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McClusky & Son is a business in Empire Bay.


McClusky & Son is a chain of legal weapon stores with 11 locations throughout Empire Bay. The stores are owned by Joe McClusky and they sell handguns, rifles and shotguns. Being a licensed weapons shop, they do not carry automatic weapons or explosives.


Inventory and Pricing

For availability, see individual weapons page.
Menu Item Price Ammo Price
.38 Revolver (1945) $49.99 $1.99
.38 Revolver (1951) $62.99 $2.49
1911 Semi (1945) $97.99 $3.99
1911 Semi (1951) $122.99 $4.99
.357 Magnum (1951) $149.99 $4.25
M1 Garand (1951) $249.99 $2.49
Shotgun (1951) $399.99 $9.99

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  • The Mafia II Demo features two McClusky & Son stores, both feature the .38 Revolver, 1911 Semi and shotguns.
  • The owner is armed with a shotgun and will not hesitate to use it if robbed.


  • 38 Revolver
  • 1911 Semi
  • 357 Magnum
  • M1 Garand
  • Shotgun

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