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Administrators Notice

"At this stage of development we suspect everything that's going to be in Mafia III has already been determined and further additions to this wish list would be in vain. For the time being it will be preserved for historical sake and at some future point we will decide on whether it should be kept or deleted."
— The Mafia Staff

This is the wishlist for Mafia III which has now been confirmed to be in development. Please set out your comments and wishes at the bottom of the page in the same way they have been previously set out.

Darth Kieduss the Wise

  • My wish is the game is about the Irish Mob in Boston or the Westies in New York City. Irish Mob was here longer than the Mafia.


  • have the player do side missions

User:Slendeyman let the person you play as in mafia 3 take a cab

  • if they had dlc,no arcade
  • go to lost heaven the city in mafia 1
  • do jobs if you have no main missions
  • mafia 2 has some cuts to it so no cuts in mafia 3
  • buy a Thompson M1A1
  • custom soundtrack
  • online multiplayer and offline mulitplayer 1-4
  • melee weapon
  • longer story
  • continue where what happen after mafia 2
  • melee combo
  • going to big landmarks
  • more weapons
  • buy dynamite to explode cars
  • Save games outside missions.
  • 5 Star wanting levels.
  • Make store owners have different personalities.


Mafia 3 setting: Lost Heaven 1970s. HD remake and redesigned. Canon to mafia 1 and 2. Tone: classic mafia 1 decay and depression look with mafia 2 prosperous 50s sunny mood. 70s were hardship times and glory times. Main characters: Tony K. Costello Vito scaletta jr. And joe Barbaro jr. Vito scaletta sr. And joe Barbaro (if he's alive) As the bosses. Gangs salieri Vinci Falcone Clemente and Gravina families. Biker gangs, bombers, Irish mob, lost heaven triads, yakuza, Colombian drug cartels and Mexican gangs. Weapons weapons from Vietnam war as well as old classic tommy guns. Vehicles: 1970s cars as well as 60s, 50s, and old classic 40s cars. Radio: music from the 70s like disco, funk, soul, RNB, glam rock, pop, pop rock, metal, punk, Latin jazz/salsa (to add diversity) and classic reggae dub. Storyline: building a mafioso empire through heists, businesses, and casinos. Also you're capos and can recruit associates to be made men. Side stories are flashback stories of the events that clashed into mafia 2 and mafia 3. For example: Vinci moretti war. Map: lost heaven is a bigger metropolis than in the first mafia. The landscape has changed. Some of the Districts stay and new appear in the city. Lost heaven includes casinos and vacation spots as the events of the great depression ended as well as the 50s ended with satellite cities based off of las Vegas Atlantic city and Miami. Activities/ hobbies: gambling, drinking, hanging out with friends, eating, strip club, dancing, sporting events like tennis and golfing, parachuting, bowling, pool, and more. Storyline structure: include more free roaming, day/night cycle, and non linear storyline missions. Customizing: clothing, tattoos, haircuts, house decoration, and more. Transport: ride subway trains, buses, taxis, and more


I personally think that mafia 2 lacked a lot in terms of what you can actually do as being part of the mafia, here is what i'd like to see in mafia 3 - Ability to choose a mafia family - Being able to extort shops and create fronts for illegal businesses such as, illegal card games, prostitution, loan sharking. Then being able to collect weekly payments from these businesses. - Ranking up in your family e.g from associate to soldier. But this should not be related to the story. The game should have an experience system which allows you to level up. - Being able to control a crew of your own, e.g tasking a member of your crew to kill someone of collect money from a racket (when you reach a certain level of experience) Now for some things that make the game great in general - Public transport. Taxi's, buses, trains. - To go to a tailor an customize clothing. - Purchase cars, houses, furniture in houses. - More weapons, preferably hand to had ones too like a crowbar, knife or a bat - Weapon Customization, Say instead of having both the Thompson 1928 and the Thompson M1A1, perhaps do more of a John Dillinger style and make it so that you could put a M1A1 Stick magazine in a 1928 replacing the drum magazine. - Being able to go into more buildings. Such as police stations, hospitals, auto dealers ect. - Different and more improved gun shops. Having the exact same gun shop everywhere made robbing them, very repetitive. - Ability to rob banks. Taking dynamite to a big vault then having a big police chase and so on. - More Vehicle customization - Side missions e.g killing contracts, chop shop jobs, wars between mafia families. - Day and night cycles. - More inter-actual objects. Mafia 2 incorporated certain inter-actual objects such as the shower and faucets but there wasn't much to it apart from turning the water on and off. Being able to actually have a shower or cook a meal with the stove or watch television. - Player decidable interaction with other characters in the game not just ordering up a cup of coffee.

These are things that would make mafia 3 a game of it's type and decade.


Totally agree: Ability to take the bus, call or stop a taxi, as well as the possibility to seat (at table, on chairs, bunch ...). Those will had a lot to free roaming, as well as having more shops, bars ... building to enter or to interact with (balcony, going through windows, ladders...). One thing as well is having a watch is necessary, have a rendez-vous at certain time, instead of guy is waiting you there...) having to go to the hospital as well instead of just drinking a bottle.


  • Flyable planes, with airlines.
  • Motorcycles
  • more cars per brand
  • Ridabke trains
  • Drivable boats
  • More 1950s music
  • and a Larger Game World similar to Empire Bay or lost Heaven.


- No Motorcycles.

- More missions where you go in incognito. (Disguises and such.)

- Ability to ride the bus and in Taxis, choosing a certain bus stop or destination.

- More freeplay during missions.

- Unlike in Joe's Adventures, only time limits when they make sense.

- More vehicles.

- Continuing the story with Joe and Vito, the game should take place from around 1953 to 1964. Then we get to listen to some early Beatles. :D

- More radio stations. The radio was big in the 50's.

- More customizable clothes.

- Having a watch.

- Getting different houses.

- Ability to rob houses. You can sneak around, or you can go in, guns a-blaze.

- No multiple cities. That would take up a shit-load of memory.

- Firetruck. Yes.

- More things to buy. Cigarettes, things for your house, etc.

- Tailored suits.

- Hunger.

- If you're wearing your clothes in a particularly idiotic way during a mission, I think it would be nice if people said something about it. Like in Mafia II when Vito goes through the sewers. If he goes to a clothing store, or just straight to Joe and Henry, they tell him that he smells like shit.

- I thought that the story was long enough, but a lot of people seem to think it was too short, so that too. But with that, a bigger city.

- No. No snipers.

- More accessible buildings. Coffee shops, Police/Fire Stations, the Delta Radio Station, (like I said, houses), etc.

- Being drunk should last much longer.

- More customizable cars, like in Jimmy's Vendetta.

- Day-night cycles, like in Joe's Adventures.

- Omg, they're not going to have bazookas and flamethrowers.

- Although it's not realistic, I believe you should still be able to carry a large amount of weapons. I'm not going to go into detail on what new weapons they had, because I think enough people have. I thought the weapons were great in Mafia II.

- Buying cars. I don't like the feeling of stealing all my cars. :c

- Being able to take off the hat with a suit. More clothing accessibility all together.

- Choosing what color the suit is in the store, instead of looking from store to store for the right suit like a deranged housewife before the Prom.

- Less police. I have never seen that many police cars in one place. I do like how fast the police arrive to a crime, though. Just fast enough to escape.

- Faces. Whenever there's a cut-scene where Joe is talking, his face seems off.

- Being able to swim.

- Still in Empire Bay, but with a bigger map.

- Only being wanted if police are around to see, or if there's a phone booth nearby.

- Being able to get, like, really injured. Injuries should last the rest of the mission unless you go to the hospital.

- You should be able to buy things at the mall.

- No, you can't shoot while you're driving. Your car would go everywhere.

- No, Rockstar isn't going to help with this.

- No, this isn't a ripoff of GTA. There isn't going to be AK-47's.

- Be able to play light gambling games in bars, like pool and darts.

- Running red lights and knocking over light posts should get police attention.

- Knocking people out.

- If the game does go to mid-1964, I want a Mustang. The Smith Stallion, it could be called.

- More little missions. Make it where once you get to the place where the mission is at, you get a message near the bottom of the screen and a key to press to do the mission. That would stop from accidentally walking into a mission and keeping away from the giant floating mission markers in the DLC's. It's more natural, anywho.

- Being able to sneak into the Police Station (Risky stuff), stealing a police suit, and stealing a police car. From a view in the car, you look like a normal police officer. Turning on your sirens will make other cars go to the side of the road, and you are not wanted unless you do something stupid while wearing it. The suit should stay in your wardrobe, but the car should not stay in your garage.

- Baseball bats, police batons, knifes, etc.

- A fifth star. It could be the FBI, or the military, or the police with stronger guns. Either way, it was odd to stop at four stars.

- Side missions like shifts in a bar, getting someone whacked, etc.

- No drug dealing. The mafia doesn't want anything to do with drugs.

- Different people at shops and, just everywhere. It creeps me out seeing the same clerk at every store. It should differ from store to store. More people in particular.

- Hostage situations. No good policeman would run into a store when there's ten civilians and a gunman. Let them negotiate something. I think this would add quite a bit to how much I want to rob a store.

- Open up a business. Not a shitload of businesses, one or two.

- Going to the barber. That hair gets old after a while.

- Let the garage hold 15 cars rather than 10.

- More places, like the fancy clothing store, where you can completely destroy it. No other buildings that you can drive through the window of, though.

- Going to the bank. Seriously, who carries $10,000 on them? Robbing the bank has to be there too. There should only be 3-4 banks in the map.

- Calling other people, if they're not busy. It should depend on what part of a mission you're on. It might also give hints as to what might happen after. Like perhaps you call Joe and he says "Eh, sorry Vito. I'm kinda tied up right now. You know, not really, but, yeah." (Gunshots are heard and the phone hangs up)

- No, there are not going to be airplanes, boats, or tanks unless they're part of a mission. Please tell me when Vito got his pilot license.

- Bicycles. Please.

- Please not in the late 60's to the early 70's. Let the story lead into it. The story of Joe and Vito is so gripping and exciting that I don't want to miss a minute of it. I mean, I would love the cars and the hippies, but just not yet.

- More gangs and Mafias to get involved with.

- C'mon, let's do something at the stadium.

- The graphics were great, stop whining about them.

- Make sure game-ending glitches like falling through the map are fixed. I've had trouble with them.

- No alternative endings. Once again, a shitload of memory.

- Hotels and motels.

- Becoming tired and needing sleep.

- Stealth kills and dragging bodies should be able to happen more.

- Co-op would be amazing and incredible. Especially in free-roam. Being Vito and Joe while robbing a place. <3

- The stadium should be able to be used as a racetrack to test the speediness of your cars against others.

- Cars should keep their fake names as to not make 2K pay more money than they have to.

- Accessible subway system.

- No brown shoes with black suits.

- No grey suits with black undershirts.

- No, you're not going to steal the subway.

- Jumping out of the car while it's moving should be possible, but cause some damage.

- More small suburbs

- Talk about a large amount of crime on Delta radio when on crime sprees.

- More things in the city to interact with, like buying a hot dog or getting a shoe shine. You should be able to buy a Newspaper. Once again, if the game goes to 1964, I want to walk by a shop and see the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan show with a large amount of people crowded around.

- Mob-run gun stores where you can purchase illegal weapons. Like Giuseppe and Henry.

-It would be amazing if it was possible that you could have your crime empire and play online would make a challenge between the players

- And finally, after Mafia II, Vito sells Marty's apartment. He then has a selection of places to live. He can go to a hotel and save up his money for a while until he can buy a nice house like Leo Galante's, or he can get a bad house in Sand Island right away.

- Ability to drop your weapon

Don Italo

  • To be able to purchase your own house (Richard Beck Realty)

The Tom

  • Longer story
  • Free roam
  • Ability to buy safehouses
  • More accessible buildings
  • Instead of ending at the bottom where you started have a happy ending where your best friend doesn't die and the protagonist doesn't turn rat.
  • More than one city.
  • I want it to be set in the 60s-70s in a city based on Las Vegas and New York, I want the Las Vegas strip but in a city similar to New York. I want a whole new story with new characters and families, I wouldn't mind seeing past characters or a few references to them but I don't want a continuation of Mafia II.

Il Capo

  • The ability to buy cars as opposed to just stealing them (especially for rare/new cars).
  • More realistic fights (not two guys somehow beating hundreds of guys while on offense, you know, like stronger enemies, tougher storyline.).
  • Same '40s-'50s time period.

  • Base it during prohibition and be able to move up the family ranks and become a consigliere or capo so you can have your own crew.

User:Peter Toohey|Peter Toohey

  • do certain missions really early on that enable you to choose what family you wish to join so when you replay it you can play in different families for completely different storylines.

Chiquito de la calza

  • Everything that you are asking for and more was in the original game. Download this file from the game (You have to open it with notepad).2K perhaps put it in a DLC and not have to wait another eight years for the Mafia III

Edited by a pimp. His link is dead, and his comments are dumb. Just skip over this! Agree - fake link, doesn't know what he is talking about.

User:Seth Tomasino|Seth Tomasino

  • Have more ammo for your wepons and play as other characters like Henry or Eddie.
  • Have your own crew
  • Better songs
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Customize your clothes
  • Play as other Crime Families and Gangs


  • My only wish for Mafia 3 is for it to have free roam and have better DLC's. I was disappointed with Jimmy's Vendetta and thought Joe's Adventures could have been a little bit better.


  • have you player be able to take out contract's out on other gangster's like in gta iv's most wanted
  • a new family come to empire bay
  • be able to shoot out your car
  • a mission were you kill a police captain
  • be able to rob a bank
  • at the start of the game you pick stay in the car with leo or jump out and save joe
  • a biker gang
  • jewish mafia
  • russian mafia
  • i wud like a dlc were you play as Antonio Balsamo or Rocco during the vinci-moretti war
  • i wud love it if the salieri crime family moved to empire bay because they got kick out of lost heavan


  • New weapons (PPSH-41, the PTRS-41, Trenchgun and many more)
  • New and fast car
  • Able to drive-by shoot
  • New playable characters
  • No time limits in one of the missions
  • The weapons are more cheaper
  • New accessable buildings and bank
  • Upgraded locations (ex. the Chinatown (Empire Bay) haves accessable buildings like a restaurant or something)
  • Able to steal trains in subways
  • Side-missions from different mafia family
  • More trophies/achievements

Mark IV

  • Maybe a continuing story like able to run around even after the chapters were completed, such as in GTA were after you complete all missions, you can still run around causing trouble.
  • Call vehicles from garage to appear in front of the phone booth
  • Ability to have all clothes in any colour, like the cars in the body shop.
  • Car bombs
  • Gambling
  • Able to ride in a taxi or bus


  • The ability to get girlfriends like in GTA4.
  • New weapons like the M16 and AK-47 because they existed in the 50's and 60's.
  • A good ending like in Saints Row 2 and not you getting killed.
  • Drug smuggling via airplane.
  • Contract killings.


  • Have mafia 3 be based on the movies goodfellas and casino.
  • The main character be a mobster from Empire Bay from the Vinci Family
  • run a casino for the Vinci's.
  • Have the city be based on las vegas and miami.


  • I'd love Mafia III to have:
  • Fire Truck(similar to 1965 Fire 32) and Ambulance(with siren).
  • Accessible Airport, Hospital, Police Department and Fire Station.
  • More Missions & Better Story(Mafia:The City of Lost Heaven has better story than Mafia II and more missions).
  • Countryside with Available Motel and Gas Station.
  • Accessible Hotel and Cathouse.
  • Another City:New Beautiful Lost Heaven in 60s-70s.
  • New Car Prototypes: 1968 Cadillac Fleetwood, 1969 Cadillac Fleetwood, 1960 Cadillac Convertible, 1965 Ford Mustang, 1965 Ford Galaxy.
  • Truck Prototypes:
  • Ability to take train, subway, bus and taxi: as driver, as passenger.
  • Ability to use the trunk: put dead body in it, weapons.
  • MG42 in the trunk (even in freeride).
  • Ability to use Brass Knukle, Wrech, Backsword, Baton, Bat, Knife, Flashlight and more objects.
  • Ability to hit enemy with Tommy Gun butt(like in Counter Strike).
  • Weapons:Flame-Thrower and Bazooka.
  • Abilities like in L.A Noire and more.
  • A mission on a boat like in Mafia part 15.
  • Have the player be able to dress as cops.
  • Have the player be able to use fuel can as weapon (as it was supposed to be in Mafia II).
  • Have the player be able to spy.

Soviet Burrito

  • Free roam.
  • Longer story
  • Purchasable properties (businesses,homes, etc)
  • Set a few years after Mafia 2


To FREE ROAM guys we need this feature


  • Motorbikes
  • A house you can purchase
  • Disarm a weapon by shooting the bad guys arm, the hand and simply the gun
  • Exact features like L.A Noire
  • Ability to call a cab, chat with gangsters who are friendly to you, sit down on a bench, a seat and a stool, drive-by shooting like GTA 4, fist fighting that's realistic, kill someone in their bed or reading something, pistol whipping, use melee weapons, sit on a train and calling people whenever you want, take a shower, washing hands and peeing in the toilet
  • New Characters
  • New city (Chicago, L.A, Atlantic City)
  • Companions
  • New suits
  • New cars
  • gang wars
  • interrogate a enemy by torturing them
  • sleep whenever you want
  • new gangs
  • Vito has a beard
  • Flamethrower and a Bazooka
  • Enter the cathouse whenever you want
  • Contracts
  • Enter buildings
  • Game takes place in late 50's and early 60's
  • Vito still remains a Falcone Crime Family member
  • Watch TV
  • Swim
  • change your outfit (black jacket, black pants, white shirt and blue tie to black jacket, dark blue shirt, red tie, dark blue pants) that's like GTA 4
  • 25 chapters equals longer story
  • realistic cutscenes
  • visit the Greek doctor when seriously wounded
  • let others drive while in a limo, car and a bike
  • Italian swearing
  • continues story from Mafia 2
  • side missions
  • no timing systems
  • buy furniture items
  • a watch so you can check time
  • live in a hotel if you don't have a home yet
  • teach newcomers about the mafia
  • throw miscellaneous items like GTA 4
  • Free roam
  • Call your buddies so you can hang out
  • new music from the radio
  • DLC's that is related to the game that is like Joe's Adventures except for the betrayal of Jimmy and Jimmy's Vendetta because it is just a spin off
  • Flashbacks (Killing Tommy Angelo, Going to prison, beat up brother in law)
  • Multiplayer with ranks
  • Incognito (read newspaper, disguise, talking to a random person, window shopping, pretending to sleep, guy shining your shoes)
  • Jazz Clubs
  • Casinos



  • Drive Bys
  • girlfriends(GTA4)or Booty Calls(TBOGT)
  • Free Ride
  • Extreme Free Ride
  • Motorcycle
  • Watch TV
  • Read Newspaper(RDR)
  • Side Missions
  • Regular Optional Jobs to make money
  • Melee weapons
  • Extort businesses
  • Make it to Capo and have own crew
  • Long story
  • Drug Addicts
  • Deal Drugs
  • Drunk
  • Customizable character
  • Melee combos


  • Time period is same 40s to 50s
  • Bigger map (link 2 major cities by a country side roads and mountain

passes and valley highways)

  • Custom gangs
  • Co-Op multiplayer
  • Racing circuit to test, try out cars and do races
  • DLC's Based off other gangs(i.e. Greasers & Bombers)
  • Flyable aircraft
  • More vehicles
  • Melee weapons
  • More accessible buildings
  • Having a train that can go to Empire Bay to Lost Heaven


  • Not become another GTA game.
  • Play alongside the other families in flashbacks (Beginning of Clemente Family, Vinci-Moretti War).
  • More accessible buildings (e.g., Bank, Church from trailer, etc)
  • Accessibility to Lost Heaven.
  • Play against or alongside Salieri Family (or the remains Lol).
  • Hire certain Mobsters from certain families depending on the current story. Maximum of 2 mobsters (so no OPed).
  • Balance of free roam and Storyline.
  • Help other gangs so then they respect you and help you when you are chased by cops


Mafia 3 take place after the end of Mafia 2 with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro as the protagonists.Vito find out Joe survived the contract hit order by Leo Galante and The Commission.Vito and Joe wants revenge on The Commission along with the Empire Bay Triads, O'Neill Gang, The Greasers, The Bombers, Leo Galante,and the rise of the Gravina crime family.So Vito and Joe form their own crime family called the Scaletta Crime Family.And started recruiting a consigliere, accountant, caporegimes, soldiers, enforcers,and associates (like Jimmy, Harry, and others) with Vito as don and Joe as the underboss.Then Vito and Joe asks Eddie(if still alive)and the remaining Falcone family for forgiveness and help.They agreed to help and forgive them and divide Empire Bay and Lost Heaven 50-50.

Travel between Empire Bay and Lost Heaven

Puschase safehouses and a compound for Vito and Joe family

Build and expand your businesses

Public Transportation (such as bus or train)

New weapons

35 chapters

30 side mission

Accessible building (like banks and others)


  • Customizable clothing
  • Able to customize the cars while in the garage
  • Returning characters (such as Joe Barbaro, Vito Scaletta, Leone Galante)
  • Accessibility to Lost Heaven
  • More deeper story than the second one
  • Accessibility to the Cathouse
  • Drive-by shooting
  • Able to destroy an building with a drive-by shooting
  • More destructable environments
  • Able to access prisons
  • Able to make a chaos on a prison
  • New vehicles, such as airplanes
  • New equipments, such as a parachute
  • New weapons like a Ithaca M37, M1A1 Carbine
  • New features, such as the weather can be changes to raining
  • Motorcycles are able to use
  • Free-roaming
  • Mentioned characters from Mafia II (such as Henry Tomasino)
  • New antagonist (such as Leone Galante, as he ordered his mans to kill Joe Barbaro back in the Mafia II)
  • Bigger bars and able to rob it


  • Having set in modern times
  • Zorenzo City in modern years at seaside in a hilly and mountainous relief.
  • Five towns in the hills,mountains and seaside.
  • The town in the mountains is a ski resort.
  • The protagonist in Victor Zuvonzanes,a poor guy who wants to be rich and choose to work with the MAFIA.
  • A bigger story with 80 missions and 40 side missions.
  • In one chapter,You must rob a bank.
  • Your decisions can lead to a different finale.
  • Free Roam unlocked at the end of the story with Dynamic day and night cycle with 4 seasons.
  • Cars are buyable,costumizable and can run out of gas.
  • There will be more banks,bars,restaurants,internet cafes able to rob it.
  • You can watch TV and Internet.
  • You can read Newspapers.
  • You can take buses and trains around the city.
  • More accesibile buildings in or after story complete(your friends's houses,casino,bank,train station,metro station)
  • Activities alone or with your friends such bowling,pool,darts,air hockey,basket,tennis,table tennis,golf,cards,gambling.
  • Competitions in free roam like racing,cycling,base jumping,winter sports,thriathlons.

