Look in the Mirror is a story chapter in Mafia III.


Burke's done biding his time. Now he's going to take everything he can from you or die trying.


Look in the Mirror 1

Burke has had enough of not getting his fair share of turf and being pushed around by Lincoln. He has retreated to Burke's Iron & Metal in Pointe Verdun, where he and his men will awaiting Lincoln's arrival.

After Lincoln fights his way through Burke's men, he confronts him inside his garage and fatally wounds him. While sitting down in a wrecked Potomac Crockett, Burke tells Lincoln that he is "a hell of a shot" for getting past his men, with Lincoln telling him that their association did not have to end the way it did. Burke tells him he knows what he is, looking in the mirror to change himself, even though he will always be "the same worthless piece of shit gazin' back" at him every time. Lincoln then asks Burke what to say to Nicki, to which Burke replies with "the truth" while asking to keep an eye on Nicki and protect her, to which Lincoln promises, as Burke slowly dies from his wounds.


Look in the Mirror 2
  • Deal with Burke.
  • Take out Thomas Burke.
  • Kill Burke's men.
  • Confront Thomas Burke.

Triggering Betrayal

Once Burke's loyalty drops low enough, he will turn on Lincoln, triggering this mission. Many factors play a role in loyalty, including assigning or taking away rackets, assigning districts, and doing agenda or trafficking missions.

Some underbosses are also more susceptible to betrayal than others, so there is no set method for getting one to turn. Simply never giving them rackets may not trigger betrayal with all underbosses. The best way to ensure betrayal from any underboss is to do the following:

  • Do not complete any trafficking or agenda missions for that underboss.
  • Once the home territories are done, begin assigning them rackets and then take them away at the sitdown. This will need to be done on at least two occasions.


Look in the Mirror 3

Once the mission becomes available the following will happen:

  • Lincoln will temporarily lose the services of Hank McGahee and Fiona Davidson, who refuse to get in the middle of things between Lincoln and Burke. Once Burke has been dealt with, they will continue offering their services to Lincoln.
  • Any other perks Lincoln had received from Burke will be retained as they were.
  • The Irish Mob will be taken over by Nicki Burke and the optional mission We Clear? will become available.
  • Your kickback from all rackets run by the Irish Mob will drop to 0.4 percent of their earn.
  • Any unfinished objectives for I.R.A. Don't Ask will be permanently removed from your mission queue.