Mason Carter is a character in Mafia III.

"On behalf of Mr. Moreau, Mr. Marcano, and the Southern Union, thank you for coming out tonight. Mr. Moreau has asked me to remind you that we are only accepting cash. Again, this a fine specimen. No visible injuries or scars and examined personally by Mr. Moreau's doctors."
Mason Carter


Mason Carter is a high-ranking member of the Southern Union and heavily involved in the organization's human trafficking operation, being Chester Moreau's personal auctioneer for the victims of the operation to the rich citizens of Frisco Fields.

In 1968, Carter was hosting a slave auction in Bellaire's Supermarket, surrounded by several bodyguards. He explained to the buyers there that the "product" had previous experience in these services and ignored the victim's pleas. While he was listening to the buyers, Lincoln Clay interrupted the auction, killed Carter's men, and then subdued him at knifepoint.

Lincoln asked Carter to tell him where the others are being kept, and after telling Lincoln their location, he asked him to "just make it quick". Lincoln mockingly thanked Carter for his help and then killed him.