Elvis Thong

  • For one, a tie between the events of Mafia II and III, and a revelation as to what happened to Joe in the end of Mafia II.
  • An original AK-47. If the game is set in the late 50s to early 60s, surely Mafias would begin to buy them because of their cheap price.
  • Free Ride mode after completing the game with a save feature, side missions, collectibles etc.
  • Longer story with at least a happy or "meh, free ride time" ending. Mafia and Mafia IIs endings scarred me.
  • Everything is in the original game disc, please don't be cutting out material and/or releasing cut material as DLC as if we're none the wiser.
  • More difficulty levels or more bonuses for completing chapters in higher difficulties.


  • i would like to be able to call for backup on a street payphone or have them waiting in a certain area.
  • more car variety. i loved the cars in mafia 2 but there weren't enough.
  • i would prefer not another rags to riches story, but one where your already a certain level up.
  • racing! i was so hoping jimmys vendetta or joes adventures would have racing because of decent car customization.
  • custom suits.
  • more store variety.


  • Have Joe Survive
  • have it set in empire bay and a few in lost heaven.
  • have vito and joe start their own crime organization in empire bay with jimmy as a member of their family.
  • Play as joe with more cutscens and normal play as the story.
  • have one go to prison and have to break out of jail.
  • have vito get married
  • make the subway stations accesible.
  • be able buy cars from diamond motors
  • have one major car
  • make kingston stadium accesible
  • make diamond motors accesible.
  • Have the protaganist be able to walk not just run
  • Be able to decide to take what guns you wnat from your house leave some at home and take others with you.
  • Have a mission where vito and some members of their crime organizeation got Scicily,
  • have vito get killed in a shoot out
  • customize suits
  • have an irish gang and more familes also have joe and vito do business with the irish gang.
  • insted of shoot outs just to kill one man have hits
  • have an election happen and a story based on JFK and Jack Ruby.
  • melee weapons
  • 2 more main characters to take over Henry and tony balls
  • have eddie as a don
  • and have vito and joe and a few other guys take over vinvis mansion and kill leo galnte and frank vinci like in scarface.
  • have the option for joe to drive and ou to shoot out the window.
  • have eric riley join the irish gang and have vito try to kill him
  • Actually see joe barbaros sister and grandmar
  • have a different woman in dipton apparell
  • have joe or vito or any protaganist have to kill a celebrity .
  • girl friends seen in cutscenes dont actually have to take them out on dates.
  • have vito and joe rejoin falcone or vinci crime organization.
  • like in room service when joe chucks some gangster out of the window have exacutions
  • keep along the lines of mafia 2 not GTA4
  • when wounded walk hurt and hold bullet hole
  • have a misson in canada
  • have a war between the families


  • Don't make the game as linear as the second one.
  • More competing mobs. Make it so that they control different territories, and if you kill off so many, your mob will eventually gain control of that area and those areas will be inhabited by friendly NPCs.
  • More vehicles, weapons, locations, missions, things to do, etc. Basically, more of everything.
  • Make the next one more like an RPG. Add perks and stats you can level-up.


  • How you start missions in in the dlcs sucked do not do that again.
  • Have tailored suits that aren't three piece suits and have one of them look like the ones Joe wears after he becomes a made man
  • More cars
  • Have it change weather from rain to sun and summer to winter or night and day
  • More missions like unto 25 - 30
  • Be able to buy more than just three colored suits a seasond from vangels then what it is now.
  • Have more buildings that you can go in plus banks that you can rob.
  • Be able to buy cars not just having to steal them
  • Be able to shoot out of a car when driving the car
  • Instead of making just one great city have an airport that you can use to fly to Chicago Detroit new york and finally Vegas
  • If you do make a Vegas one have the out skirts be more of a big city than it is now
  • Be able to gamble in Texas holdem poker and blackjack plus slots and rullete
  • Keep the rags to riches because what is the point if you start the game and you are already a capo
  • Possibly continue the story line of mafia II but if you do you have to have Joe stay alive
  • If you make a different story have it have vito's kids be the new Joe or vito but don't make the tag team brothers I don't know why I'm saying this but I have a hunch that it would make the game pretty dull at times
  • If you don't have the story line be about vito's kids then have a person come from the military again.
  • Don't place the game in 1960 - 1970 because those eras where a lot alike so their would be no difference between them.
  • Have awesome pre order packages like you did in mafia 2
  • Have the police more intergrated like have a cutsecen of a fed or cop then have the fed or cop show up some more times then you have to kill him because your boss put a hit out on him.
  • You should be able to grab a smoke. Just click on a button, and there should pop a little menu up, where you can choose between Big Break white or Big Break blue and so on.


- Continue the story and Joe survives. - Driving boats and swim. - Anable to walk in to more, maby all houes and buildings: empire bay building, all the floors could be awsome. - Play different games into bars like poker, chess... - Vito and Joe makes a family: Scaletta Crime Family or Barbaro Crime Family and have Jimmi, Eddie as members and go against that old man Vinci and a lot of more Familyes. - Take the train to Lost Heaven. - Franschesca get shot and Vito wil have a BIG revenge. - More trouble with the Feds. - Graphics is good, but maby it could be a little better :) -Freerunning like in Assassins Creed 3


  • Earlier period (late 20s, maybe someting involving the market crash).

User:Sotto Capo

  • Have the bullets remain on the floor like in Mafia 1

Paul Vitti

-I think the next mafia game should be like the second movie of the godfather series: it should present two stories simultaneously. I mean, the second godfather movie showed how Vito Corleone climbed through the ranks of the mafia until he founded his own family. At the same time, it showed Michael Corleone's life as the boss of the Corleone family.

-As for the plot, I think mafia 3 should portray the events that led to the Moretti war in the 1930's while at the same time it should present what happened to Vito Scaletta after mafia 2.


Free Roam -Side Missions -Assassin's Creed style Wanted System -Ability of onlookers of your violent acts to be able to report it to the police using --phones/ running to the cops. (Pretty much more realistic civilian actions) -More realistic Weaponry. Having a machine gun with perfect aim in -More dramatic storyline. This is Mafia, where betrayals are not uncommon. So betrayals, defections, assassinations, you get it. -Ability to buy cars. -Bribing Cops should not always work, so for example a 4/10 chance of a cop NOT accepting your bribe and arresting/attacking you. -Ability to use things to your advantage. (Like in Hitman, you can grab a small lamp an beat someone if you need to. So improvisiation really. -Better graphics is a MUST. -MULTIPLAYER-MAFIAN WARRING -Ability to bribe cops into arresting those from other factions, or help you kill them, or they can just ignore you when you do something. Like in Mafia 1, how that one family bribed the cops to help them, you should be able to bribe individual cops into helping you. -At the beginning of the game, you get to chose your character for the storyline, and each different character goes through a different course. For example, you get Morris, Rovelli, and Marcelli, with their names, dates of births, and small facts about them. From there, you choose one, and play their storyline. This idea is used in Mercenaries2, just look there.

Callum Freeman

  • Side missions such as hit contracts and selling stolen goods around town.
  • More clothing options. Choices to remove hat or button up jacket or unbutton it.
  • More choices which can cause different outcomes.
  • Alternative endings
  • Melee weapons, bats, iron bars, like from Mafia 1.
  • Options to use transport such as trains and a taxi.
  • Play a different character, but perhaps have a cameo appearance of Vito Scaletta.
  • Return Freeride.
  • Bribes to the police won't always work.


  • For this not to turn into a GTA knock off
  • No M16s or AK-47s
  • In the 50s
  • Finish Vito's story
  • Melee Weapons
  • Use taxis/buses
  • Freeride
  • Choice to take off hat
  • Couch Co-op


  • free roam
  • Girl friends
  • must continue off of where the cliffhanger of mafia 2 left off or im not buying. The ending of 2 was bogus.


  • Have it take place 3 years after the last game
  • Have Leo have his own Family, and have Vito be his Capo.
  • More accessible buildings
  • More food options
  • Melee Weapons(i.e.: straight razor, baseball bat, switchblade, bottle, broken bottle, brass knuckles, etc)
  • Side missions
  • The ability to choose your character sat the start of the game, and depending on that, there is a different story line. (i.e.: one for Irish Gangs, Bombers, Greasers, Chinese Gangs, and all the families)
  • Also, kind of like Fallout with different endings and possibilities for allies and enemies depending on your actions
  • Ability to purchase safe houses
  • In Singleplayer, the ability to customize your characters appearance, depending on your gang.
  • A multiplayer where your single player character is your multiplayer character, and you can rank up in Multiplayer like in single player, getting better weapons and cars, but always depending on your gang. (i.e: Greasers get more Melee, as well as molotovs, small firearms, and Grease Guns, whereas Mafia get some Melee, as well as Thompsons, etc...)
  • Smarter AI. I would like to see rival gangs getting into fights, robberies, and other things just to make the city feel more alive.
  • The ability to grow out hair, style hair, style clothes, get strong, get fat, get skinny, and just more customizability over your character.
  • Free Roam
  • Getting Drunk
  • Have several characters from the last game come back and make cameos, in which you can help them out. Maybe like helping get joe a new identity, or maybe Francesca having you tail Eric to see if he has been cheating.



I rather see Mafia III be set in the present times, I don't care if it's set in the 1990's or even the Y2K years (2000 to this year 2011). Just don't want the story be bland as being set in the 1940's or 50's, that's all.


Here is my list of things that I would like in the next Mafia game. 1. Longer game (15 missions, I was expecting much more). I suggest, at least, 30 or 35.

2. Side missions

3. Ability to use bats, clubs, iron knuckles and barbed wire as melee weapons

4. Ability to build up the character's strength

5. Contracts (either fellow Mafia, FBI, or local police officers)

6. Ability to make counterfeit money and use it.

7. Involvement in various mob related stuff such as bootlegging, butt legging, racketeering, loan sharking, bombings and laundering.

8. Money in various amounts for each activity mentioned in #7.

9. Use of flying vehicles such as airplanes and helicopters

Ramachadras 21:35, December 17, 2011 (UTC)


  • No more Vito; new protagonist
  • Set around the 70s
  • Set in Miami, Florida
  • Chapters should return, and to make the game longer, chapters should be split up into sections, with missions in it
  • Online Multiplayer
  • The game engine should be able to recognize more crimes than just speeding, getting caught with a weapon, etc.

Blakegripling ph

  • Seamless transition between in- and off-mission.
  • Real day-and-night cycles
  • Bigger map; the map in the previous game was just about as small as Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto III.
  • More side activities - I know that the devs intended the games to be more-or-less storyline-driven, but simply forcing players to do the chapters whenever they want to play the game seemed a little off.
  • Melee weapons
  • And online multiplayer, of course.

set in present. vito now a 80+ year old gang boss and you play as his son/grandson who is the underboss


  • Have it be set in the Prohibition Era, from 1920 to post-1933. Mafia: City of Lost Heaven dealt with it as a mere afterthought as it was already about to be abolished, but have it be the central theme of Mafia 3 with corrupt politicians, cops, and mobsters each trying to make profit.
  • Have a more ambiguous lead character by giving some room for mystery and revelations. Don't necessarily show all your cards at once like you did with Tommy and Vito, leave a little bit of room to explore. You can give him a name of your choosing, but let us customize what he wears and how he looks. It allows us to be more creative, and you to keep us invested in finding out more about him. Also, have him be a World War I veteran to explain his experience with firearms, maybe even allow us to play a few flashback missions in it. Maybe he has a wound/limp and we think he got it by being heroic but we later find out he was shot by his own men while retreating. As I said, twists and turns.
  • Have places to visit when not on missions. Bring back the clothing and weapon stores but also add brothels (hookers, not girlfriends - any love interest plotlines should be kept in the confines of the story and not as a matter of choice), comedy clubs, restaurants, barber shops, etc. Also, add side missions. Think 'Red Dead Redemption' more than any 'GTA' game.
  • When choosing clothes allow us to mix and match! Divide the categories into the following categories with at least a dozen options for each (as many as you can);







ACCESSORIES (suspenders, ties, belts, bows, etc.)

  • Give us choices! Even if they are as mundane as 'kill or spare' choices dealing with less important characters, it gives us the ability to make a personal touch on the character's storyline, and that's always a plus. It won't hurt the tightening of the story if done right, and will allow a lot more room for character exploration.
  • The furthest thing I want for you is to lose your originality and be a full blown copy of 'GTA', but give us a choice of working for different people, even the law. Then, at a certain point, make us choose between killing different mob bosses, policemen, politicians, etc. when they have run their course. It made a huge difference between GTA:SA and GTA IV to have us choose between Francis and Derrick, Dwayne or Playboy X, etc.
  • Give us a lethal and not lethal way of handling our enemies. John Marston had a lasso, give the lead character an equivalent of that. Also, have us be able to kidnap people as Marston did. People still rode horses during the 1920s so you can have them and cars in the same game (although make where we find them plausible, such as the countryside).
  • Keep doing an incredible job with choosing the music! You have a better ear for that than most Rockstar titles.
  • Have a wide array of weapons, but don't make carrying them too unrealistic. Let's say you have a choice between five (or more) in each category; pistols, rifles, shotguns, melee weapons, and machine guns. Have the character be able to equip one pistol, one melee weapon, an one rifle/shotgun/machine gun. If they ever need to change their loadout, they can use either the trunk of the car (for during missions) or their home's cupboard (for just before embarking on them).

An example of the weapon roster (personal preference);

MELEE: Fists, Knife (Stiletto and U.S. Army Trench Knife), Garrote Wire, Bat, Hammer

PISTOLS: Smith and Wesson Model 10, .44 Smith and Wesson (2nd Model), Colt Detective Special, Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless, Colt 1911

SHOTGUNS (bayonets optional): Double Barreled Shotgun, Lupara, Browning Auto-5, Winchester Model 1912, Winchester M97

RIFLES (scopes, bayonets and suppressors optional): M1917 Einfield, Mosin Nagant 1891, Springfield 1903, Mauser Gewehr 98, Lebel Berthier

MACHINE GUNS: Thompson 1928, Browning Automatic Rifle, Bergmann Maschinenpistole 18, Hotchkiss M1909, Chauchat 1907

  • Multiple endings; have a few different conclusions to the story based on the player's choices. Doesn't have to be elaborate, but will add a bit more spice and replayability value to the game. In some different supporting characters die, in some the lead does.
  • And lastly, but certainly not least; pay attention to details. You're already doing an amazing job with it, I only encourage that you keep at it. Certain customs such as not wearing your hat in an assembly of women or polite dinner manners can be very immersive despite their apparent randomness.

And now a message for all you fine folks at 2K Czech;

Keep up the amazing work! The Mafia franchise means a lot to many of us out there and still remains one of, if not THE, most immersive franchises ever put on a DVD/Blu-Ray. Consider all of these propositions by fans with sincerity and make sure that Mafia 3 is a much of a triumph for you as its developers as it is us playing it!

Trt 44

Be able to go in any shop you want

Continue from Mafia 2. Vito kills leo,Pepe and their men and goes to help Joe. In the second mission get them to kill Frank Vinci. Then get them to create their own family but with a shock. Marty wasn't really dead and he comes back to find joe and Vito. Get eddie to work with them as well. Also make a non-scilian family which is Irish.

Revamp the rail system. Make sure none of them go to prison. Get them luxury houses in empire bay in places like Greenfield and Dipton.

Family structure Boss: Joe Barbaro Consigliere: Vito Scaletta Underboss: Eddie Scarpa Capo: Marty Soldato's and associates new

Other families O'neill Family Led by Brian's secret son Louis pierro family Led Carlos

Mg42 available at all times from Harry's

Also have Girlfriends and go to the cathouse. Have a mission where You blow up all the houses in one area.[eg:Chinatown]


1. joe advangly didn't get killed, or removed to an other place, and come back with vito

2. more weapons, like an firetrehower

3. the abbillity to rob someones clothes, so you can disguis like him

4. the abillity to steal an police pass

5. more missions, and a much longer story line

6. the abbillity to call hookers, if thaths possible in the during of time i will certainley update my wish list, this is for now all i can think about


  • a new story with a new city in new england based thats mostly off boston
  • a dlc that explains what happens after mafia 2
  • customizeation with clothes simailar to the godfather: the game. but with dyes like fable.
  • minor references to mafia 2.
  • able to buy your choosing of apartment/ house
  • start on the bottom as a associate, doing jobs such as driving, collecting money, and being a body guard.
  • more weapons and food choices.
  • able to become don if you choose.
  • more than one city but must get to a certain spot before you can go to a different city.
  • able to own rackets.
  • time line consist of 1955 to 1970.


1. set in the late 1950's/ game ends by the mid or late 1960's 2. customize clothing 3. obviously more great cars 4. obviously more great classic music from the era. i.e Dion and the Belmonts, The Beatles, etc. 5. more guns and add melee weapons i.e baseball bats, ice picks, lead pipe, police baton, pocket knife, etc. 6. free roam 7. side missions 8. new city with more interactive features. maybe set in a fictional city based on Newark, New Jersey. A lot of history going on in jersey at this time and a lot of mob history going and it still goes on today. 9. ability to interact either negatively or positively with all civilians, police, gangmembers, or other wiseguys. 10. subtle movie references like "a bronx tale" "mean streets" "goodfellas" etc. 11. interactive story line 12. the ability to call up ur friends if u need help on "jobs" or just want to hang out like in GTA IV 13. be able to execute wounded or dying enemies. kinda like in GTA IV 14. start out as an associate "connected guy" and finish the game as a made man 15. go out and do typical day-to-day wiseguy type of "jobs" truck hijacking, money laundering, extortion, card games, intimidating anyone that tries to get in the way of the business, help make people "disappear" or do it yourself 16. different types of wiseguys/gangsters. from young to old being either fat, skinny, muscular, or average 17. girlfriends 18. more italian-american slang words and phrases (the sopranos) 19. different types of restaurants, bars, bakeries, deli's, etc. 20. the character obviously has to be italian-american. he cant be irish or anything like that. his hair and overall appearance should be based on something that an italian-american from that era would look like. i.e dark hair, dark eyes, about average height, slim body build, hair should be in a pompadour or a slicked side part like vito's from mafia ii. ive never seen any wiseguys with a shaved heads. most have some type of pompadour or a slicked side part and usually some jewelry. mostly gold chain crosses or their family's patron saint

X: I know most of these suggestions probably won't make it in the final game. but it would mean a lot to me if the character looked like an actual italian american. just like Tommy and Vito from mafia I and II. because you just cant make a game about the mafia and have the main character be non-italian it just wouldnt work out.

Rage Rex

-Set it in Chicago or Manhattan

-More world war II stuffs

-More weapons(Like and snipers)


-Cool stuffs(Like an accessible tank and air craft)

-Able to swim

Dat's it


-Set in Chicago

-Much more shop/store variation.

-Be able to rob banks, raid police stations.

-Many more cars. (Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini designs)

-More weapons. (AK-47, flamethrower, Sten, Type 100 sub machine gun, PPSH-41, Mosin–Nagant)

-Much more open playing style. (Ability to create own crew, side-missions, be hired out to different people)

-Be able to operate and utilize heavy weapons. (Tanks, planes, helicopters)

-Police much more organized. (More officers, better weapons, different transportation)

-More than one city to play in. (LA, Miami, New York, London, Moscow)

-Much more things to spend your money on. (Homes, cars, clothes)


- Continue right from M2 ending - Free roam before/after missions. player chooses when to start mission. as well as free roam after story completion. - After story completion have a continued "story" where player protects family assets, does hits etc. so that it gives the impression of running the city as a "career" - Multiple cities that have lots of missions and business to take over. I would say 3-4 cities would do the trick. -be able to enter more buildings. so more $$ to be earned on robberies - customize clothing. choose your own colors mix and match pants, shirts, jackets and hats. - More storeable vehicles. -continue with having to use gasoline, having cops pull you over for speeding. Don't change anything there I like the realism.


-Drive-by shootings -Ability to jump out of your car while it's moving -Ability to go in every building - You can store police cars in your garage -You can drive police cars without getting a large fine -More shooting details (gunshot bullet in head, blast someones head off with a shotgun) -More people with more clothes types -More cars - Extended timeline (10s-60s) - Free roam! -More guns -Go inside other peoples' houses -Nuclear labratories, factories, etc. -Use knives and machetes -Use CHAINSAWS! -Kill a cop without being wanted -Important events in history happening -Steal a police car without getting caught -There should be ENIAC computers spread everywhere (an ENIAC is a computer from the 40s) -Army tanks, soldier outfits, Army cars (WWI, WWII, or Vietnam) -Motorcycles, bicycles, or Vespa scooters -Able to break through buildings with your car -Break through every object in sight with your car (until it breaks down!) -LIGHTHOUSES! -BOATS! (And you should be able to ride in them or drive them to another part of Mafia III!) -Semi trucks with TRAILERS! -Fuel tanks that you can blow up (on the back of a semi) -Famous cars that you can drive (1915 Model T, 1959 Chevrolet Impala, etc.) -Able to jump off of ANY fence -PLANES! (passenger planes, biplanes, and top-secret Area 52 planes! You should also be able to ride or drive in them!) -Tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. -And keep up the realism!


  • WW2 Guns (Pphs,kp-31,mosin-nagat,m/28 or M/31
  • Co-op (online and splitscreen)
  • More citys and country-side
  • side missions
  • Free roaming (after ending)

Parrilla Cat

  • New fully history about crime stories.
  • Ablility to go to other cities.
  • A totally loaded Sicliy (the missions and storyline will be in that island).
  • New Italian cars (mid-40's to mid-60's): 1934 Fiat 508, 1950 Lancia Appia, 1952 Fiat 500 Topolino, 1955 Fiat 600, 1963 Fiat 850, 1960 Alfa Romeo Guilia Nuova, 1965 Renault 8...
  • New Italian trucks: 1958 Fiat 603, 1939 OM Taurus...
  • New Italian motorbikes: 1946 Piaggio Vespa, 1957 Lambretta...
  • New Sicilian characters: like "Santo Colonno, Jr."...
  • New Italian weapons: like Beretta modello 38...
  • New suits
  • Ability to buy bussiness, houses, locals, restaurants (like GTA: VC)...

