frankly; you seem to care only about your own ego and not the site itself. If you insist you don't care about the "fucking Leaves", so be it, but the song is not by Jimi Hendrix. That is a factual mistake, and not the "complete history" of the song. Also, I'm doing my best to make this site more legible - right now, most of the grammar is downright appalling and you seem not to care. Are there any other admins, or is this site basically a dictatorship?

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    • I changed the "Hey Joe" page to "made popular by Jimi Hendrix".

      Again, this is a wiki about the game Mafia II, not a complete history about the speculation that an achievement may be named after a song by God fucking knows who that Jimi Hendrix made popular in the late 60s.

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    • A FANDOM user
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