Marty's Apartment is a location in Empire Bay.


It belonged to Marty Santorelli before his death, after Villa Scaletta was burned down Joe gave it to Vito, explaining that he was trying to get rid of it for Marty's mother. It is very rundown and located in one of the lower class areas of Oyster Bay, it also matches Vito's mood and current financial state, and has a fridge, radio, and working lights. The bed, kitchen, and living room are in the same room, but the bathroom is separated.


  • When Vito first enters the apartment, he says "what a dump", meaning the apartment looks gritty and quite old.
  • Strangely, there is no food in the fridge except Swift Cola and Master Beer.
  • Marty was only 16 at the time he was living on his own.