A real Italian videogame!!

Wikia Contributor

  • Longer Story.
  • More stealth missions.
  • Boats and Motorcyles, maybe aircraft.
  • Ability to swim.
  • Drive by shooting.
  • Extemely rare 19th century cars.
  • A mission that takes place on a sinking ship.
  • Some missions that make you climb buildings.

(ANOTHER GUY: More realistic crashes, building destroying, Joe doesn't die, 50's still, don't put in the song "I put a spell on you", customizing clothes, melee weapons, new mafia in empire bay, and more buildings you can go in.)

Anonymous Wikia Contributor

  • 1965-1971
  • More missions.
  • Player can swim
  • Motorbikes
  • Jeans
  • Bigger city (Empire Bay)
  • Player can choose everytime when protagonist goes to wardrobe, does he wear jacket/coat unbuttoned or buttoned.
  • One Vietnam War mission.
  • Hobos are hippies.
  • 1965-1966 is Vietnam War service of protagonist.



  • ECNR= Rolling Stones, Beatles, Beach Boys
  • ECLR= Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Dean Martin
  • DELTA RADIO= 1960's Motown and soul


  • ECNR= CCR, Deep Purple, The Who, Mamas and Papas, The Doors
  • ECLR= traditional pop, schlager and country
  • DELTA RADIO= Jimi Hendrix, Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye


  • Mafia 3 should turn on a new setting, oriented on the theme of Vice City and Scarface, from 1976-1987 with 2x as much missions as Mafia 2
  • The Protagonist should be Cuban - Jewish Italian - American and the game starts when he's 19
  • More oriented on a GTA mission and free roam style where missions are optional and players actions determine the outcomes of some major missions
  • One huge city, larger than Lost Heaven's Countryside and the city of Lost Haven and Empire Bay that is mostly based on the Sunny Cities of Tampa, New Orleans, S.F., S.D., L.A. and Miami
  • Weapons from the Vietnamese and Grenadian Wars, with the ability to control aircraft, swim, drive motorbikes and drive a boat
  • Protagonist should have two extra muscle and have the ability to keep their homes and apartments, where the protagonist starts from rags to riches although they have the option to create their Gang or stay within one of the families
  • Stricter police laws since the introduction of cameras and the use of helicopters makes the protagonist easier to catch, although you could change weight, change your hair, grow facial hair and change clothing + having either a pager or an early cell phone
  • The territory should be disputed by the Mafia Families of Empire Bay and/or Lost Heaven
  • Control of other gang territories, try to compete with L.A. Noire and GTA V
  • Non-Nude Prostitution, Gentlemen Clubs and wineries/bars are allowed, with the feature of darts and playing pong
  • Vehicles set in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, with the early HUMVEES, Muscle Cars and supercars based on the Ferrari 288 GTO and the Lamborghini Jalpa
  • THE TRADITION OF HAVING NO MULTIPLAYER, excluding Leaderboards and DLC content that includes MULTIPLAYER and extra outfits, vehicles and weapons


  • Still have Vito but u can choose his own clothes like hats on/off
  • Choose own house
  • Free roam at the end and nobody's die from u friendz
  • Vito and Joe with theme own crime family like Scaletta Crime Family or Barbaro Crime Family
  • Better friends en the most of it don't die!
  • Motorbikes and more cars weapons etc.
  • Eddie Scarpa still as a friend


  • A slightly longer campaign than in Mafia II.
  • High-Class Jobs (assasinations, high-risk thefts, etc).
  • Free Roam (please).
  • Multiplayer with limitless functions (San Andreas Multiplayer style, where server owners can script anything they like).
  • Some more weapons, including sniper rifles and maybe a few bonus guns (high caliber sniper rifles/anti tank rifles, depending on the time setting, a machine gun, and rare, custom or premium SMGs/handguns, such as golden guns).
  • Missions with a greater mafia touch in them.Mafia II's missions were enjoyable, but going around shooting people all the time doesn't feel so "professional".


1. choose own family 2. get girlfriend 3. ride buses, taxis 4. buy cars and houses 5. go barber 6. side missions 7. open up legitamite businessess. 8. more use of street pay phones for the missions. 9. interact with pubs, clubs, bars, and people. 10. choose type of businesses


another guy- thedudedatpwns- -add the size of the campaign and teh joes adventures pack and that is how long the campaign should be. -only 3-5 introduction missions -be able to shoot out the window -more characters that talk to each other and say different stuff. -more building you can go to in open world mode -bigger map -more stuff to do in the bigger map -more stores to rob -police enforcement is stronger -the military comes in after you kill 15 police officers -make only 7 car chassing missions, but the mission has other stuff in it too, and you are shooting out the window and not driving in most of them. -make 3 war memories and in the war memories, you play as the main character except the fact that you are in a different town, tehy should be evenly spaced out. -more stuff to buy with money: cloths, guns, houses, cars -more stuff to find: easter eggs, collectables, and secret guns. -a limit to how many stuff you can carry at one time -ability to drop some stuff off at safehouses -a car chase were you are chasen someone, but then it turns into an ambush. You and the enemies car whiz by a intersection, and then some cars come from behind you. Then you shoot many of them off, Then some more come, and you jump out of the window at a turn and hide behind a trash can. Your car slams into a shop. The other people stop their cars because they saw you. You hide behind the trash can and shoot off the enemys. Then you go back to your car, and see one of the main characters of the game who was shot by the enemies. He dies. Sad music is playing.The mission ends. -another mission where you kill a waste management worker and take his truck. Then you go to the enemies house and take his garbage. Then you go back to your headquartrs and examine what letters are in the trash and find out where teh enemy is meeting. The mission ends. In the next mission, you go to to the place where the enemys are meeting, and you are in a tall building and you have to snipe th leader, but teh sun reflects of a mirror and you exadintly shoot. Then they here you and the leader flees. The enemies come into your room. And its a shootout, you fight your way down teh building. Then at the bottom, you climb down the sewer. -no missions where you have to spy on the enemy. -During missions, If you abadon teh mission, you fail teh mission and are returned to your safehouse. -coverfire -make a mission were someone takes your friend for ransom and you have to kill them. -make it so teh police is involved in a lot of your missions - ability to bribe the cops only if you drive to fast or run through a red light or kill only 1-5 people. -running away from cops when you drive through a red light should be easy. -the mission should not continue -you should be able to drive around the city and do stuff even after you complete teh missions(this option will determine if I buy teh game or not) -a mission where you go to a house and you and 2 other cars with you and guys do drive bys. Then go in and kill the people inside. - make one mission were you rob a bank and take hostiges in your car and then you go outside and teh outside is deserted. The police make a road block and you have to go through it. And you dont drive; someone else does, instead, you break the back windshield of the car open and mount a machine gun there and shoot teh enemys with teh machine gun. Then you get away from the cops and their is a scene and that is the end of that mission. -in the missions, if you are in a car chase, make it so teh police is not there, but make it if you go of teh road and kill innocent peopel, you fail the mission. -when you are just walking down in the middle of the street with your friends, you should not be able to move. Instead, your character automaticly moves, but you can still move around like in COD black ops.


-Bank Heists

-Free Roam


-Owning a crew

-New Weapons like M16s and things like that

-Longer Story

-Side Missions


-More Gangs



Remember that at the end of Mafia II Leo's guards never took any of their guns so they might bring that back in play to save joe.

all u need in a Mafia 3 is longer chapters with longer mission Keep main character as Vito let him pick up chicks maybe his discharge papers fail and you do a couple war missions more gangs come into play be able to get into other transportation be able to create your own clothes.. like in Saints Row 2 make Empire Bay bigger, bigger world, more people, more missions Don't change character and help save Joe... he shouldn't die


Heres my list:

  • Minor Cheats
  • Freeroam/Free Ride Modes
  • Subway/Train Station to get to places faster
  • More independent missions (Like the first few with Henry especially stealing the gas stamps)
  • More Stores (Better variety of Clothing/Gun Stores. Annoying to only see Dipton and Mclusky)
  • Multiple Safehouse's at a time (If you want). Also being able to buy an extra few if player desires.
  • Ability to change how your safe house looks for a price (Upgrades, Clean or Dirty, Storage, etc.)
  • Gun Stores sell all legal weapons (Don't start out with just colt and 32., Start out with 32., Colt, Magnum, Shotgun, M1 Garrand etc.)
  • Stunt Jumps, More interiors, Side missions and less cutscenes
  • Can sell outfits and get rid of DLC cars
  • Watch Television at your Safe house
  • You can travel between Lost Heaven/Empire Bay

Anything i left out?


  • Side missions
  • Buses and taxi rides
  • Borrow money from people like Bruno and pay it back
  • Have Joe, Henry, or Eddie drive like L.A. Noire
  • Rise through the ranks
  • Maybe start from the ending of Mafia 2.
  • Jobs from Derek or people like him
  • Choice if you want to wear a fedora or not
  • Buy seperate fedoras
  • Call other Soldato's like Richie, Rocco, or others and hang out watch a baseball game or something
  • Choice of family like The Godfather Five Families online game
  • Buy and Smoke Cigars
  • Talk to people

Be linked to family more


  • multiplayer and co-op would make it a bit more awesome
  • free roam
  • more side activities
  • become a leader of one of the families/mob boss/"godfather"/a "Don"

Ilan xd

  • longer story
  • more levels\missions
  • more gangs
  • more weapons
  • sequel to Vito's story


  • more fighting moves
  • being able to kill with objects
  • call anyone on the phone
  • have jimmy hlp vito and joe


  • not automatically dying when you get into water. Being able to break our of your car when under water
  • have your own gang members that can help you in any way; kill people but be able to get killed, shoot out of a car of them drive and you shoot out of a car, and robbing stores
  • Girlfriends, wives, and be able to have some fun with them
  • being able to break into housed and kill all the residence
  • mode where you create a guy and be able to pick a family
  • co op would be amazing, multi-player too but would kind of be boring
  • smoking cigars would be cool too
  • molotovs could burn people and building/rooms
  • having to actually go to the hospital if the injury was bad enough; variety of injuries
  • actually get sent to jail but either have somebody break you out or you do it yourself
  • buy houses; be able to customize them
  • drug trade maybe for more money, or purchase properties like shops, bars, etc. to earn more money
  • money is more useful and the player needs it more
  • a lot of coding but a a$$ tone of appreciation


  • Add more options to the garage such as chop tops, lowering/raising, more rim variety/width/size front and rear, grills/bumpers/taillights (like giving the Beverly Olds/Buick/Chevy options), a gasser option, a more period correct supercharger (carb'd instead of the enderle setup)
  • the ability to store and customize "oddball" vehicles, like the cabover and cckw.
  • Individual clothing items instead of complete sets
  • campaign co-op, allow 3 friends to join your game
  • player has a greater influence on the story
  • option to have your partner/associate drive
  • attend local events (baseball, movie), whether as part of the story or free roam - this would give the world more depth
  • safehouse purchase/design (and it doesn't get burned down after two missions!)
  • similar to Saints 2/GTA:SA (as far as the sheer amount of things you could do) without the ridiculousness


  • It should be set in 1952 to 1985
  • call public transportaition
  • buy property
  • buy cars (make them brand name like ford,chevy,and pontiac)
  • car damage more realistic
  • have some assassination missions
  • have vito get married in 1955 and die in 1961 and his son take on the mafia business in 1972.

wikia contributor

after joe is separated from vito joe is brought to a warehouse and killed. vito finds out about this and goes to get his revenge and at the end of the game it is 1971 and vito is a grandfather and five men come out of a car and busts into vitos house and kills vito with the wife screaming getting knovcked out the five men leave dragging vitos dead body and shooting it even more and throws his body into their trunk. and ends right there


How about keeping the game simpler and yet more refined? Keep true to the original, but add more to make it more fun.

Who in the hell wants to sit at a restaurant and eat virtual food if it does nothing? Or go to the hospital just to get health points back? That takes far too much time. People don't want to do chores when they play games, they want to escape the chores (or their jobs, school, etc). If it seems like playing a game is more work than simply watching TV, what do you think people will pick?

Add more options for driving, such as drive-byes, companion-passengers (even if it's just one whom you're very close to) who can shoot enemies with you and help you complete jobs.

I would recommend adding a side portion to the game where you can complete special crime jobs, such as a large drug operation, a heist operation, fake credentials operation (pink slips, money laundering, identification, passports, etc), weapon trafficking, prostitution ring, porn studios, etc. Even simply owning legitimate businesses so that you can obtain a steady supply of cash would be interesting and realistic.

Realism without fun is absolutely pointless to have in a game. I can hear the reviewers now: "Sure, you can drink at a bar, go to the hospital, and buy clothes, but none of these things make a difference to how your character plays". Just make sure each as a special function to contribute to the game, rather than just being static actions or aesthetic-only ones.

More story telling would be nice, as Mafia II was great for the story! I wanted to keep playing because I wanted to know what would happen next, and help Vito get out of the hole he and Joe kept digging themselves into.

The driving was good mechanics wise (not the "fix your car" mechanics), but add more customization to the cars, and maybe even set up special bonuses for different cars through upgrades, such as cars which are capable of having bulletproof siding, tinted glass so the cops don't recognize you, or cars which can attract certain kinds of people, drive certain people away, have police radios which enable the user to see cops on map, fake police lights to trick police for a period of time into thinking you're legit, cars which can have engines upgraded for speed, tires upgraded for traction, weapons on or within the car (mine layers, machine guns, ram on front, rocket launchers, tire spikes, caltrops, etc). Also allow the user to repair tires while on the road.

Potentially add a drugs aspect to the game which allows different drugs to do different things to user, such as restore health, slow time, give auto-aim, increase accuracy, run faster, hit harder, jump higher, take more hits/shots, etc. Add addiction, side-effects, and potential death if too much is used too often or too quickly or in the wrong combination.

If this is too much illegality within the game (which, this is a crime game, so it seems appropriate, and less as though it is condoning these things).

Side quests add more depth to the world, but so would the ability to find different hide-outs and take them over, each with their unique benefits (for cars: large garages, steady income, drug refinery, sex partners, special outfits, special weapons, special vehicles, or even special jobs).

One thing which sucks is boring, repeatable quests. Dear God, no more static quests. You did a great job of making everything in the II game great in the mission aspect. I did not play the first except for the demo. But I would recommend continuing with the tradition of "everything matters, everything is important". Maybe owning a car factory makes a job easier because you already have a nice set of wheels, and this is included in the cutscene. Or maybe owning a drug refinery makes one mission more difficult because the cops already know you're a crooked guy. Try to include choices which affect you in more ways than one, rather than a simple, single-benefit option. That is done in almost every game of this kind. Making things make a more substantial difference is more challenging but much more immersive and rewarding, and it makes the story more unpredictable! If someone owns a ton of crime syndicates and is getting shit for it throughout the whole game on every mission, make it worth their while to play through without as much if any criminal element (besides the murder, of course) and the game will earn a ton more immersion and re-playability. Also, a snitch option would be interesting to see, or at least some snitch quests, where the main character decides to shut down the operation.

Whatever you do, don't turn this game into a stat-fest. Make sure if you add perks or talents of any kind, that it is about ability, and not numbers. In fact, I don't think the game really needs much of that. If anything, it needs more in terms of choice and variability. I have been wanting to see a more exciting system of talking your way out of bad situations, maybe adding perks that make someone a very smooth talker so they can talk their way all the way to the boss and blast him without pulling the trigger once, rather than having speech only in cutscenes or only to merchants or non-hostiles for cheaper prices. Or maybe this would just be an interesting mission, where you have to make it to someone without killing, but come into contact with various people and have to talk your way out of being shot or shooting.

Make different clothes give different bonuses. This is all if you're going to go with the traditional route. As much as I love Mafia II, Max Payne 3, etc, they are all doing something which has for the most part been done before, just better. LA Noire was a game which broke away from that a bit further and created something unforgettably unique. Maybe attempt something like that if you're not going completely off the beaten path with this next game, as a little innovation goes a long way (all they did was make buttons within an environment that added up to an interview or shooting sequence, and then created a puzzle-like clicking sequence where you had to choose the right button to push. That "investigation" mechanic isn't even that complex to program! It's easy! And it made that game what it is. So find something unique to put into this game, as that is what is going to make it or break it. Mafia II had all it needed for a basic 3rd-person, city-driving shooter. Now just build upon the already existing material, add something which hasn't been done yet in video games, and you'll have yourself some gold. But I'm sure you already know that....

Remember, a bunch of people are talking about things to do, but it's whether or not you feel driven to do those things that makes them worth programming. If it seems like the missions are static, all the same, repeated with different targets, don't make a difference, yield no interesting or unique rewards. Story is everything. All games are RPGs (story wise), whether they have a single stat, perk, talent, or not. Depending on what role you play and what that person does on the day-to-day is what makes it interesting. Your unique element in Mafia II was the story. The game itself wasn't that innovative. It was fun enough to play through, but the story drove it. Now, create more unique game-mechanics that can be distinguished from a GTA game when all the art direction and aesthetics are stripped away, and combine the two!


I think it should include the Franchi SPAS-12, it's a good shotgun, that shoots either semi-auto or pump-action plus it was manufactured in Italy, but there's the problem that it's been existence since the 80s.

Plus if the game takes place during the 70s it should play the song "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap on the radio, I think it's a perfect song for a Mafia game.

And more jobs, such as stealing cars, assassinations, or robbing a place and the ability to go to jail, along with causing a riot or just simply paying bail or doing the time.

And more interaction with other people, talk to them, make friends drive around with them. Along with barging into a house and killing the people who live in it. Plus you should get the choice to rob people. I've noticed in Mafia II where women drop their purses sometimes, and you can't steal them.


I wish that everything everyone else has wished for be in the next game. I do have my own wish I want to be in the next game.

  • Let the main game character wear a regular stylish mafia type suit without a hat. Like Henry did in Mafia 2. He wore that very stylish suit without any hat. But if Vito wore a suit, it wouldn't even be as stylish and he had to wear an annoying hat with every suit. So let him wear a nice suit without a hat. That's my wish. Sorry if I repeated somethings, I just really want this.

Wikia Visitor

- Fully detailed vehicles (cars, trucks, buses, trains ETC.)

- More vehicles

- Time-accurate people and stuff (buildings, clothes, food, drinks etc.)

- Lots of trains (and time-accurate railroad crossings)

- Ability to drive trains

- Freeroam

- Some more stuff to tune with (like bumpers, horns, lights or perhaps placeable stuff)

- Trucks tuning

- Larger city (cities) and a countryside perhaps

A Wikia Visitor

A lot of people want the 3rd Mafia to be the sequel of the 2nd part, but I don't totally agree. Would be better if there were clues to what happened to Vito and Joe or, perhaps, the new protagonist would be connected somehow to them. Now, here's a list of things that, in my opinion, should be in Mafia 3:

- The time setting shouldn't be right after Mafia 2. Late 60's or early 70's would be awesome.

- The vehicles should be the ones that were produced in the game year or earlier (Without '56 Bel Airs in 1951, as it was in Mafia 2).

- There should be some custom and/or unique vehicles in the game without DLC's. Say, one abandoned hot rod in a garage next to a local drag strip and/or a shiny kustom next to a bar of some kind etc.

- More clothes. And clothes should be highly customizable. I mean, you can wear any shirt with any coat etc.

- The city should be bigger. Empire Bay was detailed awesomely, but it was way too small.

- More chapteres and freeroam. Sidemissions would also be nice.

- More radio stations, plus every station plays their own kind of music, like jazz, classic, rock'n'roll etc.

- More interaction with the world. We should be able to buy newspapers, read them and get some info on what's going on in the city. It may be not very important but adds a lot to the immersion.

- We should be able to purchase property but also we should pay bills. This will add to the immersion too.

- Of course, we should be able to catch a bus, taxi or a train and ether sit in there and enjoy the ride or just skip it. Would be intresting if we could tell the cab driver to follow some car.

- We should be able to get really drunk. I mean REALLY drunk, so that you lose conscience and ether end up robbed or in front of the hospital after a couple of days.

- Health regeneration should be optional. Also, there should be painkillers (not only pills but also alcohol) to make life easier for those who play without health regeneration.

- When having big weapons in the inventory (i mean rifles, shotguns etc.) you should have some kind of a backpack in order to hide the weapon, otherwise they will be in your hands and/or somewhere on the body.

- A bulletproof vest should be in the game, but not an invisible one (like in GTA). If wearing a coat it shouldn't be seen, but if wearing a shirt it should.

- Last request: in Mafia 2 graphics were awesome (personally, i wouldn't mind if in Mafia 3 graphics would be nearly the same) but when it was sunny in the game they were way too yellow, in my opinion, anyway. Would be nice if in Mafia 3 there would be a saturation regulator like in GTA 4.

If someone from the developers' team is reading this, please remember that, apart the storyline & the gameplay, small touches form the impression from the game. That's about it, thanks for your attention.

Mafia 2 Fan

Car Tuning and houndrids of cars! not 35 cars one big city + Countryside more guns Long Story Vito and Joe of course! a litle harder Side missions more Enterable Houses Hotdogstands More radiochannels tougher police A little better graphics Moore music (Jukeboxes + Car radios) you can take Taxi/Train/bus to locations (BUT NOT SKIP TO THE LOCATION!) When you are REALLY DRUNK cops come and take you home more foods + Drinks With REAL prices Gameplay Goes on after last mission (Got dissapointed on Mafia 2) When out of gas a towtruck comes and saves you for a small fee. Weathers change (Winter,Sunny,Rainy,Snowy,foggy,Summer) Longer Missions More safehouses + To buy houses More to spend money on (Clubs,Resturants,Golf,Observatory and on)


True Free Roam (ability to go around the city outside of mission time)

Layered Clothing (Able to buy pants, shirt, tie, coat, jacket and such separately)

Jobs (repeatable mini-missions that give you cash)

Car dealerships (Able to buy expensive cars instead of just steal them)

Able to become a ranked Family member, thus have people you can train and use for operations

Unlimited garage space

More Safe-houses/Homes.

