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Lordz of Brooklyn
Lordz of Brooklyn
Biographical information
Artists Adam McLeer
Michael McLeer
Scotty Edge
Dino Bottz
Paulie Nugent
Involvement in Mafia series
Game(s) Mafia
Song(s) Lake of Fire
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Lordz of Brooklyn now known as The Lordz are an American crossover Hip hop/Rock group composed of brothers and childhood friends of mostly Irish American and Italian American descent from Brooklyn, New York.

The original line up consisted of the McLeer brothers, ADM (previously Ad Money, born Adam McLeer) and MC Kaves (Michael McLeer, born 1969),[1] with Scotty Edge, Dino Bottz and Paulie Nugent (aka Paulie 2Times). Both Kaves and Edge were part of the 80s New York underground graffiti culture, and graffiti featured heavily in their music in songs like Tales From The Rails, Bomb The System, and Out Ta Bomb.

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