Martin Lichtenberg is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He is a European racing driver from an undisclosed European country who races in the 1932 Lost Heaven Grand Prix. He has his car taken by Tommy Angelo with the help of a guard at the Lost Heaven Racing Circuit named Bobby. Tommy takes his car to Lucas Bertone who damages the car to make it perform worse than it normally would. The car's engine explodes, causing him to sit out of the race. He is then never seen again.

Mission Appearances


  • The fact that his major opposition (Salieri's racing driver) got his arm broken shows that Martin may have connections to the mob.
  • Martin is distinguishable from the other drivers due to him being the only driver wearing a yellow helmet and driving a Carrozella C-Otto. He is also the only driver to have to sit out the race.


  • Martin beginning the race
  • The car's engine exploding