Las Vegas setting back when you had to dress up to attend a show or a casino.

Higher ammo capacity.

Fast travel system

Able to have others drive you around, keeping you as the passenger/shooter

Cheats (specifically immortality and unlimited ammo)

Issac 1709

50-60 timeline Mac version go to app store soon Buy safe house More realistic damage Transport (sorry please help me change format)


Play in Empire Bay, and another towns close him. Play in that location during the prohibiton and during the Vinci-Moretti War. Play as a incoming member of Vinci Crime Family. More Longer history. Diferent historys and ends. More clothes. At least 20 Chapters. More difficult levels. (ex: easiest, easy, normal, hard, crushing) Create your own family or kill some Don to create your. (like Falcone did with Moretti) If you do that, administrate diplomacy between the other familys. Find your friends at street. Relashionship with womans customizable. Ex: you find a nice girl at street, meet her and get a relashionship. Individual missions (Like rob a charge of goods and sell it just to get money, out of the principal history) Be more important in family. (Like Consegliere) Can have your own enterprises ( Like Derek had southport, Clemente had the Clemente's Co.) More weapons. High detail in retract the culture fom the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. Winter and Summer. ( not like in mafia 2)


  • Actually have a use for the money!! What's the point if you can't spend it?
  • Hospitals, clinics, and back street doctors that can heal
  • Set prices of everything to a realistic price for the era.
  • Be able to buy our own houses, cars, suits, weapons, businesses, etc...
  • Set during prohibiton so we can run whiskey, speakeasy's, casinos, whorehouses, etc.
  • Be able to have wives and girlfriends
  • Be able to rob banks, businesses, and wealthy citizens
  • Be able to highjack cargo vehicles and steal their payload
  • Assassinate public officials, and other mob bosses FREELY
  • Steal ANY vehicle we want and be able to customize ANY vehicle we want
  • Have our actions reflect on our reputation
  • Huge choice of excecution meathods including all known mafia type excecutions.
  • Car lots (new and used) actually sell cars
  • News paper adds (for buying Houses and used cars)
  • Careers(Mayor, Career criminal, theft, buglary, assassin, robbery, bootlegging, drugs)
  • Can make choices that effect career progression
  • Hi-jacked may contain weapons, alcohol, drugs, money, bodies in trunks, tools etc.
  • Homes can be purchased and sold through realty offices and news paper ads.
  • Any vehicle can be purchased and sold through news paper ads.
  • Actions don't effect player reputation in negative way if they get away with it.
  • Any character in the game can be assassinated with various consequences.
  • All buildings can be entered or broken into.
  • Huge choice of excecution meathods including all known mafia type excecutions.
  • All Stores & businesses can be robbed, extorted, & used as fronts.
  • All resources can be stolen/hi jacked
  • Random characters may request favors legal or not.
  • Historical mafia members should appear throughout game.
  • Any citizens can over hear conversations, callin cops, or enemies
  • Money can be won in "CASINOS!!!" Remember those?
  • Realisic fines, penalties, and jail sentences will be made for ilegal activity.
  • Be able to break self and crew out of jail/prison
  • Money can be placed in banks or invested with a risk of loss percentage.
  • Bank robbery will be extremely dificult but not impossible.
  • Money can be hidden in homes and can be stolen during burglary.
  • Businesses open & close at realistic times of day & close for holidays.
  • Businesses/banks will be closed for 3 to 5 days following a robbery.
  • All vehicles can be blown up or rigged to blow up at a set time or upon starting.
  • Be able to shoot or jump from moving vehicles.
  • Police/enemies travel at a realistic speed while persuing player.
  • police/enemies can set up road blocks, and traps.
  • player and oposition can tune and adjust cars within standards of 1920's to the 1950's
  • Technology for ALL players and characters will be fitting to the era of the game.
  • Be able to learn new trick of the trade & improve on them in a realistic fashion.

Well, are a lot, i just put the more importants. I HOPE 2K CZECH READ THAT. Thanks.


- No Motorcycles.

- More missions where you go in incognito. (Disguises and such.)

- Ability to ride the bus and in Taxis, choosing a certain bus stop or destination.

- More freeplay during missions.

- Unlike in Joe's Adventures, only time limits when they make sense.

- More vehicles.

- Continuing the story with Joe and Vito, the game should take place from around 1953 to 1964. Then we get to listen to some early Beatles. :D

- More radio stations. I get it's the 50's, but radio was big then. Like, really big.

- More customizable clothes.

- Having a watch.

- Getting different houses.

- Ability to rob houses. You can sneak around, or you can go in, guns a-blaze.

- No multiple cities. That would take up a shit-load of memory.

- Firetruck. Yes.

- More things to buy. Cigarettes, things for your house, etc.

- Tailored suits.

- Hunger.

- If you're wearing your clothes in a particularly idiotic way during a mission, I think it would be nice if people said something about it. Like in Mafia II when Vito goes through the sewers. If he goes to a clothing store, or just straight to Joe and Henry, they tell him that he smells like shit.

- I thought that the story was long enough, but a lot of people seem to think it was too short, so that too. But with that, a bigger city.

- No. No snipers.

- More accessible buildings. Coffee shops, Police/Fire Stations, the Delta Radio Station, (like I said, houses), etc.

- Being drunk should last much longer.

- More customizable cars, like in Jimmy's Vendetta.

- Day-night cycles, like in Joe's Adventures.

- Omg, they're not going to have bazookas and flamethrowers.

- Although it's not realistic, I believe you should still be able to carry a large amount of weapons. I'm not going to go into detail on what new weapons they had, because I think enough people have. I thought the weapons were great in Mafia II.

- Buying cars. I don't like the feeling of stealing all my cars. :c

- Being able to take off the hat with a suit. More clothing accessibility all together.

- Choosing what color the suit is in the store, instead of looking from store to store for the right suit like a deranged housewife before the Prom.

- Less police. I have never seen that many police cars in one place. I do like how fast the police arrive to a crime, though. Just fast enough to escape.

- Faces. Whenever there's a cutscene where Joe is talking, his face seems off.

- Being able to swim.

- Still in Empire Bay, but with a bigger map.

- Only being wanted if police are around to see, or if there's a phone booth nearby.

- Being able to get, like, really injured. Injuries should last the rest of the mission unless you go to the hospital.

- You should be able to buy things at the mall.

- No, you can't shoot while you're driving. Your car would go everywhere.

- No, Rockstar isn't going to help with this.

- No, this isn't a ripoff of GTA. There isn't going to be AK-47's.

- Be able to play light gambling games in bars, like pool and darts.

- Running red lights and knocking over light posts should get police attention.

- Knocking people out.

- If the game does go to mid-1964, I want a Mustang. The Smith Stallion, it could be called.

- More little missions. Make it where once you get to the place where the mission is at, you get a message near the bottom of the screen and a key to press to do the mission. That would stop from accidentally walking into a mission and keeping away from the giant floating mission markers in the DLC's. It's more natural, anywho.

- Being able to sneak into the Police Station (Risky stuff), stealing a police suit, and stealing a police car. From a view in the car, you look like a normal police officer. Turning on your sirens will make other cars go to the side of the road, and you are not wanted unless you do something stupid while wearing it. The suit should stay in your wardrobe, but the car should not stay in your garage.

- Baseball bats, police batons, knifes, etc.

- A fifth star. It could be the FBI, or the military, or the police with stronger guns. Either way, it was odd to stop at four stars.

- Side missions like shifts in a bar, getting someone whacked, etc.

- No drug dealing. The mafia doesn't want anything to do with drugs.

- Different people at shops and, just everywhere. It creeps me out seeing the same clerk at every store. It should differ from store to store. More people in particular.

- Hostage situations. No good policeman would run into a store when there's ten civilians and a gunman. Let them negotiate something. I think this would add quite a bit to how much I want to rob a store.

- Open up a business. Not a crapload of businesses, one or two.

- Going to the barber. That hair gets old after a while.

- Let the garage hold 15 cars rather than 10.

- More places, like the fancy clothing store, where you can completely destroy it. No other buildings that you can drive through the window of, though.

- Going to the bank. Seriously, who carries $10,000 on them? Robbing the bank has to be there too. There should only be 3-4 banks in the map.

- Calling other people, if they're not busy. It should depend on what part of a mission you're on. It might also give hints as to what might happen after. Like perhaps you call Joe and he says "Eh, sorry Vito. I'm kinda tied up right now. You know, not really, but, yeah." (Gunshots are heard and the phone hangs up)

- No, there are not going to be airplanes, boats, or tanks unless they're part of a mission. Please tell me when Vito got his pilot license.

- Bicycles. Please.

- Please not in the late 60's to the early 70's. Let the story lead into it. The story of Joe and Vito is so gripping and exciting that I don't want to miss a minute of it. I mean, I would love the cars and the hippies, but just not yet.

- More gangs and Mafias to get involved with.

- C'mon, let's do something at the stadium.

- The graphics were great, stop whining about them.

- Make sure game-ending glitches like falling through the map are fixed. I've had trouble with them.

- No alternative endings. Once again, a shitload of memory.

- Hotels and motels.

- Becoming tired and needing sleep.

- Stealth kills and dragging bodies should be able to happen more.

- Co-op would be amazing and incredible. Especially in free-roam. Being Vito and Joe while robbing a place. <3

- The stadium should be able to be used as a racetrack to test the speediness of your cars against others.

- Cars should keep their fake names as to not make 2K pay more money than they have to.

- Accessible subway system.

- No brown shoes with black suits.

- No black suits with grey undershirts.

- No, you're not going to steal the subway.

- Jumping out of the car while it's moving should be possible, but cause some damage.

- More small suburbs

- Talk about a large amount of crime on Delta radio when on crime sprees.

- More things in the city to interact with, like buying a hot dog or getting a shoe shine. You should be able to buy a Newspaper. Once again, if the game goes to 1964, I want to walk by a shop and see the Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan show with a large amount of people crowded around.

- Mob-run gun stores where you can purchase illegal weapons. Like Giuseppe and Henry.

- And finally, after Mafia II, Vito sells Marty's apartment. He then has a selection of places to live. He can go to a hotel and save up his money for a while until he can buy a nice house like Leo Galante's, or he can get a bad house in Sand Island right away.


The start of Mafia III should start at the end of Mafia II, then fastfoward two or three years. Vito is still a member of the Falcone (now Scarpa) family and has risen to a Capo and has his own crew. Vito can have the ability to assin members to his crew by a menu on the map. Vito now lives in a referbished house in Greenfield (this time with fireproofing). Joe survived the assasination attempt, but went into hiding for the time in between games. Vito finds out that Joe is back in town when he breaks into his home. Joe convinces Vito to let him stay because the Commision found out where he had been hiding.(I'll let the writers take it from here)

Some Things I’d Like to See in Game:

-The ability to take public transportation

-Less missions centered on driving

-The ability to sit (e.g. on benches, bar stools, ect.)

-When you drink alcohol, instead of your vision becoming blurry, have actual impairments such as time slowing down or a wider reticule for less accurate aiming.

-Have drinking an excess of alcohol actually harm you instead of increasing health

-{from Mafia 2 Fan} have the police come and take you to your house when you are extreamly drunk

-A tailor shop or department at Vandal’s that allows you to customize clothing.

-The ability to take a train or airplane to Lost Heaven

-More people and vendors to interact with on the streets

-Drive-byes (only when others are driving)

-Limos and other vehicles that can drive you around.

-Subway system

-Gambling (e.g. craps, blackjack, horseracing, ect.)

-Requiring eating and sleeping

-Day-night cycles

-Melee weapons (e.g. pipes, baseball bats, ect.)

-Ability to call people or vendors at will

-Banks to deposit money (like Scarface: The World is Yours in that you lose money when you die, but without those crappy controls)

-Ability to rob banks

-Ability to get loans from the bank or Bruno

-Barber shop

-Side missions

-Nothing to do with drugs. Why would Vito want to get involved with that after Harry’s death and the attempt to kill Joe?

-5 star wanted level, perhaps calling in the Feds or the National Guard

-Not having to kill civilians who you get into fights with, just be able to knock them out

-Running red lights will make the police fine you


-Purchasing cars

-Fire from grenades and Molotov’s can light fences, houses, ect. On fire and can spread

-The watch idea is actually pretty good. I’m always wondering what time it is in game.

-Being able to buy or refurnish houses

-Police and gangsters cannot travel at 110+ mph that easily

-Ability to jump from moving vehicles so we don’t get killed exiting the car

-‘Joe’s Girl’ is Vito’s girlfriend

-More ways to spend money before we lose it all. Oh, wait, that’s why we need banks

-Bullet proofing cars (i.e. windows and siding)

-Bullet proof vests

-When we fix our cars, we can pick and choose what we want fixed in case we are strapped for cash, but really need to fix the engine

-Choices of clothing, such as pants and shirt colors, ties, coats, and especially the choice to wear the hat or not.

-Perhaps the ability to take over rival family or gang controlled areas, but allowing those families to do the same

-Weather cycles such as rain, thunderstorms, snow showers, and whiteouts.

-Convertibles actually can convert so that you don’t have to drive with the top down all the time.

Idea’s for DLC

-Storyline in the Vinci-Moretti war

-Storyline after Vito leaves Sicily. He does mention that the Nazi’s put a bullet in him. He may have fought in the Italian mainland.


1. customizable clothing (choose colors, style, and decide if you want a hat and if so decde which hat you want)

2. more realistic crashes and damge to buildings (wooden house demolished)

3. follow vitos story. i dont care if joe is there or not. just keep vito

4. stay in that era but switch off between 50's and prohibition with the vinci/moretti war

5. no "girlfriends" this is mafia 3 not sims 3

6. 3 cities: empire bay, lost heaven, and something realated to vegas

7. late 50's weapons like ar-15. but keep the 1928 thompson

8. choice of house and area of house. but you have to use your own money

9. be a capo so you can have your own guys

10. realistic shootings. bullet holes and blood

11. be able to own buisnesses like contruction companies, casinos etc.

12. kidnap people and torture them like a mobster (punching them, stabbing, shooting limbs)

13. guard dogs

14. much, much more buisnesses

15. go into any buiding

16. sneak into police station, steal police items

17. more realistic damage, go to hospital

18. be able to use and rob banks

19. more realistic sound from gun shots

20. and finally, barber shops


-A longer story, maybe 20-30 chapters.

-Motorcycles -- more nimble than cars, but much easier to get killed in. For example, something like a 1954 Triumph T110.

-Graphics were already pretty good in Mafia II. Updating it shouldn't be that high a priority... but who knows, maybe by the time this gets made Unreal Engine 4 will be commercially practical.

-Boats, maybe. There could be a boathouse like a garage and store a few "rum-runner" type boats, but I wouldn't count on it. Swimming should be included -- in Mafia II it's "OMG Vito drowned in five-feet deep water!" Planes, tanks, etc... NO. Tanks would be ridiculously out of place in a Mafia game and planes would make the game too complicated and would take a lot of extra effort.

-Keep the game in the 30s-50s time period, but perhaps a few "prototype" cars like the Mustang (Smith Stallion is very catchy. Nice one, Devo.) could be allowed as extremely rare automobiles.

-Keep the health regeneration system -- nobody wants to spend the time to go to the hospital. Except those who do. (Can't see why.)

-Add more cars! Maybe the 1955 Cadillac Eldorado as the Lassiter El Supremo?

-Make Diamond Motors accessible so people can buy cars without having to steal them.

-Don't continue along with Joe and Vito, but include a reference to them. Perhaps the game could start with saving Joe from Mr. Chu's men trying to kill him.

-When not hugely affecting the story's atmosphere, a day/night cycle and weather cycles.

-A choice of melee weapons. After all, Steve was carrying a baseball bat at the forge!

-A bank system would be nice so that I don't need to get all my money back after a disaster (but still, most of it for the sake of the story.)

-Free roam system unlockable at end of story, maybe with a co-op mode for the missions and said free roam.

-With the eating system, make there be a noticeable difference between the items. After all, why spend 20 cents on a gyro when you can get the same effect from a 5 cent cup of coffee?

That's a lot, but I hope at least some of these suggestions will be included in the final game.


-Suits without hats.

-Wider range of weapons.

-Accessories like necklaces and all that.

-Euphoria Game Engine.


-The ability to drag bodies anytime.

-To be able to put bodies into the trunk of a car.

-Melee weapon.

-Better collision physics with bodies so they can be piled and no fall through each other.

-The ability to shoot a dead body and have blood come out and have bullet holes too.

-Sandbox mod.


-free roam

-buy a house

-more buildings you can actually go in to.


-the time period should be the 60's

-be able to go to car dealerships and house realtors

-more gun choice

-bigger map. more than 1 city?



-HAVE MORE CHOICE IN THE STORY MODE EX: when we were trying to save leo, you had a bunch of choices to get the sheets, hide under the bed, ect. you should have those kind of choices that change the game EVERY mission. everything in caps is what i want the most. AN AMERERICAN GRAFFITI TYPE MAFIA GAME WOULD BE SWEET.

Mob enforcer

the story must continue vito,s story or sets in 20,s.become a capo and have luxury cars,homes and bodyguards.have a very long storyline with many side homes,cars and customize,s about mafia isnt it?so its story must be so mafia type.friends turn enemies,a father kills his own son and etc.mafia wars like the godfather,you are walking and then gangsters attack you.a new bribe bribing a major FBI agent to don,t investigate on a specific case.more different kind of places like going to cinema and watch a real classic movie.allows to use the buses,trains or cycle,like red dead without mission or place changing.mafia III must be so much more glorious than other open world games it has the potential!

Mafia 3 the game

new cars AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS 1963 Impala Z11 427,1964 Ford Thunderbolt,1969 AMC SC/Rambler,1968 Dodge Charger R/T. SPORTS CARS Ascot Bailey S400,ISW 708,Shubert Frigate 200,Smith Thunderbolt model 3,Jaguar XK 150,Mercedes-Benz 230SL, Lamborghini Urraco P250. new weapons Fists,Knife,Garrote Wire, Bat, Hammer,Smith and Wesson Model 10, .44 Smith and Wesson , Colt Detective Special, Colt 1903 Pocket Hammerless, Colt 1911,Double Barreled Shotgun, Lupara, Browning Auto-5, Winchester Model 1912, Winchester M97,M1917 Einfield, Mosin Nagant 1891, Springfield 1903, Mauser Gewehr 98, Lebel Berthier,Thompson 1928, Browning Automatic Rifle, Bergmann Maschinenpistole 18, Hotchkiss M1909, Chauchat 1907,akm-63,amd-65,ar-18,car-15,hk-mp5,howa type 64,remington model 1100 tactical,rpk,type 51,type 63,m62, spas-12,hk-11,aug New features 1.public transportation(bus,taxis,plane,train),2.Be able to buy your own,'n night cycle, cycle,5.access to all bulidings, roam,7.bigger citties/differnt citties(empire bay,la,chicago,atlantic city,new york),8.41 chapters and 25 side missions,9.make kingston stadium accesible,10.make diamond motors accesible,11.have one go to prison and have to break out of jail,12.set from 1955-1970, can use businesses as front, can rob rich people, own your own crew,16.Call other Soldato's to help with big missions,17.Be able to bet on races,and boxing matches,18.choose your own family.

Mikey R's

- At the end of MafiaII\beginning of MafiaIII, Joey ends up getting whacked(thats how most Mafia life styles end anyways, death or prison, so it would fit) Vito obviously will want revenge so he breaks off and starts his own family, but instead of playing as Vito play as a character that Vito ends up trusting(maybe a distant cuz just outta the joint from lost heaven) and bringing into his family to help him take over an get revenge.

- Be able to customize new character. i.e. hair, facial hair, facial structure, size(fat, muscle).

- better clothing. not to say that the clothing options were bad in the previous game, but i think it could be expanded upon, such as clothing color, more outfits, mix and match type stuff lol.

- muche more free roam options. i.e. taxi's, busses, trains, news papers, brothels, gambling dens/houses, bars, and some mini games would be awesome as well. like pool and cards at least.

- ECONOMY!!. i think all free roam gangster games need an ingame economy. i.e. drug/alchohol dealing, stolen contraband, guns, prostitutes, and gambling. in Mafia II the Vinci family is strongly against drugs and their major incomes are construction and gambling, so go take over a gambling den from Vinci and have it actually make an impact on his family depending on the size of the operation(and i'm NOT talking godfather 2 style where you take something away from a rival and they lose body armor or brass nuckles, thats F'ING stupid, anybody can get that anytime especially the mob). instead have it hurt territory size and man power as it is a loss of revenue. or say there are these irish or russian gangsters providing high end firearms to the Vinci family, make side missions to take that contact from them, like killing them off or forcing them to sell to your family instead of the Vincis, giving his men in the main missions less fire power, and possibly yours more.

- The age of lines.... Territory in my opinion is one of the most important things in a gangster game. they need to be outlined, fought over, expanded upon, and at times receded. point is the territories between the warring families and any other gang need to change as they do in real life. i.e. Vinci owns a popular brothel that just over your family border. Scenario: player attacks brothel, burns it down(make it to where you can rebuild into a different rev stream if you want) or kills guards and takes it over. after completion, either way, Vinici has lost a rev stream and a stronghold(if you will), therefore receding his territory line and expanding your own. needs to be vice versa as well, if Vinici hits a drug front from your operation and succedes, you lose the territory and any men guarding the stronghold.

- be able to start a relationship with a woman, after all you play a family man. work it into the story where you start a family and show the strains of the two different life styles meeting i personally know a guy that works for the mob, well did before he went to jail, and i've seen the strain that the life will put on wives and children. pretty sad really, and would put more emotion into the game (i really didn't feel all that connected to Vito or Joey in the game).

- Alliances and Rivals: make it to where you can actually try to build alliances with other gangs\families. maybe implement a rival\alliance rating(0 being a complete rival, 50 being neutral, and 100 a trusted ally). also make it to where the alliances will impact the ingame economy, Scenario 1: you are allies with the russians, so in turn you will have access to their goods at discount prices. Scenario 2: you have a rating of 25 with a smaller local street gang, so moving shipments of goods through their territory may have negative reprucussions, i.e. shipments destroyed, stolen, or men lost. also when entering a territory of a complete rival, their men will attempt to take you out if no cops present or alone withoug backup.

