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Type Shotgun
Notable users Thomas Angelo
Morello crime family
Sicilian Mafia
Joe Barbaro (Mafia 1 only)
Appearance(s) Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven

The Lupara is an Italian word used to refer to a sawn-off shotgun of the break-open type. It is traditionally associated with Cosa Nostra, the Italian organized crime group dominant in Sicily for their use of it in vendettas, defense — such as its use against Mussolini's army when he decided to break up the Sicilian mafioso network — and hunting. The shortened barrel (or barrels) of a lupara lend themselves to easier handling in wooded areas, or to easier concealment and indoor employment in urban areas. The lack of choke contributes to a wider spread of shot when the weapon is fired.

In game

The lupara is a double barrel sawed off shotgun with a 2 round capacity. It is first seen in the mission The Whore, used by the receptionist (who refers to it as his "double-barreled girlfriend" during a possible coversation with Tommy) and another guard on the upper floor. In the mission Omerta, Vincenzo gives Tommy one to assassinate Frank and refers to it as "the traditional Sicilian way". It is seen again as Tommy's weapon during the mission Creme De La Creme, this time in order to assassinate Morello. The Lupara is also used by two of Morello´s men in the mission A Great Deal, and by one of Salieri´s gunmen in the Death of Art.


In the Mafia freeride, the gangsters around the city may have the sawnoff. This one is special; it fires 8 rounds in rapid succession.



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