Maria Scaletta is a character in Mafia II. She is the widow of Antonio Scaletta and mother of Vito and Francesca Scaletta.



Maria married Antonio Scaletta in the small Sicilian village of San Martino, in 1920. Soon after, in 1921 their daughter Francesca was born, followed by their son Vito in 1925. The family moved to America sometime in 1932 for a better life, but instead Maria and her family were met with poverty and many hardships. She watched as her family started to fall down in front of her, with her husband drinking heavily, and then dying from drowning. She now lives with only her daughter and slowly waits for something good to come of her family. She continues to live in the same apartment that she, her husband and two children have lived in since they came to America. Her daughter continues to live with her and support both herself and her mother by taking a job at the Trago Oil Co.. Maria is a devoted Roman Catholic woman.


In Chapter 6, Francesca tells Vito that their mother is sick. Vito tells Francesca to get her to the doctor. Unfortunately, while Francesca was visiting Vito, Maria had died. Some point after she left, after a day of training with Leo Galante, he receives a letter informing him that his mother died. This is the only time that Vito cries in Mafia II.


Mission Appearances


  • In the "Christmas Confession" trailer for Mafia II, she is seen with Vito at the church. After confessing his sins, Vito calls a cab for his mother and shortly after, gets in a car with Joe, Henry, and Eddie. However, this scene does not appear in the final game, but is mentioned in Chapter 12.
  • She seems to dislike her son hanging out with Joe.
  • The only time Vito cries in Mafia II is when he finds out that his mother died.
  • Maria is briefly mentioned in Mafia III, where Vito reaffirms her death while talking to Lincoln Clay.


  • Maria and Vito at church
  • Younger Maria
  • Maria Scaletta in the family album