- active hit cutscenes: have people try to kill you in cutscenes with button prompts for surviving the hit. i.e. you are sitting at a red light gunmen pull up besided you and begin to fire, have GOW style command prompts come up to escape and return fire if need be.

- ordered hit: allow player to put out contracts on known targets when at the appropriate level for giving orders. deaths need to have impact on economy or story missions, making easier or hard

-More realistic e.g not two guys fighting of hordes of enemy gangsters adn if you shoot someone in the leg they start limping -ability to rob banks, buy houses, and cars -Set in a city on the coast maybe a cross between miami, Las vegas, Los angeles and new york -Side missions like contract hits and other thigns kind of like the lucas bertone mission in Mafia the city of lost heaven -Set in maybe 60's to 70's? -Vietnam veteran for example in mafia II you go to prision but in mafia III instead of goin to prision you go to vietnam? -More guns maybe a sniper rifle? -Guns wishlist SMG's: Tommy gun, carl gustav, MP40, Uzi, Ingram MAC 10 Rifles/shotguns: Ak-47, Car 15 commando, M14, Winchester model 70 sniper rifle, Mossberg 500 Handguns: S&W Model 29 .44 magnum, M1911 .45, TT33, Colt detective special .38, Walther PPK


-Have the game spand a period of time in decades (1920s to mid 1940s) -Ability to buy property (safehouses, clothes, vehicles) -Able to have a personal life section where you can date, go out with friends -If you build a relationship high enough you should be rewarded (ex. if you date a woman for a long period of time you should be allowed to marry them) -Safehouses should be customizable -Wanted level and being able to remove wanted level from Mafia II should remain


  • Have more RPG styles
  • Customize your character
  • Start your life in game
  • The story depends on your dicisions

Matthew Kates

  • Public Transportation buses, taxis, and train.
  • There should also be more regular cars in the game
  • There also should be the addition of motorcycles and bikes (both of which have there own places to purchase in addition to being able to steal them)
  • There should be more clothes in the game
  • Character creation
  • Side missions
  • More options in car customization
  • More interactive shops (not for shopping necessarily, just for looks... and for robbing :))
  • In DLC don't have the AI's go rambo on you and run up to you and shoot you without cover


  • Side missions (most important feature)
  • New Cars
  • Better gameplay
  • Open-ended map/storyline
  • New weapons
  • Better ending (I hate Bad endings)
  • Character creation (just like Saints Row Series)


Though I’d love to see another mafia game soon I doubt it will happen. 2K, like its subsidiary Rockstar, is a fairly small gaming company that takes years to come out with sequels if they come out with one at all. Anyway, in no particular order.

  • Make it an RPG complete with character creation and the ability to pick and choose what family you work for.
  • Way more missions.
  • Side missions, even races would have been fun.
  • Being able to use our own cars throughout a mission, what’s the point of fixing up the engines if they’re gunna throw you in the slowest POS every time you need to evade the cops?
  • More free roam ability like you had in the beginning. Stop throwing me from one chapter into the next like they did at the end of the game.
  • More believable Mafia type stuff to do. Seriously, what self respecting gangster would sit in an alleyway all day selling cigarettes for 2 bucks a carton? They’d simply sell the whole truckload at once.
  • Getting promoted and moving up in the ranks of the organization.
  • More than one safehouse at a time.
  • Stop taking my damn guns/money/clothing/houses away form me!!!
    • You mean to tell me he couldn’t have picked up his gun on the way out of his burning house? What gangster doesn’t sleep with one under his pillow?
  • Much longer story. Even if you have to use two or more disks.
  • Larger capacity garage in main game.
  • Clothing should be worn by the item, like suits are separate from the shirt and hat so you can mix and match something you like.
  • Set in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Imagine all the muscle cars…
  • Make the cars more equally powered, or give the ability to put a larger engine in them, so we are free to chose what we drive based on our own likes rather than simply what they decided should be faster. There were several cars I would have liked to drive, like the Patomic Indian, if they hadn’t been so damn slow.
  • More custom paint options for cars.
  • Upgrade vehicles with bullet proof glass.
  • AI drivers that can actually drive! This is the most frustrating game that involved driving that I’ve ever played. Half the time the AI drivers will run a stop sign, or stop then continue out right in front of you, or they will stop where there is no stop sign/red light. and I swear if one more car makes a sudden lane change 10 feet in front of me when I’m going 100+ MPH on the highway I’m gunna go on a killing spree!
  • Make the DLC a continuation of the main story, or at the very least it should be about the main character.
    • A DLC I would have liked was one that showed Vito and Joe meeting and the events that lead up to Vito joining the Army. It would have been cool to play in the 40’s in the summertime.
  • Fast travel.
  • Fast travel.


  • 1. TOW TRUCK / WRECKER - Work for Mike Bruski collecting or towing a list of cars. As an alternative mode of stealing cars. Just for fun in freeride mode.
  • 2. SHOES please! - Expensive suits with dusty and ugly shoes?
  • 3. HOTELS and HOUSES - I want to live where I want! (depending of the money funds, of course. Maybe yhe possiblity of eviction if the funds are low)
  • 4. TAXIS and BUSES - Using them as passengers or drivers (i.e. being a real taxi driver carrying people to places). Just for fun in freeride mode.
  • 5. POLICE CARS - Using a policeman uniform, stopping civilian cars, etc. Just for fun in freeride mode.
  • 6. POLICE FORCE MODE - Hunting mobsters in the streets. Alternative mode of the game.
  • 7. MORE REALISTIC - If a leave a car in some place, that car stays in that place until a police wrecker tow it or I take it to my garage (or even some other burglar may steal it in the street!). Natural day/night cycle - the possibility of forwarding time through sleeping (as in Farcry 2) or in a bar. The possibility of using the furniture of my house including the shower and bath. Carrying just 2 weapons: a pistol (with a shoulder holster) and a high caliber rifle or submachine (in a violin case, not in my trousers!) The rest of the weapons stays in the car's trunk (like in Splinter cell Conviction). The possibility of losing a car and the weapons inside it, and the possibility of ruin a suit and shoes (in order to keep economy in motion). Phisycally realistic and unique garage where I can see all of my 10 cars aligned. Realistic time of car repairments and upgrades (leave it one day, come back in two days). The possibility of swimming in the river.
  • 8. A YOUNG HELPER (like Marty) - Calling him when its time to steal cars, using him to drive the other car (or your own car while you're free for shoting as a passenger), driving the wrecker and other minor tasks (like recovering all my own cars I left in the street. Of course, all of these in exchange for some money or salary, keeping the money in motion). Just for fun in freeride mode.
  • 9. BETTER and more agile ECONOMY - Purchasing cars, suits, shoes, guns, all kind of upgrades, paying hotel rooms or houses, gasoline, food, hospital services or doctor. Equilibrate outcomes and incomes.
  • 10. A MORE CHALLENGING AND FUN GAME! Stronger police and rivals. This is not only a shoting game, its a social game.



  • Set on the storyline of Vito
  • Joe is still alive and working with Vito
  • Set from 1951 (continuing the events of Mafia II) to late 1970s
  • Vito has a son who assists him in committing crimes later in the game (late '60s)
  • Vito becomes a Vinci Capo


Due to the relatively small diversity of vehicles (and cars) in Mafia II (compared to the GTA series), Mafia III should include approximately 100 classics from the 1930s to the early 1970s, and featuring a few aircraft, watercraft, motorcycles and bikes from the era.

  • Cars spawn according to model year. For example, 1951 roads will be full of earlier vehicles, with new 1951 models starting to spawn during this time period. As time goes by, newer models will start appearing in showrooms and later on roads, with older cars being phased out and ending up in second-hand dealers/junkyards.
  • A SDK tool for modifying and creating new vehicles
Car wishlist
  • Passenger cars
    • Most cars are from both major and minor American auto manufacturers
    • Imports from Europe (Jaguar, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz, VW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc.)
    • A select few contemporary Japanese cars (Sports cars from Toyota, Honda, Nissan and Mazda)
    • Finned cars of the 50s
    • Muscle cars of the 60s
    • Land yatchs of the 70s
  • Utility cars
    • Ambulances
    • Fire trucks
    • Jeeps
    • Delivery trucks
    • School buses
Car properties
  • Customization options
    • More paint jobs
    • Lowriders
    • Hydraulics
    • Hood removal
    • Engine selection
    • Body upgrades (bullet-proof windows and tires, etc.)
  • Other properties
    • Buying and selling cars from dealerships (both new and second-hand)
    • Renting and/or buying garages around the town
    • Shooting out of windows
    • Putting weapons and other objects in the trunk
    • Cutting brakes
    • Car bombing (bomb available for purchase in Harry's Shop)
    • Cars can be stolen by other NPCs
    • Manually turn headlights on/off
    • Turn signals
    • Car lights don't break so easily (like in Mafia II)
    • More realistic vehicle body damage (soft body physics)

Other features

  • More accessible stores and buildings
    • Nightclubs and stripclubs
    • Casinos
    • Bus stations
    • Train stations
    • Subway stations
    • Airport
    • Car dealers
    • Dragstrip
    • Race track
    • Classy restaurants
    • Luxurious hotel suite
    • Mansions for sale
    • Theaters
    • Cinemas
Public transportation
  • Ability to use public transportation
    • Buses
    • Taxis
    • Trains
    • Airplanes
  • Accessible subways
  • Commercial flights (to destinations such as Lost Heaven or Las Vegas-based city)
  • More shades and variations of clothes
  • Stealing clothes from dead people
  • Disguises
Law enforcement
  • 5-star police: SWAT Officers
  • Holding bystanders hostage when confronted by police
  • Crew
    • Start with 2 bodyguards
    • Ability to call for crew when engaged in gunfight
    • Hiring more personal crew
    • Chauffeur
  • Activities
    • Gambling
    • Horse betting
    • Drag racing
    • Side businesses (racketeering, bootlegging, etc.)
    • Kidnapping people for ransom
    • Buying houses and cars
    • Robbing houses
    • Robbing banks and stores
    • More ways to spend money
    • Reputation
Weapons and fighting
  • Weapons
    • Guns
      • Tommy Gun
      • Colt M1911A1
      • Shotgun
      • Sniping rifle with scope
    • Melee weapons
      • Can break through glass and dent metal
      • Knife
      • Club
      • Baseball bat
  • Other
    • Molotov cocktail
    • Frag grenade
    • Time bomb
  • Fighting
    • Involves kicking, dodging and picking up things
    • Picking up and throwing small objects at people

Other gameplay

  • Swimming
  • Free ride extreme!!
    • Time in free ride can be synced to computer system time
  • Lastly, please don't cut anything from the game like you did to Mafia II!


  • 1958 Chevrolet Bel air
  • Potomac Indian
  • Aston martin db5
  • 1949 mercury
  • prison bus
  • Volkswagen beetle
  • Volkswagen kombi
  • 1945 Bugatti
  • M4A1 Sherman
  • M3 Lee
  • Mercedes Benz t52 Hitler


  • m-16
  • Kalashnikov AK-47
  • lupara
  • lee enfield SMLE
  • Winchester 1887
  • M1 Garand
  • The Mafia Boss Is...... Madison Lee From Charlies Angles Full Throttle!
  • Don't Forget Free ride Extreme From mafia 1!!!


  • 1.Back from the dead
  • 2.You lucky bastard
  • 3.Happy Anneversary!
  • 4.Piece Of Shit
  • 5.I Hate Snakes

Intermezzo. 1

  • 6.The Great Tank Chase
  • 7.The Seven Drunken Nights.
  • 8.The Pressure
  • 9.The Seed Of Chucky
  • 10.Keep An Eye On You

Intermezzo. 2

  • 11.Holy Cow!!!!
  • 12.Mad Men
  • 13.Driftin' Daddy'O
  • 14.The Mafia Never Forgets
  • 15.Nact Der Untoten


  • 16.The New Machine Gun
  • 17.Alcatraz Party
  • 18.Molotov Party
  • 19.Trash Trailer
  • 20.You Dumb Fuck!!!

Hell Spawn

- Buy weapon upgrades/customization like bigger mag, different type of ammo

- new stores opens after the store creeper is killed but it takes like a weak or two

- More Revolvers

- more news about the war

- Ability to sell cars at car store

- Ability to rob people on the streets

- only weapons and cars that existed at the time or is older so if the game ends like 1960 there are no way we will see a m16 cus it was created 1963 but the Kalashnikov AK-47 is welcome cus it was born 1944

- possibility to rent/buy garages/parking spaces Garage space depends on how many garages/parking Spaces you own like 2 cars/garage 1 care/parking space

- possibility to stealth kill cops like if u kill them quick with no witnesses you want be wanted

Anonymous Mafia lover

- Context : the same as mafia 2 or in the early stages of Prohibition

- custom clothing, in every way (from shoes to ties, belts, etc...)

- all shops in the city should be accessible (even if they are little)

- dynamic events, i.e. a robbing streak/ killing should be reported properly by the radio

- buyable cars, more customizing options such as interior colors, bullet proof doors etc

- not be able to carry many weapons, and carrying large ones (tommy 1928 or shotguns) should require gun cases (violin cases for example). Guns could be stored in the trunk of your car.

- Mission outcome : you should be able to "fail" missions, which would lead to a different mission with some maluses, i.e. if you fail to kill someone, he should be surrounded by tighter protection the next time you try.

- side missions/activities such as : racket, extorsion, murders, beatings, bookmaking, bootlegging (if prohibition), delivery, loan sharking, robbery, managing fronts etc...

- less scripted missions, which should allow players to be inventive in their way with dealing with the objectives. i.e. killing x --> car bomb, assassination at night, ambush etc... and emphasize preparation : watching the targets habits, where they stay etc.., buying the right weapons, hiring the right people, organizing escape cars / crews, with randomly occurring fails like no car there because of traffic jam, weapon is jammed, crew member got caught, target changed its habits etc. These would had a massive lifespan to the game. Fails are not forced to occur at least once per mission (means you should have a smoothly running operation after a totally failed and improvised one or even have the same mission run totally differently in two play-throughs)

- day/night cycles with effects on number of cops/criminal activity in the city, dynamic weather, seasons (at least winter/summer)

- be able to hire some mobsters (up to 2 ) to help you with the mission, in exchange for payment of course.

- jazz clubs, cathouses, more bars, restaurants where you can actually order something to eat, cinemas

- after a certain rank in your family/ your actions towards other gangs you might be attacked in the streets by enemy mobsters.

- implement an injury system, with a greater role for "El Greco" like doctors, and no more healing via food

- money laundries to be able to save some money at banks

- be able to rob banks

- corruption shouldn't work on every cop

- realism should be the master word of the game. No fancy weapons (bazookas/snipers/flamethrowers), no fancy vehicles (tanks/choppers/airplanes and the like), this is not GTA

- free roam between missions within the same chapter

- no more "I-loose-all-my-money-and-equippment-every-third-chapter" dynamic

- if you get caught too often by the police, they should start to tail you / annoy you, making missions more difficult to achieve

- Chapters should cover multiple missions, each one having the length/depth of the current chapters in mafia 2

- drive)by shooting only allowed if crew member is on board

- be able to have a driver/ bodyguard when you reach a certain level in the Mafia (so the player can actually should during drive-bys)

- witnesses should randomly occur during missions, with bribing/whacking as options to avoid police awareness

- be able to smoke : cigarettes, cigars

Wikia contributer

As somebody mentioned, a couple of extra families, Jewish and Russian mafia etc. would be nice.

Also, If the story were to continue with Vito, the option of jumping out of the car and saving Joe should be there. That, or a new story. Because playing as Vito won't be as much fun as it was when Joe was around.

If we were to play as a new character, then these are some wishes. Let the player create and name a character and start out as a young man who is associated with a mafia family through a friend. The friend helps him to get into the family but dies before getting him in. After that, all the player is left with is a gun, some cash, and his friend's old apartment. Let the player choose which family he tries to join and let him look for a dirty job in the mafia business, instead of having his whole life dotted out for him.

The idea of creating/naming a character was just an idea, a young protagonist who we can empathize with, and who has an interesting background, would be just fine. The ability to skill-up in fighting, shooting and driving, go to a barber, restaurant, car dealer, working train/metro station, or to BUY and upgrade houses you like should definitely be included. Also, extorting businesses, creating your own crew, bicycles, motorcycles, all sound great IMO. Car names should be kept as it is, no need to spend money on real car names.

At last, there should be an inventory menu, like in RPG games such as Skyrim and Oblivion. I know this game is not and should not be anything like Skyrim. But having a menu with weapons, extensions (such as silencers), ammo, food (for healing), clothing (suits, shirts, hats, watches, jewelry) etc. would be awesome.

I really like Mafia II and I'm sure Mafia III will be great too!

John F.

1 thing only i loved the game but what i did not understand was if it was going to be stealth why not able to upgrade your gun with a suppresor or silencer it would also be extremely cool if the people cant detect you unless they see you or one of their people tells or yells at them "Over Here!" now suppresors started in early 20th century (1902-1915) and later upgraded but since they were invented why not add them to a game to add more stealth and advantage to the player instead of just original go throught the back and crack the neck i mean like seriosly this were mafia the richest and most dangerous criminals in all times and the biggest organization why not put the word "rich" i only got to live in a big nice house for a couple of days and thats it i never even saw that awesome house again. got to live at marty where it was trashy and joe never even moved out of his apparment which was also a messy place.

hopefully i am hoping that joe will still be alive in mafia III so he can experience the changes and it would be cool if henry the 3rd protanist is alive too i though he was alive earlier because i kind of saw him with an eyepatch since the chinese beat him with machete i saw how they cut his eye but i think mafia 3 wont have any of theese guys it might just be a failure /:

Brazilian Guy

I guess the game should be in Brazil,in the State of São Paulo. My friends and I will be very happy to play Mafia in our country and I guess you can choose your family and your home in the next game. And I think the Americans will like to see a diferent side of Brazil, not only the beach in Rio. I think 2K can add all the regions of the State,a very big map, with the beach in Baixada,the big cities in Grande SP and little towns in the countryside.

Sorry about my English


- Set in a city kinda like Vegas. - Vito takes out Leo and Pepe and goes after joe. - Able to do side missions from Vegas Triads, Bombers and Mafia families. - New weapons- Baseball bat, baton, knife, bottle, pool cue. - Can play roulette, poker and blackjack in casinos to earn - Able to hail taxis. - Buy houses e.g. start in crappy flat but later able to buy really nice places. - Vito and Joe go to this city immediately after the previous ending. - If arrested, you can bail yourself out or break out. - New wanted : 5 stars: SWAT, 6 stars: Price on head (both gangsters, police and SWAT after you, not able to go to shops & HUGE BRIBE). - Hotwiring cars - Sometimes Joe will drive and you can shoot out the window. - Able to take hostages. - Blindfiring - Gun licences, better licence means you can buy better weapons. - Levels: If you try and pick up a high level weapon when starting out (e.g. Tommy Gun) you can't, highest level means also more fighting moves. - Better fighting, enemies will try to finish you, must block, stun moves and disarms. - Triads know kung-fu, so they will be able to disarm larger weapons.


The character: - America born, Italian American - At the start of the game a brash, cocky and loudmouth personality. Liking to party and drink but as the game goes on he will become much more colder and violent, also less sociable and more depressed from the things he has seen and had happen to him. - Follow a long period of his life throughout the game, from when he's a child until when he's an old respected mobster. - Has a bad relationship with his parents - Joins a street crew similar to the 5 points gang, learns how to survive on the streets - Eventually gets noticed by a mobster(s) whos double his age. Gains a student-mentor relationship with the mobster - Gets made at around the age of 28 - 32 - Throughout the game works his way up to the position of Boss - Spend 1/3 of the game in prison but on various occasions. For example as a street thug, as a respected mobster and finally as the boss which is how the game could end.

The setting: - The character born in the early 1930s and the game follows the character from that point until his death which could even be the 21st century. This would make the player see alot of character development and how the character would change over the years. It would also give the game more realism as he would not become a made man within a matter of days. The game would not stay in one year for two long, maybe three chapters at the most. - The game will be based in various different cities. The character born in a area with resembles Bensonhurst or Ironbound when they were at their peak for housing Italian-Americans. However the character can move between a city based on new york, a city based on Las Vegas and a city in Sicily. The characters main business will be in the new york type city as this is more realistic. He will have realistic casino operations in las vegas and smuggle things from italy.

The content: - The character will have to kick up a certain amount of money to his boss. The boss will change as the story progresses from maybe a soldier to the don. - The character will have realistic mob rackets to make him a daily income so that he can kick up to his boss. There are millions of rackets that can be took all over the city but it will be hard to get them. - Lots of side missions to earn extra money such as collecting a debt, extortion, gambling, odd-jobs for fellow mobsters, giving out jobs to lower ranking mobsters, bribery, loansharking and more. - As the game progresses and the mob becomes discovered the character will become known to the police. This will cause the police to sometimes follow him, take surveillance photo's, wiretaps. Informants should be involved, there could be a section in the game where somebody in your crew turns into an informant. Lots of police activity. - Everything to be interactive. - A minor reference to Mafia 1 and Two. For example you could see a news broadcast on Tommy Angelo's death or bump into Tommy Angelo's wife. Also in the later half of the game there should be an appearance of an older looking Joe Barbaro who you do a gun deal with however Joe uses the name Vito or Sonny. There should be a part when Joe starts rambling about a friend of his who betrayed him and tried to have him killed, hinting that Vito believes Joe is dead or Joe hasn't seen Vito since his failed murder. - Realism. For example if you kill someone whilst wearing gloves in a disclosed area at night, using a gun with a silencer the police won't turn up.

