Maria Bava is a character in Mafia III.


Maria Bava has worked for "Puppy" Simmons at Di Napoli Waste Removal in the accounts receivable department for several months, and she is horrified at the things she's discovered in her short time there. They're dumping hazardous waste in the bay, extorting drivers from rival garbage companies, but worst of all, they're killing people.

Her boss Puppy doesn't know how to keep his voice down when he talks on the phone, and Maria overheard him arguing with one of his "cleaners" about how they had been paid to get rid of somebody. After being contacted by John Donovan, she nervously agrees to help by meeting with Lincoln Clay to tell him everything she knows.

After Lincoln dismantles the dump's operations, Maria is let go when they can no longer afford to pay her. This comes as a great relief, because she is glad to be away from the dump and the things that went on there. However, she seems concerned about her boss, thinking he had somehow gotten himself involved in things unknowingly.