Louie is a character in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven.


He is a member of the Morello Crime Family who partnered with another associate. He seems to be the brawn of the two. On September 30, 1930, he and his associate were assigned by Don Morello to assassinate two of Salieri's trusted men, Paulie and Sam. They pursued them during the car chase in the streets of Lost Heaven, during which Sam and Paulie's car eventually broke down. In desperation they kidnapped a cab driver and manage to escape from the two, after which they were determined to find the cab driver responsible for helping Paulie and Sam escape.

The next day, they managed to track down Tommy by identifying his cab. They caught him by surprise during his break and smashed his cab with a Baseball Bat, sending Tommy running through the alleys and streets of Lost Heaven. He then sought refuge at Salieri's Bar, but the two Morello thugs were unaware that they stumbled into enemy territory. They were both swiftly executed by Salieri's men shortly after they entered the bar, and their bodies were taken elsewhere by truck to be disposed of.

Mission Appearances


  • Unlike many of Morello's men, he wears brown clothing instead of black, which most Morello family members are usually seen wearing.
  • In the Czech version of Mafia, his name is Robert.
  • He doesn't seem to talk much.