User: Reidravens

-continue off from mafia 2 story

-more small things to be interactive (buying a newspaper)

-able to climb out window and up on roof using the fire escape

-visit el greco when seriously injured

-able to take loans from bruno and negotiate how much you owe back

-if you get your own gang, be able to choose the guys in it. have them prove themselves by doing a job for you

-same characters, introduce new guys to fill the void of the dead bosses or have lower guys step up

-no time limits

Meyer Cohen

-Ability to create own gang, with upgrade able rackets, place men in territory along with some of your men able too sell drugs have a realistic number of guards in each business say 5-10 give them new items such as guns, melee weapons, garrotes and better cars and suits to increase gang power

-Have a driver along with two bodyguards with you can be any known member (see below)

-Have people close too you known as known members say and under boss and adviser, capos/lieutenants and soldiers assign these people to a certain racket and job say under boss collecting your money

-Build your own family such as wife and kids with a mansion for them to live in, have a girlfriend on the side living in her own small house paid for by you along with your own safe house to hide from hit men and cops hide money and guns at these places

-Rival gangs even after main story line is completed, have these guys put contracts on you say when your driving and two cars ambush you randomly after main story line is completed and you've taken over the city's rackets have people wanting to take your power

-Have a police arrest system, then with a court sentencing with a lawyer representing you have a meter where if it goes to the top your free, too the bottom arrested but then another meter where you can go under house arrest if you pass if not you go to the jail serve time (like in time well spent) with house arrest you can leave but must not get caught when released from prison you get a few days of parole also witnesses in court

-Own legit business where when the heat is up will gradually reduce it the more you work at this place but the places income must match the money you get from your illicit business

-Day to day activities with things like- Have breakfast, go make your collections from your Capo's/Lieutenants, have lunch, go to your legit business, spend the rest of the day afterwards playing golf/cards visiting dead friends at graveyard (that die throughout main story) go home and change into your evening suit go out have dinner with your guys, go to a club and talk business, then go to your Gomorrah and then go home and sleep can be done in any order (apart from eating sessions ((duh))) also pay taxes (if you don't police and FBI arrest you)

-Order people dead and have evidence cleared up


- ability to move up in rank in the mafia and become the boss of your own crew. - Day/Night and seasonal cycles. More weapons of the time. - Money collection from rackets and contract hits. - Ability to make real decisions on which direction you want to take your crew. Whether it be just illegal gambling, booze, prostitution, loan sharking or drugs or all of it. - Public transport a must. -Experience levels -ability to purchase anything -destroyable buildings -real time damage to vehicles -go inside any building and actually interact with the whole city anywhere. -having a watch to know what time it is. -helicopters/planes (which means an airport)


- Savehouse with garage
- ability to buy cars
- if you go too far from car, or take another if needed by mission - your car should be delivered to garage
- fully realistic car crash!
- limited weapons to carry, but ability to place them to the trunk
- circuit to race
- taxi cab to earn extra money
- more interactive world - ability to buy newspapers, drinks, anything what is selling, ability to use chairs and other stuff
- improved handling! especially on snow (if will be)
- A bit happier ending :)


-motorcycles -able to smoke -able to dual wield pistols -more clothing options -CLOTH PHYSICS FOR PS3!!!!! -more game interaction like newspapers, buses, taxis -less all out battles and more realistic mafia things like whacking people and dumping bodies -melee weapons -DLC's that follow character's pasts or futures -more options for cars and be able to buy them or steal them -be able to find a house for sale and buy the one you want - a good multiplayer that lets you rank up to unlock characters weapons and vehichles like red dead redemption multiplayer


- Open Ending (Or Free Roam mode...) - More interiors - Create Custom Weapon - Taxi - Less A-B Shoot B-A missions - Ships? Perhaps? - Realistic weapon carrying like in Mafia I, instead of GTA style carrying 500lb all at once - Flak jackets? - Buy and custom (maybe) safehouses - Car trunks are usable - Realistic Weapons (1928s should spit bullets much faster)


  • A new storyline.
  • 1965 to 1980
  • The main character is a Vietnam veteran and conscript into the U.S. Army.
  • Upon his honorable discharge from the Army the main character suffers PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). His views about the world and of communism changes rapidly.
  • Military Uniforms from the Vietnam war era (I.E. Class A and B Khaki Service Dress, Class A and B Service Dress, solid and tiger stripe BDU's.)
  • Antiwar protesters protesting the draft and the Vietnam War in front of Government Buildings.
  • The main character is a third or fourth generation Italian American.
  • The main character's father is Italian American and mother is either Irish Catholic, Polish Catholic, Ashkenazi Jew, African American, Mexican American, Asian American, or racially mixed with any combination.
  • Guido, Hippie, and Disco era fashions.
  • Odessey and Atari video gaming.
  • Lenny Bruce, Richard Prior, Bill Cosby, or George Carlin standup comedy.
  • Jet Airliners; Boeing 707,720,727,737,747, Sud Aviation Caravelle, DeHavilland Comet, Douglas DC-8, DC-9, DC-10, Lockheed L-1011, Airbus A300, Convair 880, and 990 Coronado.
  • American cars from 1955 to 1980.
  • AK-47's, M-16's, SKS's, M-14's, PPsH's, M1911's, Browning HP 35's, Marakov 9mm's, 44. magnums, .357 magnums, S&W M1917's Dragunov SVD's, etc.
  • Disco dance studios.
  • References from Woodstock, TGIF, Saturday Night Fever, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Trainspotting, "10", Cotton Comes to Harlem, Superfly, Foxy Brown, Taxi Driver, The Mack, Enter the Dragon, Airport, Mean Streets, The Godfather, Shaft, James Bond, Our man/ In like Flint, Austin Powers, A fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars more, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, The Thomas Crown Affair, Cheech and Chong, Serpico, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Groove Tube, Kentucky Fried Movie, Pretty Baby, Short Eyes, and A Clockwork Orange.
  • References from Sesame Street, Sanford and Sons, Taxi, All in the Family, Soul Train, American Bandstand, The Electric Company, Monty Python, Saturday Night Live, McMillan and Wife, and Three's Company.
  • Music from that time era; The Beatles, Alice Cooper, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, The Four Tops, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Tommy Roe, John Sebastian, Eric Clapton, The Ronettes, Lesley Gore, Grover Washington Jr., George Benson, The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Boney M., The Rolling Stones, Jean Knight, Stevie Wonder, etc.
  • Lounge music from the 60's and 70's as the theme music; I.E. Heinz Kiessling, Syd Dale, Horst Jankowski, Polish Radio Orchestra, Piero Umiliani, Vladimir Cosma, Alan Hawkshaw, Claude Bolling, etc.
  • Porno theatres and a red light district with what XXX rated movies being played.
  • Heroin, Cocaine, Marijuana, LSD, and Methamphetamines.
  • More radio stations.
  • More missions.
  • Current issues of the time; The Vietnam War, Watergate, Jonestown, Women's rights and Feminism, increasing divorce rates, the sexual revolution, the civil rights movement, the Oil embargo of 1973, political/police corruption, Roe vs. Wade, etc.
  • Girlfriends outside the Italian-American ethnicity.
  • Pimps dressed in 70's fashions and flashy clothes and driving a Lincoln Continental Mark IV Coupe or Cadillac Eldorado. Unchecked prostitution and child sexual trafficking.
  • Houses to buy and Apartments to rent; Tudor, Gothic, Colonial Revival, Classical Revival, International Style, Art Deco, French eclectic, Spanish Eclectic, bungalows, etc. Apartments units; Italianate, prefabricated, international style, etc.


  • My main concern is free roam and continuation after the end of the game without DLCs. It was really annoying having the game stop after killing Carlo Falcone at the end of Mafia II.
  • I hope it takes place in the 1960s and early 70s. That'd be swell.
  • As for the PC? Well, whatever 2K Czech wants to do, I'm OK. Well, as long as it's not some weird transvestite alien from Mars or something like that.
  • A wider range of weaponry. I personally felt the weapon variety in Mafia II was quite shallow, especially with non-auto rifle grip weapons, of which there is only three (K98, shotgun, M1) and it could've been much more diverse.
  • Assault rifles and sniper rifles. There could've been a friggin' bunch of these in Mafia II during the 1951 part of gameplay, but ah well. The potential for this in Mafia III is quite large - M16s, AK47s, AK74us, and the large variety of snipers.
  • More references to the large news of the world. I'm surprised there's no mention of any tension between Russia and the U.S. in Mafia II.
  • The ability to replay story missions by going to the location the mission started. c:
  • Please, please, please get Rockin' Ricky Fox off the air.
  • More character customization.
  • This may sound kinda GTA IV-ey, but the ability to fly planes and helicopters at the airport.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Well, it's the 60s, where the automobile industry was at it's best. There should be a shi- I mean shedload of awesome cars in Mafia III. As one guy said, a Mustang-like vehicle called the Smith Stallion, as well as more abroad cars - I think the only non-American Mafia II cars are the ISW 508 and Delizia Grandeamerica. Anyway, please some awesome sports cars/muscle cars/luxury cars, 2K Czech.
  • Oh, an idea for the protagonist - some badmule guy who came out of... actually, the whole Vietnam vet idea's already been said. Never mind. D:
  • Finally, I personally think you should make a definitive antagonist - nobody really knows who the main baddie is in Mafia I or II.


  • More cars
  • Continue the story of Vito Scaletta
  • Choices - Choices that affect the gameplay, such as somebody becoming your friend or enemy if you say something.
  • Ability to buy houses
  • Ability to buy cars
  • More clothes
  • Ability to join/leave crime families
  • Ability to climb the crime rank ladder

Wikia Visitor

Play with the Morrello family after Morello's death.


Mafia 2 missed out on so many opportunities to be a legendary gangster game. things i think Mafia 3 should have are; - Being able to roam around with a crew, about 2 people would be more than enough. For some missions should only allow one to give the game a bit more of a challenge.

- Extorting shops / businesses and a 2nd option to racketeer, things like Squeakeasys / brothels / black market etc.

- Being able to shoot out of the car. <-- easily the most annoying thing in the game.

- Fighting over territory should be a must in mafia 3, and when youve got territory you should be able to invest in it for hourly cash payouts or daily cash payouts.

- More guns & ability to dual wield pistols, also melee weapons would be handy, baseball bats / ice picks / knives.

- Customization of houses / shops / businesses, the more you invest into your house could increase your reputation or something? investing in shops / businesses could increase hourly / daily payouts and if you have something like an black market arms racket it could produce better firearms or special weapons.

- Definately need a crime ladder ranking and possibly a most wanted ranking.

- Maybe a good idea would be to have a story mission where you can choose to join a crime family or start your own and take over empire bay?

- Need more equippables in-game like body armor.

- Should have something like sending groups of gangsters off to do random tasks that could produce cash / narcotics / weapons and possibly special missions


  • Being able to destroy streetlights and other street-related objects that were indestructible in Mafia II
  • Story continues Mafia II's.
  • Multiplayer
  • Songs that are actually from the time period (There were 60s songs in 1944)
  • Cooler clothes
  • Crime ladder
  • More later

Paulie 289

  • I know it seems quite common to the wants of others, but I just want a plain good story with a good ending, not like that of mafia II where everybody is all sad and junk.
  • Some minigames and extra diversions, like that of saints row, except not too crazy. Still with some seriousness and possibly with some storyline characters.
  • Dating- Have your character able to do more with people than kill them. Let the protagonist talk and even date people, or even a snide remark before a bullet to an enemy's head is a nice touch.
  • Glitches- Add some more glitches, but not too many bugs. Try to keep the bugs out of cutscenes, but still add a few to free roam.
  • A sandbox mode where you can play the game with other people. A multiplayer mode of such with a leveling system with plenty of fun minigames, sort of like Red Dead Redemption, except set in a different environment.
  • Free Roam in between missions- I always hated how mafia II never gave me a break in between missions, except on a few like room service. Give us an awesome place to have free roam in the ending. I and others still want to play the game after the last chapter.
  • Plain and simple, I just want a better combat system.
  • Capability of storage of EVERY car.
  • I'd sort of either like it to take place in 1955 and go into the 1960's, but I would also appreciate a revelation of what happened in 1951 with Joe. Still keep some of the cars from the 50's in the 60's - present Add some hippies. I would also love to still play as Vito, as he was my favorite out of the series along with joe and francesca.
  • Have some more news broadcasted across Empire Bay, or the new city it is going to take place in, like local events, like if you just robbed a store, your name will appear on the radio after a song is over, and if you just went on a rampage, the dj will tell you to lock your doors and windows, or something equally fear-driven.
  • More accessible buildings and houses to live in. I want to be able to rent/buy houses, apartments, hotels, garages, etc
  • More clothing options, like the ability to at least remove a fedora from your suit or adjust the way you wear fatigues. Also more color options would do us all a favor.
  • More ways to customize cars, like spoilers, spare tires, ability to super-charge every car, v-8 engines, side-skirts, doors, convertible roofs, and much more.
  • Being able to repeat the missions in sandbox. I hated how I could only do the chapters in the main menu. I wanted a way to do the parts of the chapter that I wanted to do and not have to go through what the story was going to bombard me with.
  • I want more collectibles. I want more playboy magazines, more wanted posters, and I want them to be able to be found in the same place, regardless of it being in a mission or in free roam.
  • Be able to hang out and talk to your friends in free roam. Be able to call your friend or even a random pedestrian that you know in order to hang out or even date. Always a plus in my book.
  • Make storyline decisions, like siding with the greasers instead of capping Billy, like Joe.
  • Have everything in one disc. NONE of that DLC shit that you call fair.
  • More music, add some more music, and keep it in the timeframe. Add some of the beatle's early music, some elvis, more buddy holly and fats domino.
  • More cars
  • The ability to use melee weapons inside and outside of cutscenes and in free roam. When I think of the mafia, I automatically think of the baseball bat and the switchblade, however, you're never able to use these outside of cutscenes, which kind of disappointed me. Hopefully they will be added.
  • Last but not least, I want the storyline to be a bit funnier, instead of being too vague. Add some inside jokes, like mafia II and don't be afraid to nearly break the fourth wall.

A Crazy Fan that would more then love more stuff

What i'd love to see in Mafia III, would probably be something similiar to The Godfather 2 game, where you could pretty much be a boss to a "small" group.. Something by the lines of:

  • Story choices, what exact choice the player goes through, the choice would affect the story like siding with different people/Family..(if needed, then affect the story alot like killing some major characters that would have some big placing.Like Eddie in Mafia II..) Appearing in 1950's - 1970's?
  • Ability, to be a Capo Regime or something like, going up the family's tree, doing missions for the Family, meaning to get promoted higher up. At which point sometime, as in Mafia I, the main boss could ge attacked, and you may-be selected to be the next boss (although that would probably suck, since the game would after this turn into a real-time strategy time thingy.. Although, adding something like that in might have some really cool effects)
  • Ability to (as in Godfather 1 & 2 games) rob/take businesses, rackets etc, rob-able houses.
  • Surely more vehicles.
  • More music..
  • Ability to sometimes help out somewhere (Like at the start of Mafia II, where the car could be repaired, if waited long enough for the conversation to be over)
  • More clothes, and fully customizable clothing-
  • More story lines..I'm sure alo of people would love to see different perspectives, or the exact story lines for some characters (Lets say, Vito's story, then Joe's, or even characters from Mafia I like the mechanic guy Lucas?)
  • Buyable houses, cars, or even thugs to sometime maybe help you out/do something for you?
  • The ability, to call someone in to help, like calling through the phonebooth and getting a car, special gun dealer meeting, some bodyguards, friends..
  • CERTAINLY NOT ANOTHER CALL OF DUTY. Would LOVE to see alot of story evolving, not just the thing "Ignore story, im gonna shoot"
  • Ability to shoot from cars
  • Special occasions, random occasions. As: Other type of family (jewish, russian etc) wants to take over your business/house/kill your friends/mademen and have sended their men to business/house
  • Ability to (if the family ranking system was to be added in) call in dealings with the other families, like supplies of drugs, which you could send some men to sell them, buy/sell Alcoholic drinks from other families, to supply bars etc, (this would surely give alot of the RTS/RPG feeling, which could be really used good as the game would have alot of different factors, no just the "shoot everyone" thing as Mafia I and II had, so it got boring when no doing anything..
  • Fully co-op Multiplayer, where the there would be maximum of 4 players.
  • Purchasing random properties, paying bills...
  • Side missions, long story missions, maybe the "You need enough of to do this misson" thing? I'm sure it could get annoying, but would force the players to actually do something, and not just drive from point A to point B..
  • Ability to choose between Stealth and "Rambo-ing" which some could be more effective at some points in the game..
  • NO DAMN FAST-TRAVELING SYSTEM.(Only if Subway system/taxi system was to be added in) If here would be fast-traveling it would get REALLY boring REALLY SOON.
  • If new characters, ability to fully customize face/body ....
  • Mafia I weapon system (5 pistols, 1 big gun at most.. for the more realism feel)
  • Realistic weapons, as the 1928 should fire really fast..
  • Dual wielding..If possible, DUAL WIELDED 1928'S. *heavy voice:LIKE A DAMN BEAST!!*
  • Sliding ability (Slide on cars, behind cover etc)
  • Cover system
  • Weather changes that could be announced on the radio, some inside jokes that would be on the radio, like the people talking to each other, ability to call in the radio.....
  • Different cities, going from one city to another, protecting rackets etc (Like in The Godfather II game..LOVED THE GAME :3)
  • Ability to buy random stuff at shops.. Ciggarettes, food, drinks..........
  • Spiced up difficulties, i feel that Mafia II was easier on Hard then on Easy (I'm serious.)
  • Possible talking with any character in the game, ability to persuade them to do something, puting pressure on them, so they'd give you money..
  • Ablity to tell your followers to drive / give them random orders. (Go back to the compound, drive, help me ......................)
  • Choice of melee weapons for stealh purposes (grabbing a random rock off of the ground, throwing dirt into peoples faces etc..)
  • On HIGH graphical details, be able to see bullet holes in walls, dead bo
  • Randomized thoughs of followers, so they could tell the player an advice, a story on a long drive, tell them to F off....
  • Building up your own family (Wife,Children.. as the story progresses which they could get kidnapped from different Families for cash, deliveries of drugs and options to just kill the people, or do what they say...)
  • If not doing anything, ablity to free-roam with an live-city with random events (Police system, where they wouldnt go only after the player, but also after random people that break the law, traffic rules....)
  • Have gangsters walking around the streets, for relationship purposes with different families ...

User:III Tyga III

  • Modernized
  • Gang factions exa. Irish, Chinese, Russian, etc.
  • Gameplay as the boss, bodyguards, drug deals, shootouts, peace treaty's, etc.
  • More guns
  • More customization
  • Optional Changing families (Vinci's to Falcone's)
  • Expanded free roam
  • Longer story, and more optional things like; You can choose different choices for different families / people, like missions for Vinci, missions for Joe, etc.


  • Be able to chose your job during the chapters
  • More modern. 1980/90's era

Yellow Ledbetter

  • Free Roam;
  • Do not change police system. It is more real the way they approach and killing an officer solve the problem, without that unreal infinite chase that only ends with the player going away;
  • More interaction with the city and citizens (short missions, prostitutes, merchants);
  • Do not remove the open stores and put it into indoor places. Keeping them open and connected with the street will still be better (except for places where the player should have security);
  • More weapons, including melee, like knifes;
  • Even though aiming on PS3 is easier then I thought, it would be better to have the duo L1+R1 to aim and shoot;
  • Cars more malleable. Sometimes driving is dangerous when we talk about the damage on the player;
  • Less driving missions;
  • Time of the story: It could be shortly after Mafia II, with some returning characters; A good time ahead, but in a crime family or situation directly influenced by a character from previous game; If not in 50's or 60's, the 90's would do good if they get the same approach that Godfather III did.

Mafia Fanboy

Possible continuation of Vito's storyline:

  • Return of Vito and serving under Vinci's command, but against his will;
  • With Falcone's death, the family loses its status and Vinci Crime Family becomes thet most powerful of the city. Vito is marked to death by remaining Falcone members;
  • Return of Joe Barbaro, who managed to escape the Vinci's trap after the agreement with the Triads;
  • Vito's revenge on Vinci, even against Leo, after Joe's assassination attempt;
  • Foundation of Scaletta Crime Family. This is when the decade could change and leaving space for a new protagonist in a possible MAFIA IV

- Longer storyline (30 long missions will be enough) - Side missions,but not too many - Set in late 50,early 60 - multiplayer - new protagonist and city - have at least 1 mission where you find out what happend to Vito and Joe - bikes,planes,boats - more weapons,melee weapons - full customisation of your character - many choices you have to make - at least 2 endings - ability to viesit Lost Heaven and Empire Bay - freeride mode ofc - more city interaction in general


  • It should take place in Las Vegas, but not just strictly in the strip; the surroundings around it should be visited, too.
  • The years it should take place in vary. It should either be the early 50s or mid 70s. If it’s THE Las Vegas, it should take place in the 70s-very early 80s, so as to showcase the true neon life of the city (back in the 50s, Las Vegas wasn’t really a big and flashy city). If it’s a fictional counterpart, then it can take place in the 50s and showcase the full city as it is today, so it doesn’t have to worry about how big it was for historical accuracy. Still, however, I’d like to see a 70s mafia setting.
  • Make the world MUCH more intractable and alive with activity; especially with a city like Las Vegas. Mafia 2’s was pretty dead when compared to other open world games.
  • Side missions
  • Melee weapons; bat, knife, brass knuckles, lead pipe.
  • Tone down the difficulty; even on easy Mafia 2 was pretty tough. Now, I’m not saying that I don’t like a good challenge. All I’m saying is that open world games are meant for exploration, and I died way too many times in Mafia 2 just trying to do that. It also takes away some fun that you’re a made man in the freaking mafia!...and you die within only a couple of bursts of fire.
  • For that matter, and I’m pretty sure anyone would agree to this, no health damage when crashing in a car.
  • The player should be given contract kills.
  • Every casino is accessible.
  • More gore. Mafia 2’s violence could have easily passed for a “T” rating.
  • Everyone else’s ideas of taking over businesses, extorting, managing, etc. If anyone has ever played “The Godfather, The Game”, then they should have a good idea of the concept.
  • Also like the Godfather Game, rival families should be presented in a similar way. In Mafia 2, being chased and shot by only the cops in free roam got a little boring when you should be doing the same things with rival families.
  • None of this “free roam by chapters” stuff. It was quite a questionable design to me. If people like replaying missions, then the game should do what “Sleeping Dogs” did; offer the mission replays through the menu.
  • A nonlinear story would be nice.
  • Sandbox open world!


- I think a family ranking system should be implemented such as maybe 8 or 9 ranks. I think the ranks Mafia 3 should have is...

Enforcer Made Man Associate Soldier Caporegime Underboss Consigliore Don's Assistant and finally Don

- Once you reach the Don rank, the people in the city respect you a lot more and if you are in your family's controlled area, the men there shall protect you. But you can dismiss them by pressing a button or hotkey such as Up-Dpad for Xbox and PS3/PS2, and Q for PC.

