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Mauser C96
Mauser C96 M1916 Red
Type Semi-Automatic Handgun
Notable users Vito Scaletta
Italian Army
Joe Barbaro
Appearance(s) Mafia II
Joe's Adventures
Jimmy's Vendetta
The Betrayal of Jimmy

The Mauser C96 is a German Semi or Fully Automatic pistol designed in 1896. It fires either the 9mm Parabellum or the 7.63 Mauser round and carries 10 rounds fed by an internal magazine fed by using stripper clips, there is also a select fire (Full or Semi automatic) variant that has a detachable box magazine. There is also a Chinese variant that fires the .45 ACP.


  • Produced: 1896–1937
  • Cartridge: .45 ACP
  • Effective Range: 492-656 feet (150-200 meters)
  • Feed System: 10 integral or detachable magazine
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds (39.9 ounces)

In Game

The Falcone crime family ships this pistol into Empire Bay in the early 1950's.

Harry's Shop (Gunstore) has these available from chapter 8.


  • When buying the gun from Harry's Shop, the gun reads .45 ammo when buying ammo. This is either a mistake made when programming the gun, or this is the Chinese Variant of the Mauser.
  • In Stairway to Heaven some of Derek's men will use this weapon to attack Vito.
  • In Joe's Adventures mission Saving Marty, some Bombers will attack you with this weapon.
  • The bartender at the Hill of Tara wields this gun after he has run out of ammo on his MP40.
  • The in-game animation shows Vito reloading the weapon from below without the use of stripper clips, despite the fact the real-world weapon used stripper clips and actually reloaded from above. This inaccuracy is probably because a realistic reload would have required a unique animation modelled and programmed just for this gun. However, there were some later Mauser variants (specifically the select fire model) that used a detachable magazine reloaded from below.

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