- New cop behaviors. There should be 6 wanted levels now such as... ★ – The police want to fine you, check your vehicle, or pull you over. ★★ – The police want to arrest you or bring you in for questioning. ★★★ – Police are responding to your position with weapons to arrest you but will not shoot you unless you shoot them. ★★★★ – The police will shoot you on sight with pistols, magnums, and revolvers. ★★★★★ - You are now Most Wanted. The police will shoot you with automatic weapons, shotguns and rifles. ★★★★★★ – Federal agencies, the police and the military are now after you and will kill you. No mercy.

If you shoot a cop while not wanted, your wanted meter automatically rises to Level 3. ★★★. If you kill a cop while not wanted, your wanted meter rises to Level 4. ★★★★.

- New cop jobs and ranks. I think new cop ranks should be added into Mafia 3. There should be police ranks with different jobs as this would give the game a whole new level of realism.

Officer – Patrols around in cars similarly to the cops from Mafia 2 that you would see everywhere.

Corporal – Patrol around in cars with officers but look different, wear a black uniform instead of blue, and have more hitpoints.

Sergeant – Patrol around in unmarked and undercover black cars, usually with higher ranking police officers.

Lieutenant – An officer of the police. Patrol on the streets and have a lot more hitpoints. They also look different and wear a blue officer’s uniform similar to what officers wear in the United States Military. If you kill one, your wanted level raises to level 5. ★★★★★.

Captain – A second officer in the police. They do not wear police caps, and they have a white officer’s jacket with awards and stuff like that. They are armed with powerful S&W 44. Magnums and they have a ton of more hitpoints. At least 6 shots with a small revolver. If you kill one, your wanted level also rises to level 5. ★★★★★.

Major – An uncommon sight in the city. They patrol around in black cars that are unmarked. Kill one, you’re screwed. Level 6 for you. ★★★★★★. They have a shitload of hitpoints, about 8 hits with a small revolver and 4 with a pistol and magnum.

Chief – The chief of police. There can be side missions to kill the Chief of Police in the police station, and you can get a lot of money for it. If you kill the Chief, your level will rise to level 6. ★★★★★★.

- Melee Weapons. Such as bats, knives, table legs, shanks and other things. Melee weapons will do more damage in a fight than just your plain fists. A knife would probably be the most powerful melee weapon.

- Hostage Situations. You can go into a shop and demand money and hold the people inside hostage. Once the cops arrive you can threaten them to drop their weapons or you will shoot, and stuff like that.

- Police stations and being able to enter them and steal a police outfit. Once you steal a police outfit, you can also take a car and not have a wanted level or license plate. If you kill another cop or a civilian with the cop outfit on, the cops will shoot you and your level will rise to level 4. ★★★★. However, if you kill a gangster, the cops won’t turn on you.

- Holding a guy with a gun like in Hitman and Splinter Cell. You can come up behind anybody with a one-handed weapon such as a revolver, pistol, magnum, etc… and kick them in the ass, stunning them, then you grab them and walk around with them. If police see you, they will drop their weapons, but if you shoot one of them, they will try to pick up their weapons, and shoot you. Once in a while, the hostage may try to escape, and you must press a button sequence to grab them again or a shorter sequence to execute them. When holding a hostage, you can press a button to either shoot the hostage in the head, or knock them out non-lethally. Knocking them out will create less sound and may not attract police in the area.

- Ability to use taxis and busses. I really can’t explain this very well.

- Once you pass the rank Caporegime, you can have a variety of guards protecting you at times and it increases with higher ranks (Capo - 2, Underboss - 4, Consigliere - 6, Don - 12, etc...)

- Joe and Vito in the 60's and 50's since Mafia 2 ended in 1953 (i think).

- FREE ROAM! Yes, everyone wants it. Freeroam or "Mafia Mode", "Mercanary Mode" or anything with a nice name that means Freeroam.

- More missions! We need this especially. 15 chapters was far too short, so in Mafia 3 there should be at least 35. 50 or 60 at most. - More cars and maybe an airport.

- Robbing different places (Stores, homes, hotels, family compounds) and taking what you like.

- Entrance granted to the Family mansions. In Mafia 2, there was Leo Galante's house, Vinci Mansion, Clemente Mansion and the Falcone Mansion, but you could only enter Vinci and Galante during one mission only. I think that entrance to mansions and compounds should be enabled throughout the whole game. I'm not talking about the Godfather, where you go into a mansions basement, plant a bomb, then leave quickly. I mean just for aesthetic purposes, just for show. No bombing or anything like that.

- More gangs and families. It makes sense to have only 3 families and like 10 gangs.

- DIFFERENT NPC MODELS! Holy crap, it’s weird seeing the same guy at every shop! That same old man… The new mafia should have different NPC models for different people, such as higher-ranked Mafia members.

- A news radio station. Keep the regular 3 or 4 but add a News radio station called “(City Name) News”. After a mission, a reporter or anchorman should say what happened.


- The story with Vito continues (Mafia II). - Main city is Empire Bay but charter can go to other cities (by airplane or boat) - Apart from the missions there should be other missions, when you do them the story doesn't continue, it's just to get some cash. And have some people (like Bruski in Mafia II), which give missions. - Grow inside the family and being able to chose a family (Enforcer, Associate Soldier, Caporegime, Underboss, Consigliore and Don) and when you have your own crew being to able to dress them so they seem yours and tasking a member of your crew to kill someone or collect money from a racket. - More gangs and families. - Being able to extort shops and create fronts for illegal businesses such as, illegal card games, prostitution and loan sharking. Then being able to collect weekly payments from these businesses. - Being able to own several shops, bars... - Hotels and motels. And own them so you get extra income. - Being able to buy a ground and build something (shop, house, club, bar, hotel, motel...) - Being able to buy houses, cars, boats (no planes). - Buy a house on the hill (like Leo Galante or Greco). - More vehicle customization - Being able to enter all shops. - Being able to go into more buildings. Such as police stations, hospitals, auto dealers... - Being able to buy things at the mall. - Interact with more characters. - Ability to rob banks. - Ability to rob houses. You can sneak around, or you can go in, guns a-blaze. - Less police. - Being able to shop food, furniture. - Public transport (taxi's, buses, trains). - Go to a tailor and customize clothing and shoes. - Hand to hand weapons (knifes, bats, crowbars...). - Real hospital in town (having to get there for above yellow injuries). - Having the need to eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner: affecting health if not) - Being able to sneak into the Police Station (Risky stuff), stealing a police suit, and stealing a police car. From a view in the car, you look like a normal police officer. Turning on your sirens will make other cars go to the side of the road, and you are not wanted unless you do something stupid while wearing it. The suit should stay in your wardrobe, but the car should not stay in your garage. - Going to the barber. - Going to the bank. - Hotels and motels. - Becoming tired and needing sleep. - Accessible subway system. - Jumping out of the car while it's moving should be possible, but cause some damage. - More things in the city to interact with, like buying a hot dog or getting a shoeshine, buy a newspaper.

Mafia II was great, very real, great graphics, nice story. Much better detailed than GTA.


Mafia II was great. One of my favorite games. If they keep the sequiel the same with changed storyline and few additions it will be magnificient.

In my opinion these things were missing from the last game.

  • Purchasable properties - like houses, cars, businesses, etc.
  • Clubs
  • More clothes; More expensive costumes
  - You need to spend your money somewhere, right? 
  • Longer storyline
  • Banks (deposit/withdraw)
  - robbing banks
  • Side missions
  • Create your own criminal familiy
  - within the storyline, after it or in different mode/dlc, doesn't matter. 
  - recruit members
  - fight for territories/areas
  • Bribery, racketeering аnd extortion
  - You can get connections in the police with bribes and extortions
  - racketeering local shopers, small gangs, etc. 
  • Respect meter
  - A meter that shows how much respected and knows you are
  - It will afect persuating and intimidating skills. The higher the level the easier is to bribe or racketeere. 
  - It will be dynamic - people will react differently to you actions whether you are aggressive(killing everyone) or more polite mob. 
  - It will be perfect addition for your own family. 
  • Taking a cab
  • Hair and beard changing - that way you will be more involved with the character.
  • If the action is set between the mid 60s and late 70s we will be able to see some of the american classic muscle cars which will be awesome. But the game may lose the old-style-mob feel from the 50s.


I loved mafia 2 but after the story was over you couldnt do much afterwords besides start the story all over again.I´d suggest making besides the story an online map where there would be players own criminal mafias,territories and mafia wars,also like restaraunts or something like that for the mafias to buy.inside the mafia there would be 1.The creator(the main mafia boss who decides most of the stuff in the mafia) 2.The mafia bosses who would be accepted to the mafia like in mafia 2. 3.One rank below the mafia bosses the ones who lead some of the mafia bosses groups and has his own group. 4.The lowest of the low in the mafia,the ones who belong in the groups of the people who are below mafia bosses,they get the dirty work. There also could be a list of jobs that could be handed ingame such as robbing a bank,killing someone,getting documents,buying and selling drugs etc. It could work like the mafia bosses would get the biggest cut of any job of course like robbing a bank.The creator could give the mafia bosses jobs or tasks that they would have to do specifically but besides that the mafia bosses could give out there own jobs for the below.The ones who would lead the groups would do whatever job the mafia boss gives but besides that they could do small jobs besides that but they wouldnt give much money from those little jobs,the lowest of the low the rookies could only do the jobs that the mafia bosses gives them,either that or they would start there own mafia.When mafia wars start,the reward for the winners should be territory,the loser would lose territory and money and power.there could be loads of like houses,restaraunts and shops for territories that they would have to capture or destroy to capture the territory,and each kill would give an extra point for the war.Also the big mafias could force the little mafias to be under there control,do there dirty work and such and if they wouldnt follow orders they would take there territory away.It would be good too if You can kill the police chief, replacing with your own corrupted and supported candidate of police chief, (by the next selection of new Police chief in regional area).It give you the support of police, regardless who you kill. Civillians or mafias. Until the Police Chief retire, or caught of corruption (which you have made the heat too much for the police chief too handle).Compound should be more complex, and designable, such as The Sims 3.It would be good if the cities and the looks would stay in the 40`s-50`s,thats that gives the game such a good feeling.


There should be more stores to be robbed, in Mafia II you can only rob 4 kinds of stores. There should also be a limit for cars you can store in your garage, and you shouldn't have starting cars. You should also have to buy all your clothes.


  • Whatever you do, keep the same writers :)
  • More customization, especially outfits, helps with immersion.
  • Buy stuff to personalize home
  • More interactions with other characters outside missions
  • Please please please keep it single player, and internet connection NOT required to play!
  • Would enjoy ranking up.
  • Side activities, not really open world kinda stuff but more like everyday life in fantasy-mafia
  • Mafia 2 felt more like an interactive story/simulation than a shooting game. LOVED IT!!! Hope it will be the same in the next game.

Really looking forward to Mafia 3! WOOOHOOO!


  • Continue storyline from Mafia II set in 1960's to 1970's
  • Need side jobs
  • New Main Protagonist but still connected to Mafia I and II
  • New Guns
 - S&W Model 29 44 Magnum
 - M1918 BAR
 - Colt M16
 - AK-47
 - M14
 - Remington 700 Rifle
 - Ingram Mac 10
 - Remington 1100 Auto Shotgun
 - Walther PPK/S Silenced
  • Keep the Colt M1911A1
  • More Cars
   Chevrolet (Shubert)
    -1960's Chevrolet Impala (Just like someone said Shubert Gazelle)
    -1960's Chevrolet Camaro (Just like someone said Shubert Carrero)
    -1960's Chevrolet C-10 (Shubert C-4 Pickup)
    -1960's Chevrolet Corvette C2 (Shubert Frigate SE)
    -1960's Chevrolet Bel Air (Shubert Beverly Grande)
   Ford (Smith)
    -1960's Ford Galaxie (Smith Orion)
    -1960's Ford Mustang (Just like someone said Smith Stallion)
    -1960's Ford Fairlane (Smith Mainline)
   Cadillac (Lassiter)
    -1960's Cadillac Fleetwood (Lassiter Hollywood)
    -1960's Cadillac De Ville (Lassiter El Diablo)
    -1960's Cadillac Eldorado (Lassiter Desperado)
   Plymouth (Portman)
    -1960's Plymouth Valiant (Portman Valiant)
   Buick (Berkley)
    -1970's Buick Wildcat (Berkley Bobcat)
    -1970's Buick Skylark (Berkley Kingfisher)
   Jeep/AMC (Walter)
    -1960's Jeep Wagoneer (Walter 4x4 Wagon)
    -1970's Jeep CJ-5 (Walter Utility SX)
    -1960's AMC AMX (Walter Sport)
    -1970's AMC Javelin (Walter Rocket)
    -1970's AMC Matador (Walter ?)
   Chrysler/Dodge (Culver)
    -1960's Chrysler New Yorker (Culver Empire)
    -1960's Chrysler Imperial (Culver Royale)
    -1960's Dodge Monaco (Culver Monte Carlo)
    -1960's Dodge Polara (Culver Polaris)
    -1960's Dodge Charger R/T (Culver Daytona)
    -1960's Dodge Power Wagon (Culver 4x4 Pickup)
   Pontiac (Potomac)
    -1970's Pontiac Le Mans (Potomac De La Sarthe)
    -1960's Pontiac Firebird (Potomac Redhawk)
    -1960's Pontiac Catalina (Potomac Caroline)
   Porsche (Proton)
    -1960's Porsche 356 B (Proton 348 C)
    -1970's Porsche 911 (Proton 912)
 DLC Cars
   Superfast America
    -1968 Shelby GT500 KR (Smith Stallion GT)
    -1966 Ford Fairlane 427 (Smith Mainline Cobra)
    -1969 Pontiac GTO Judge (Potomac GSX Judge) 
    -1969 Dodge Charger Daytona R/T (Culver Daytona Aero)
    -1970 Dodge Challenger R/T (Culver Challenge)
    -1970 Buick GSX Stage 1 (Berkley Kingfisher GTR)
    -1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda (Portman Barracuda)
    -1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (Shubert Carrero SS)
    -1970 Pontiac Firebird T/A (Potomac Redhawk GT)
    -1970 AMC Rebel Machine (Walter Barricade)
  Luxury Sports
    -1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 (Shubert Gazelle Z11)
    -1965 Ford Galaxie 500 427 (Smith Orion 500)
    -1961 Facel-Vega Excellence (Johann-Veneno Excellcior)
    -1961 Facel-Vega HK500 (Johann-Veneno DH500)
    -1967 Ferrari Daytona (Delizia 365 Grandeamerica)
    -1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage (Ashton-Villa XD5 Sport)
    -1964 Jaguar E-Type 4.2 Litre (Panther XJ-R 4.2 Litre)
    -1965 Rolls-Royce Phantom V (Rome-Royal Ghost) 
    -1966 Ford GT40 (Smith Gran Turismo)
    -1968 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 427 (Shubert Frigate Manta)
    -1966 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (Smith Super Snake)
    -1968 Lamborghini Miura (Ferruccio Torino)
    -1965 Ferrari 250LM Stradale Speciale (Delizia 250 Fiorano)
    -1973 Lotus Europa Special (Locus Americano)
    -1966 Porsche 906 Carrera 6 (Proton 907/6 Le Mans)
  • Add new comercial vehicles like trains, planes and boat.
  • Add countryside again just like first Mafia
  • New Feature: If you successfully escape through town border, police from the town where you get chased cannot chase you.

I don't have an account

-The game should take place between 1951 and 1965 -Joe needs to survive -Player can have his own family, just like in Godfather 2 The Game -Player can have his own Rackets -More cars, radio stations, houses etc. -Side Missions -AVAILABLE ON WINDOWS XP!!! - Most important!


If they do make this game, here's some stuff they should throw in -take place in the 1970's -Put in some other weapons like knifes, baseball bats, crowbars, etc. -New graphics, in Mafia II the graphics were decent -Put Vito and Joe in again, this time with Jimmy as an ally -Put on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 - Have free roam, since in the game, there wasn't any free-roam - Have a much longer story. - Control your own gang, like be a Crime gangster or a street Gangster, The street Gangster should be recruited into the Mafia like Vito and Joe were. -Last thing, ADD MULTIPLAYER.


My ideal Mafia III:

  • Continue the story since the point were Mafia II ended.
  • More chapters than in Mafia II (at least 20).
  • If there are two settings in time, at least one of them set in the 1950s (if not, the sensation of that time when mafia gangsters dressed in suits and hats would be lost).
  • Huge map. If the game continues the story of Mafia II, Empire Bay would have to be part of the map of Mafia III. It would be great that the map has Empire Bay plus a new city (or Lost Heaven), an airport, a military base, the wilderness (with hills and mounts) and few small localities.
  • Recording option. An option to record the gameplay and later edit the shots to create your own action scenes.
  • Abilities to jump and swim.
  • Ability to shoot from vehicles.
  • Ability to exit vehicles while on movement.
  • Diamond Motors shops available.
  • Legal jobs available.
  • More skins for the citizens and cops (including the ones of Mafia II).
  • A percentage of probabilities of gangsters on the street to commit a crime (percentage varies depending on the district's insecurity).
  • Decorative fire stations to make the cities more realistic.
  • Important buildings enterable (such as observatories, main hospitals, main hotels, police stations, malls, the most important brands' headquarters, the most important compounds and skycrapers. When they are skycrapers, at least available access to the main first floors, the elevators and the top floors).
  • More realistic facts (for example: in Mafia II it is stated that Empire Bay has 7 million inhabitants but not even 700 thousand could live in that space; it is more believable that it has 70 thousand).
  • A driving skill data on the game statistics that depends on several criteria.
  • Anyone can be killed by being hit by any vehicle, not only the player's one.
  • Thin trees fall down and electricity posts are broken out as well as the light posts if hit by a vehicle (anyone's).
  • More variety of weapons (sniper rifles, bazookas, light machine guns).
  • Accesories for weapons (silencer, extended mags, etc.).
  • Higher limmits of ammunition.
  • Almost all the verandas can be broken with vehicles.
  • Free-roam mode for all the platform editions.
  • More real-life police tactics during car chases.
  • Non-repetitive action music during gunfights and car chases while free-roaming.
  • Longer gunfights and car chases on the story.
  • More vehicle jumping spots.
  • A release for the seventh generation consoles as well as it will be for the eighth generation ones and Windows.
  • Check the glitches when the game is supposedly finished and fix them before releasing it.

Please do not forget to consider Empire Bay and the 1950s decade. Even $69.99 would be a small price to pay for the game.


  • Longer Story.
  • Side missions please.
  • Larger Map.
  • More realistic mafia related ways to win money on the side such as Drug Dealing, Gambling, Assassination, Robbing banks or houses and others.
  • More things to spend money on, such as houses, vehicles, and maybe even bussines.
  • A history about a Don and how he became the Don.(maybe).
  • Melee Weapons.
  • I want to have the "mafia feeling", and by that i mean doing mafia-like activities. For that reason there is no need for bazookas and that kind of thing.
  • Even more realistic police behavior, the police behavior in mafia II was very good and i expect them to improve it.
  • if i let's you take control of a Don (like i already said), it would be nice to add some "tycoon" elements such as "omerta city of gangters".

Mafia Fans

---> Longer Story and Joe Survive.


A whole new story of a Sicilian immigrant coming to America in the 1920s or 30s (in Empire Bay or Lost Heaven or a new city) and starting his own small rackets and buisnesses. Making acquaintance with a man who will become the protagonist's right hand man for years to come. His other friends join his gang and they get others to join. The protagonist gains respect from his neighbourhood and attracts attention to other mobsters which causes vendetta on controlling turf and buisnesses. All leads to mob wars and the protagonist gains recognition from the other crime families and police in the city - which leads to him establishing his family and putting them on the map. He rules as Don while his best friend aids him as underboss or consigliere. The story is basically about an immigrants rise to power and becoming one of the greatest crime bosses of the city. This could be associated to the future Mafia IV. It's kind of like Don Corleone's story in Godfather 2.


- Long story - Being able to buy houses/mansions, cars and a variety of customizable clothing - Controlling/taking over turf, buying buisnesses/fronts, buying/running casinos, cathouses, property estates, docks - Collecting cuts from your capos and soldiers - Having a wife and even a child(ren) - Realistic police - Free roam - Side missions - Multiplayer - Hunger after every few hours and more realistic eating and drinking - Having your own police chief who turns a blind eye for a weekly cut of your profits - Having lawyers and judges, bribing FBI - Able to buy cigarettes and cigars and able to smoke at anytime - Melee weapons - Being driven around in a limo and having soldiers around you wherever you go - Being able to gamble - Being able to rob cargo - Performing ceremonies of associates getting made (maybe) - drug trafficking - Being able to buy furniture and customize your house/mansion (like the Scarface game) - Getting your soldiers to do your dirty work like bank robbery, extorting buisnesses, mob wars, robbing cargo and hits


- SUPER-DUPER RP :) (Role-Playing) - Free Roam - Longer story, NO CHAPTERS - Able to buy apartments/houses/mansions(for reasonable prices), buying businesses. - Extortion of rackets and fronts - Crime rings - Getting Married(choices of wives), Having Children. - Multiplayer - Realistic lifestyle, getting hungry, needing to use the bathroom(irrelevant)..ect - Bribing police, FBI..ect - Legal connections (Lawyers, Judges) - Rising up in a family, or having one of your own - Smoking Cigars, Cigarets, drugs - Drug Trafficking - Customizing your home(s) - Ceremonies for "getting made"

- Set in late 50s - early 70s - Better music:eg, The Beatles..ect - Able to travel the world


- Either set in Las Vegas during the 70s, or Florida during the 80s.


I've just seen an article with rumoured location (Louisiana) and character descriptions; reading it has got me very excited for Mafia 3 Born in Louisiana, Mixed race - African American/Caucasian, Early 20s, 6', Bouncer's build - broad, not cut. An orphan in the racially segregated South who rises to criminal prominence after returning home to Louisiana from war. Having been an outsider to both white and black society, Franklin is fiercely loyal to those he considers "family." He is both street-smart and strong. Disciplined and imposing, confident yet guarded, Franklin knows how to get a job done at any cost...

[TONY] Born in Louisiana, Italian, Early 30s, Thin, Immaculately dressed and groomed. A genius with numbers and statistics who runs sports betting operations in Louisiana. Tony is not your typical gangster. Meticulous and organized, Tony is more concerned about numbers and profit than people. On the surface, Tony appears quiet and socially awkward, but in reality he is more than capable of inflicting violence on anyone who disrupts his bottom line. Tony doesn't fear people; he simply does not understand or like them.

[MICKEY] Born in Louisiana, Italian, Late Teens/Early 20s, Average build. A young street hustler who likes to run his mouth, Mickey likes to talk big on the streets, but when push comes to shove, he can't back it up. Mickey has a bad habit of taking credit for bigger jobs and making himself seem higher up in the criminal ladder than he really is. When confronted with this, he reverts back to the scared teenager he really is.

I am hoping that because there are 3 character profiles that have been rumoured that 2K are heading in the direction of the multi-protagonist feature like in GTA VI. I really believe that this would make such a good gaming experience for Mafia III; especially if the actions of one character could really effect what happens for another. Considering the that game is most certainly going to be released on the next generation consoles I would rather wait longer and get and absolutely epic game instead of a rushed game that does not live up to expectations.

WISHLIST 1. LONGER STORYLINE - As much as I love the storyline in Mafia II; it was just too short. I mean I could complete the game in a good few hours if I played it non-stop. However I hope that if making the storyline longer for Mafia III 2K MUST ensure that they keep the same level of quality in the whole story and their cinematics.

2. Creating Your Own Criminal Empire - What is the most notorious thing about the Mafia? THEIR CRIMINAL EMPIRES!! Al Capone had Bootlegging, "Bugsy" Siegel had gambling and "Lucky" Luciano had prostitution. Why shouldn't the characters in Mafia III get their fair share of the action? I truly believe that this would be the cherry on top if the cake for Mafia III and would help it become THE best Mafia/Gangster game ever created. Mafia III should take the extortion used in the 1st Godfather game; but bring it into the next generation of gaming. Finally on this point... Would it not be good to have a car-full of Gangsters, armed with Tommy Guns to spray a rival families business with bullets forcing them to close up shop to make repairs. But please; if this were to happen PLEASE don't incorporate "Crime Rings" like in The Godfather 2 video game. (Possibly the most annoying feature on any game created)

3. More Realistic Cities/Towns/Pedestrians - This point is pretty self explanatory; the city need to be busier with a higher number of people. We have to remember that the Mafia rose to power in America when a huge number of people were migrating over from Europe; certain areas need be dirty with large groups confined into a small place. I may just be speaking for myself with this; but we're in the 21st century now and with a game like this I need to see realism for a game to really appeal to me. As for the pedestrians themselves they just need to be more realistic with everything; their behaviour, movements and just to seem like they are human and not robots.

4. Higher Levels of Customisation/Realism/Extra Features - Keeping this point simple: - Hair and beards. - Custom Clothing... No Gangster wore clothes found on the rack; they had their suit tailor made by the best tailors in the city. - Purchasing Cars: Not even the toughest wise guy stole a new car every time they left their house - Larger Collection of Weapons: Now I'm not a weapons enthusiast so I'm not entirely sure but I could bet my last Dollar that their were more weapons back then than that was given to us in Mafia II. Also... PLEASE can we have some melee weapons? I talking Knives, Cleavers, Hammers, 2X4's, Baseball Bats, Shovels, Snooker Cues, Golf Clubs; hell throw in a Screwdriver in their for Pete's sake. The Mafia were not nice guys; again I'm going for realism here. Imagine what would be better than trying to acquire a business as a front for one of your "off the books" operations and when the store owner does not comply... Break his leg with a baseball bat? Smash his hand with a hammer... even cut his ear off with a knife!

Hope people agree with this, leave a comment if you do agree or even disagree. I would love to see what others would like to see from 2K and MAFIA III


  • have more locations
  • do jobs if you have no main missions
  • more missions
  • more weapons
  • custom soundtrack
  • offline mulitplayer
  • melee weapons
  • character customization like GTA V (Clothes, Hairstyle...)
  • rackets, warehouses, hubs, compounds, like godfater 1, not godfather II
  • 2 or more playable characters, like GTA V
  • Save games outside missions.
  • dynamite, bombs, etc.
  • weapon upgrades like Godfather 1
  • girlfriends, like GTA San Andreas or GTA 4
  • to be on next-gen (Xbox one, PS4, Wii-U), current gen (X360, PS3) and PC
  • swimming
  • more mafia families.
  • the abillity to choose your mafia.
  • mob wars
  • free DLCs like in GTA 5, and non-free DLC like Mafia II
  • more ope-world gameplay
  • player to have more impact in the storyline
  • robing banks outside missions
  • hired crew
  • the abillity to choose an ending (2 to 5)
  • buy safehouses
  • Vito Scalleta to be a major character (or why not, a playable one)
  • bribing cops and FBI guys, like The Godfather
  • Favor missions
  • the abillity to choose a personal vehicle, you'll have all the game (like Franklin's Buffalo in GTA V)
  • the abillity to help and be helped by another family in a mob war
  • more activities to do outside the mission (dating a girlfriend, drink, play basketball, go to nightclubs)


  • Side-missions would be cool. (Some variety and more interaction with the game.)
  • No GPS route to the mission (just the objectives). Because it's annoying and not anyone will directly go to the objective.
  • A new protagonist and plot. I don't think there's any reason to do a direct sequel for Mafia II.
  • Some minigames (bowling; shooting range; race[?]; assassinations[?]; pool; golf[?]; gambling [poker, BJ, liar's dice[?], horse race, etc.]; darts; and better lockpicking. So the game won't get boring.
  • Multiple warehouses/safehouses to buy. It would add some diversity.
  • Unlockable secret outfits or vehicles. It would raise interaction.
  • No real city for the game. For obvious reasons.
  • Motorcycles. More vehicles.
  • The ability to buy vehicles.
  • No planes. Because there is no need.
  • No boats. Same as before.
  • More outfits.
  • More places to interact with.
  • More weapons.
  • No launch for Wii-U. Because, Wii-U. (That's a joke.)
  • Stolen car racket[?].
  • Drugs racket[?]. (Probably NEVER.)
  • Bigger map.

Anonymous User

Make your own character (Gender, Age , name, appearance etc.) Able to choose which crime family you want to join or make your own. Experince system. If you are a Don be able to hire people and give them missions (For example, assasinate someone, Protect someone etc.) Oh, and I forgot able to go into many places. For exmple, go to a restaurant and eat there ( You would bring someone(s) with you, because someone might want to kill you) More real-life experince (Swimming, sleeping, eating, drinking, whatever) First you start in a city, then you can go to other places (Like you start in Empire Bay, then you can go to Lost Heaven.)Ability to open a legal business (Opening a bar, then using it as a front) I forgot Subquests, those are cool! If Mafia III will be with enemies assainating you (Or just trying), you should bring some bodyguards with you (Or a bodyguard is the one trying to assasinate you?)


  • First point, what I'd like back from the original: You can't carry an arsenal with you, one primary weapon, one side-arm, one melee, some grenades eventualy. You can't go around with "long-rifles" that you can't possibly holster without making the cops at least suspicious. Obviously the ability to shoot from the cars. More scrutenous cops, in the original, the least infractions they would chase after you, in II you could pass red lights and destroy public properties right in front of them. More melee weapons. Placing bombs on cars. Free roam !
  • On the errors in the second : Bad use of the city or the background. The map seemed empty of things to do or points of interest. Or you got to the few places for the story, or you visited the whole map in the "boring" chase of the wanted posters. So using more of the map, and using it better: You've got exposition of the "boomers" neighborhood only in chapter 2, the Irish, China town, little Italy ... Who? Where? Why? Also lots of functionalities that have not much use that could have been of great gameplay value: opening cars trucks= store things in your car(s), like bodies, weapons, money, etc... Turn lights on/off= for stealthy missions ? Turn on fossets : wash cars/clothes, get a character you have to eliminate getting boiled in his shower, idk...
  • Storiwise: We should have had an "introduction" to the gameplay in the army, with some scenes like in "full metal Jacket", and lines like:"Who made me a killer ? The United States that's who! But only the families got a use for me back home." And would have put more weight in Vito's words when he kills Falcone. The "heavily scripted" and mostly uninteresting prison chapters: Could have had shivs, and some traffic, but no, presentation of boxing when you already used it during the previous chapters. Nothing on the time Vito and Joe were happy Made men, I bet the "missions" would have been more interesting than brushing toilets or giving the right pack of cigarettes. Obviously the VERY loose connection to the first game, one mission, the phrase read just before in the car, when Joe and Vito are in a bad situation (so no "wise guys here to wack you", but more : we'd kill anybody for money), and the first and last time we hear about the Salieris and what not. So, make it more interesting, more connected to the stories, and deep.
  • On what to add/expend: more interesting/challenging/varied ways to make money, also making money important, and having a certain "weight" storiwise. More stealth missions, also the possibilities to "stealth kill" all the time...Suppresed weaponery= "Wise guys eliminations/ Mad men massacres". Possibilities to invest in buildings, cars, etc... Clothes not in "sets" but in pieces = choose the shirt patterns and colors, then the trousers, the shoes, and then wether to have a jacket, a coat, a hat, glasses, etc...YES snipers ! More guns ? NO more varied and useful ones yes: I didn't use the .38 gun (except in the beginning of the mission we're abducted with Joe), the Mauser and modified Colt1911= basicaly the same, Tommy gun/ThomsonA1 = hm really different ? Especialy now you can all have them at the same time. More cars ? No, More use for "strong/sturdy" ones maybe. More NPC models= especialy different population depending on the area (and not "Joe's friend" at every street corners)!!! Prostituion available to you! What happened to the plan "finding the right girl"?
  • On the story : the 2nd was the "story" of the two that came to kill Tony Angelo. For the III, we still have Vito, who can either now be "in" the Vinci family, or take over one of his own, when mysterious traffics happened, and as a rooky climbing the ladders for him, you discovers it's the return of Barebero and Associates.


  • I'd love to see what happened with Joe. Most likely he was taken to the Triads to get killed, but he still had his weapon.
  • The ability to open up illegal business and use fronts.
  • 60s/70s/80's setting.
  • The ability to use the taxis.
  • More vehicles.
  • Gang wars and the ability to recruit other members of your family. (Similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)
  • Return of Vito
  • Bigger Map/New City


  • What would be great is if the next Mafia game exposed more of Henry Tomasino's back story (a spin-off/prologue to Mafia II's story). Have him be the main character, go through his life back in Sicily when he was in the mafia with his own father, introduce his family, six brothers, introduce Bettina Canavosio (his late wife), how she died, what it was first like for him in Empire Bay and working for Clemente. Henry seems like a character with a lot of depth, so seeing his past and seeing everything he's gone through, his other emotions, would prove to help deepen his character more, and see just who he was before he became a wiseguy.

No Account

  • Free roam
  • banks to store our money
  • Bring back all the guns from Mafia and Mafia II
  • Bring back Vito and Joe if he's still alive
  • Set it after the death of Falcone
  • Side missions and let us do business both legal and illegal
  • Let us buy cars from the '40s to '50s
  • Let us use more of our money.
  • Buy bombs and attachments for our weapons
  • Let us drop our weapons!


  • Set in the 1960s and 1970s.
  • Free Roam.
  • Make the city a setting of an ideological warfare carried out by both legal and ilegal groups such as political parties and terrorist organizations based on any ideology.
  • Make the player free to join any legal or ilegal ideological organization during free roam, with side missions given by the chosen group, and clothes related to that group.
  • Political parties could be: American Nationalist Party (Nationalist, Authoritarian, Capitalist, Individualist), United States Communiswt Party (Internationalist, Libertarian, Socialist, Collectivist), etc.
  • And ilegal organizations could be the Ku-Klux Klan, or other from real life.
  • Make the character's affiliation determine if he/she can buy certain things or not. Ex: If the character is a communist, he/she wouldn't be able to buy expensive cars, suits, expensive customizations. Or if he/she is a capitalist, he/she would buy more expensive suits, cars, houses, rather than cheap ones.
  • Make an online content with all the ideological content in which players can interact with each others according to their affiliations, ideology.

(I don't have an account so that's why I'm doing a wishlist this way, please forgive me and most of my wishlist relates to yours)

  • Let us put dead bodies and weapons in the trunk
  • Let the character buy a car and customize it that a stolen car can't do such as buying bullet proof windows, customized paints like in Jimmy's Vendetta, being able to pay extra money so that the rims won't fall off, etc.
  • When we are able to buy cars, let us be able to buy cars from the 40's-50's.
  • Either let us shoot in our cars, or bullet proof windows, as stated earlier.
  • When we shoot three people don't make us wanted like in the main story, let us kill about 30-40 people (in under one minute) and then make us wanted.
  • When we shoot a person and they die and if we want to continue shooting at them, let it be as if we really are shooting at the dead body instead of shooting the ground.
  • Let us legally buy a car from a dealership and have dealership exclusive cars in it.
  • Let us ride the bus, taxis, the subway, the trolley, and trains.
  • Fix the under the map glitch
  • Bring back Jimmy and set it before his betrayal, and after his vendetta.
  • If DLC, no timer and no arcade mode.
  • Let us use more of our money such as buying cars, houses, rent an apartment/hotel room, etc. Other than buying food, car accessories, and weapons, the money in Mafia II was literally useless.
  • Let us be able to buy houses from either in Kingston, Sand Island, Hillwood, ect.
  • When we buy a house/apartment let us decorate it the way we want it like how what Joe did to his apartment.
  • Include politicians and make us either bribe them, support them, or assassinate them.
  • If we fail to assassinate a politician and someone saw us, make us go to jail or other types of consequences that will effect the story.
  • Start Mafia III where Mafia II left off.
  • Bring back Vito, Joe (if he's alive), Leo, etc.
  • DON'T put the story-line in Louisiana, set it in Empire bay from the time when Vito kills Carlo to the mid 60's
  • Let us be able to go to the Empire Hospital, Stadium, and Hotel. It would be really fun if we can do some mischief there.
  • Let there be about 8-15 banks, so that we could rob it and in case our house gets destroyed, we still have some spare money because we deposit some money
  • Bring back all the weapons and let us be able to customize it. ex) the K98 attached with a Scope or the Thompson with extended magazines.
  • Let us be able to buy the M1A1 instead of getting a four star, kill a cop, and take his gun.
  • Regardless how far the target is, when we shoot at a person or a car window, let us see the bullet wounds or holes on the car windows to make it look more realistic.
  • Make bullet wounds and holes on car windows bigger depending on the weapon used. Ex) K98 vs Colt 1911
  • Buy bullet proof vest just like the guards in the Grocery Store mission from "Joe's Adventure." I understand bulletproof was not invented in that time-frame, but make as if either Harry or Giuseppe made it.
  • Bring back how the character acts when we shoot them. Ex) When I shot a person, the way they landed made them able to fall of a balcony.
  • Illegal alcohol made the Mafia really powerful, so selling alcohol should be a thing.
  • When our car runs out of gas, make our car stop on its tracks instead of driving normally then stopping all of a sudden and then driving again.
  • Own a small business both legal and illegal
  • Let us be able to loan money, like in "Sea Gift," so that we can start our own business.
  • Side mission (Contract, car snatching)
  • When we shoot at a cop and they die, don't make us appear on the wanted list, like in the main story, but if we shoot a cop and they survive then make us appear on the wanted list for attempting to kill a cop.
  • Let us be able to customize what we wear.
  • When we go to a store, make the salesperson be someone else instead of every character in the same store. Ex) A Dipton store with an Irish salesperson in Kingston while in Sand Island, let it be an African-American salesperson.
  • Let us watch T.V., buy and read a newspaper.
  • If we are trying to hide from the cops, or a gang, let us be able to hide inside the newsstand.
  • Buy things from a newsstand (Newspaper, magazines, etc.)
  • When we throw Molotov cocktails at people, make it as if they are really burning instead of just fire around their body.
  • When we throw Molotov cocktails at certain buildings (Gas station, The Dragstrip Bar, and any non Mob run bars) let it burn completely and don't let us use for the whole chapter (Depending on how the story-line will be, chapters or not).
  • Let us do a stealth kill on anyone, gang member or not at anytime instead of making a gang member mad and try to stealth kill him.
  • When a women says something such as "Buzz off" make the character say something, or do something, as a response other than just pushing them.
  • When we are bribing a cop through the telephone, instead of always paying a cop for $500 just to get our name off of the wanted list, let us pay more or less depending on how serious it is. ex) An extra $100 for every cop we kill.
  • When a person parks there car and leaves right after and then you try to steal it, make that character fight back, or yell "Police, car thief!"
  • More Vangle stores, it was a shame that there's only one and when we got our house burned, we lost our clothes from the 40's.
  • Whatever is in display in Vangle, we can buy it. I was disappointed when I was not able to buy a suit that was on display.
  • Let us interact with Empire Bay. ex) When a building says bowling alley, we can bowl, or when there is a telescope, let us pay a quarter and use it, when we turn on a faucet we wash our hands.
  • Aside from going to buildings in Empire Bay, let us go to places that was only possible in "Jimmy's Vendetta" or in "Joe's Adventure."
  • Let us hear more conversions with the people in Empire Bay, it was really funny what they were talking about. When they do talk make them have an accent and not just recycled voices. Ex) Kingston is filled with Irish immigrants, so when people in Kingston talk make them have an Irish accent.
  • Let us sneak into the Police Station and try steal a police uniform, so that we could pretend to be cops and harass people by pretending to make them go to jail where they will bribe us, but we need to pull out a revolver and not a Colt, so it's more convincing.
  • Let us interact with the people in Empire Bay. Ex) Talk to a random person, or sexually harass a women, and tell them you will pay them to have sex with you, and they will either haggle with you, or say "No, I have kids, a boyfriend, a husband..."
  • In the new story, when we need to stealth kill someone, and someone sees the dead body, make that person tell everyone. When I was playing the chapter where I had to steal gas stamps, I purposely let a dead guard in front of the hallway, and when one person saw the dead body, he ignored it as if it was never there.
  • Being able to buy a bomb from the "Room Service" chapter, or other types of bomb. For the bomb from "Room Service" you place it anywhere and to set it off you shoot it or attach a wire to it in one end and the other end you can hold it and when you walk far enough it will explode or an alternate method is to attach the other end of the wire to something that moves (like a car) and when it goes far enough, it will explode. For the other types of bombs, let it be able to be set under a car and when someone turns on the ignition, it will explode just like in Mafia I
  • If we put a bomb in a store (Gun shop, Dipton Apparel, Vangles) depending how many bombs it will take let the building collapse and we can't use it until the next chapter.
  • When we buy things from Harry, let us be able to buy an MG-42 like in the story. Not to carry around, but instead put it in a box then put it in you trunk, and when you plan to use it set it up and then use it. Also land mines, as shown in the background.


Please add fully automatic Colt 1911 pistols gangsters of that era are well know to be using them plus they are a lot of fun.

I would like to see again a heavy machine-gun or maybe one of the bazooka's that harry sells but Vito never got one. However dont add to much action with this kind of weapons because gangsters didn't use the all the time and it will end up like GTA.

A weapon that is very interesting is the browning automatic rifle or b.a.r criminals of the time were using them as light machine-guns this is a gun that if you add it you give the player a lot of fun!

The player should be able to shoot with handguns while driving like mafia 1.

Bring back the baseball bat.

In both mafia 1 and 2 the developers did great job with the cutscenes i would like that in mafia 3.

The lockpicking feature that you actually have to pick the lock and not just wait the character to do it is nice i think you should keep this.

It would be fun to see two guys again like Joe-Vito going in the missions together.

Add more indoor locations we never get enough of them.

We must find out what hapened to Joe and seriously don't kill him he was the best character in mafia 2 also he still has his magnum with him when we last saw him and he destroyed with vito the red dragon and know he can't kill two guys?

It will be great to have two or more cities but this needs a lot of work so i wont blame if you don't add this.

About the stripclubs add them in mafia 3 but the player should be able to get inside. Also what kind of stripclub has all the girls dressed? Dont tell me you don't want it to be explicit because you showed as a guys penis so instead of that put some nice breasts in mafia 3.

I would like the ability to rob banks maybe in free ride or maybe just as a mission.

Maybe we should be able to buy old cars like in real life i mean in mafia 3 you could possible include some cars from mafia 2 or maybe even from mafia 1

I really wonder the developers are reading this?


  • A young protagonist, where at the beggining, one morning he was watching outside his house window in Empire Bay. He eventually sees two guys with suits arriving in a red car across the road. They approach an old man, and shot him in the chest, leaving his dead body lying in the garden. The face of the old man looked familiar. He moves to Lost Heaven, and the police where he asks about the elderly. It's revealed that he was Thomas Angelo who died in shotgun wounds. Then he makes his way in new personalities, working with the mafia to learn and reveal the secrets, the cops, and Lost Heaven's and Empire Bay's criminals. Eventually he finally kills Sallieri, Vito and Joe in revenge for Thomas. Game takes place in 1957, and ends in 1986. Years of work with the mafia and crimials of Lost Heaven and Empire bay to reveal the secrets to the police, where both Empire and Lost police work with the protagonist to Put an end to mafiosos, break into Sallieri's prison and kill him, and finally kill Joe and Vito. His name will be Rick Sakers


  • Based in the 1960s
  • More Radio Stations (Example: Multicultural Station [Music from foreign countries.], Military News [News about the military.])
  • Ability to loot corpses.
  • Corpse Looting System (Example: High amounts of money on businessmen [$400-$700] and moderate amount of money on normal pedestrians [$100-$300]
  • Inventory System (So you won't be able to carry things like M1A1 Thompson, Modello 38 and M1 Garand all at once.)
  • Able to see the guns you carry. (Instead of pulling a gun like the M1928 Thompson out of your pocket. Let us see it attached to a strap on your back or something.)
  • Black Market (Selling foreign military weapons, domestic military weapons and others.)
  • Able to use the Taxi Service.
  • Able to Freeroam after the game.
  • Add the ability to save at your home instead of letting the game save for you.
  • Able to buy and decorate homes.
  • New Weapons (Example: Karabin MPi-KM (DDR Variant of the Soviet AKM)
  • Body Armour System (Civilian Grade Bullet-Proof vest sold at gun stores for $500 that absorbs around 25% health or Military Grade Bullet-Proof vest sold at the black market for $1100 that absorbs around 50% health.)
  • Drunk System
  • More detailed police system. (Example: Chases you with Level 1 star for crossing a red light.)

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